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  1. Lloyds still own the debt, nothing refunded, statute barred as unable to provide an agreement and not paid or acknowledged since 2011. Guess I need to go down the route suggested by Bankfodder before reclaiming. Might try a reclaim as nothing to lose. Focus on packaged account reclaim in near future.
  2. I thought the interest could not be offset - this could be a substantial amount.
  3. Notice of assignment from Lloyds Nov 2013 to 1st Credit, the August 2015 they advised reassigned to Lloyds. Last payment 2011. Have not written to Lloyds. Will need to check details of correspondence over last years as well as check out my old thread. Have not looked at CONC 7 but will do. Thanks for the response. Intend
  4. Have a loan with Lloyds which have successfully achieved statue barred ststus. It has a significant PPI cost. Should I start a reclaim? Intend
  5. Got round to asking Lloyds for statement of account on CC. As expected eventually got a reply from Cabot, who now own the debt. Long story CC was cancelled by LTSB and we came to a repayment plan, which at time of sale to Cabot was £5 per month. Looking to reduce it. Current balance £1400. As ever they threaten to demand payment in full if agreement not honoured. Lloyds agreed to £5 per month August 2014, subject to periodic review - no detail as to this timescale. I do not wish to stir up a hornets nest, but tempted to reduce it, without informing them and continue to pay cash at local Lloyds branch. Two questions really - as credit card cancelled, no agreement other than the £5 with Lloyds, could Cabot demand full payment if default on the £5 per month. Second, should I write and state due to worsening financial affairs, monthly payment will be reduced. Intend.
  6. Completed the spreadsheet, the 8% interest comes to £1400 so well worth the effort. Will get on the case in the next weeks.
  7. Thanks for that dx100uk, still tempted for the 8% interest, have claimed successfully from them in past so hopefully can again. Need to get brain in gear over next few weeks and find the motivation in my old age. Package account will be a different kettle of fish - must look at that thread and pick up the pieces.
  8. Cheers BB, nice know you are still around with sound advice. Like you say I would reclaim, but not for myself so have to take in wishes of daughter. Lloyds still suck so likely to go after them and a packaged account reclaim.
  9. Hi all Had a few issues to sort out over last year. A loan has recently become SB, so think I now have the energy to carry this forward in the next few months. The SB loan had PPI on it - not sure whether I should pursue this or not. Advice welcome.
  10. Hello all - not posted for a very long time - reason - waiting for the loan to become statue barred. Well I believe this now to be the case - Lloyds bought back the loan some time ago but have done nothing. According to my records last payment was 19th July 2011 and not acknowledged debt. Hopefully daughter and son-in-law can sleep a bit easier now. Still paying the CC at £5, but will look to reduce that - they sold it long ago but still paid them - nothing for a couple of years so now time to action, along with reclaiming packaged fees. Feel confident to go after them now the loan is statute barred. Thanks to all who have helped Some advice needed re loan Son-in-law had PPI imposed on this loan. Given it is SB, should I put in a claim?? Regards Intend
  11. Have just received a letter from the Management Company restricting the type of vehicles allowed to park within the residential development. - they are trying to ban large vehicles, specially stating "no commercial vehicles, vans trucks, campervans, motorhomes, minibuses and caravans, unless authorised. The justification given is limited car parking and blocking sunlight to flats adjacent to roads. As a considerate resident, I park my small campervan, based on a Peugeot Boxer away from any flats so as not to block their light. The footprint of the vehicle is no bigger than a large car. My lease grants me the right to use the roads as long as I do not hinder the access and parking of other. There are no allocated spaces, some are well away from flats and do not obstruct light. On the occasions I could not park here, I have parked on a public road. I am looking for advice - could the new restrictions be a derogation of grant, as lease does not specific type of vehicle. I want to fight this, as it is one or two individuals on the Management company who inflict this o the many. Regards
  12. Nice one - statute barred then reclaim PPI - hopefully no issues doing this.
  13. Result and well done. Best keep an eye on your credit history just in case.
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