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  1. ok thanks. It was some time ago and the mortgage paid off now. Was not sure if it was an endowment or something.
  2. I would appreciate some advice on the insurance that I had while ago. Whilst going through some paper work I came across some insurance policy that I had when I had the mortgage with Abbey. It is a life insurance linked to the mortgage and it is paid off now. But I never claimed anything back as it was part of the mortgage that I had to have this. Is it too late to claim anything back now?
  3. Thanks FF. Good to know that you were successful, and it is encouraging, I will have another go at them to see what they say.
  4. Thank you BF. I could try and see, and if they rejected again it is ok at least I have tried a few times. I will need to go through all the paper work first and see if there were any instances where they have been unfair as you said. Will let you know. Is there a time limit, apart from the 6 year rule? Thanks again. CB
  5. Thanks DX. I do not have any overdrafts now as this was paid off and debt free now. However, I had very hard times when I had this account as the overdraft was high and I was in a very bad state. I did ask them to consolidate my debts at one point and instead they gave me a large overdraft which meant there was not enough money to spend on everything. So I could say it was hardship. But it was a few years ago now so I am not sure if I would still qualify for this. Has anyone else had this experience or been successful reclaiming on a hardship route. Any comments advice would be greatly appreciated. CB
  6. I was going though some paper work and found some statements going back 2010-2015 with astronomical charges levied on my current accounts by Lloyds. I remember sending a letter in 2013 but forgot all about it. Again I sent a letter last year asking for these, but I was told it is too late. But I am just wondering whether to send them a fresh claim stating that although I started the claim in 2013 never got a chance to pursue it due to house moves and other issues. Do I still have a chance to claim or is there a time limit? Thanks CB
  7. UPDATE - I have now received SAR documents from NP. Been through the Bills quickly and I can see some discrepancies with the amounts/discounts and credit balance etc. Need to go through every detail thoroughly and then work out exactly where the inaccuracies appear and make out a list and draft a letter to energy ombudsman. There seem to be lot of price increases and estimate charges. I did have some photos taken of the meter readings and need to go through these as well and compare the readings and work out the actual costs. Will let you know on Monday with all the details. Thanks for your help. CB
  8. Thanks DX. Yes I did a SAR to both Cardiff and FNT/Santander and I was told that they could not find any data because it was long time ago (1998) and they do not hold previous data. I have some statements from them and have the first statement when I took out the loan where it says PPI charges but no mention of commission. After sending these statements they still rejected the claim. Santander said that they do not hold any responsibility because they did not sell. I am going to send the reclaim again. So now do I send to Santander again? Is there an application form that I need to fill in or is it the same fos form that I sent previously? I am going to attach this letter from Cardiff with that letter so they will know that there may be a case for claiming/ Thanks again. CB
  9. Here is the letter that I received from Cardiff Pinnacle. It says that I need to make the claim against the creditor who was First National Tricity. However, they have been bought by Santander. So do I put the claim against Santander? They are really hard company to claim anything from. I will send it anyway. I don't even know if they charged any commission and how much or anything as I was not told. Thanks for your help. CB Letter from Cardiff P re PPI.pdf
  10. Thanks DX Yes I did read a bit and found this and according to the eligibility criteria I may not get it because my loan was taken out in 1998. In general, you might be able to complain about commission if: you took out the credit the PPI was sold with (for example, a loan or credit card) on or after 6 April 2007; you took out the credit the PPI was sold with before 6 April 2007, and it was still running on or after 6 April 2008. I could still try and see if they would consider. CB
  11. Well Santander/FNT/Cardiff all rejected my claim for PPI. FOS could not help either because Santander said they did not sell the policy. Yesterday had a letter from Cardiff saying that I could claim the Commission which I had no idea about. I will scan the letter tomorrow.
  12. Hi there I sent a claim form for PPI against First National Tricity then Santander and they both rejected. I then claimed it against Cardiff Pinnacle they also said no. But yesterday I received a letter asking me to apply for a refund for the commission. I had no idea about this commission. I will scan the letter tomorrow and send it. In the mean time can some one please explain if this is a new process to claim PPI? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. CB
  13. Thanks UB. I know I need to get all the statements. I found some meter readings for 2013/14 that I took photos of and I had saved on the laptop. So can't wait to get all the readings first and then send their letters to Ombudsman. Can't wait to get this sorted this year. Don't want to drag it on for next year, when it seems a simple case f getting the correct bills. Thanks again. CB
  14. I have been through NP letters again, there are few discrepancies: • Letter dated 19/10 – stated all the documents sent to me, and at the top of the list was the Final statement dated 22/5/15. • In the bundle of documents was the Final Demand dated 05/08/15 amount outstanding shows - £189.45 • Letter dated 13/11 says “….your initial closing statement was issued 24 July 2015. This included the payments you had made from 2 March and 1 May 201S and left your account with an overall balance of €195.94.” This was not included in the documents they sent with the letter on 16/10/17. I am a bit confused with this one. Also states the payments made – does this mean between 2 March 2015 and 1 May 2015 (3 months) payments? How can there be an initial closing statement in July when a Final statement has been produced? Can someone please explain this to me as I thought when the final demand is issued that would be it? There won’t be another initial closing statement. Many thanks
  15. So RW is the DCA, and HP is the owner. Then why can't HP respond instead of getting RW to send out letters? So far I have not had any letters directly from HP. it doesn't really matter who sends out what. I am not going to send any letters until I hear from BC. They said that they have 56 days to reply. When is this ever going to end?
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