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  1. HAs anyone an address for Barclays Mortgages SAR documents. Tried to use the link provided by Bankfodder on updated thread on GDPR and Sar but appears to be broken. Thanks in advance as always
  2. Thanks for all your help. Need to process information - Found the updated GDPR SAR letter Daughter very stressed - husband frontline NHS in London just developed some symptoms of CoVid 19. Worrying times for all. Not sure wine will help today. Intend
  3. Sorry, do you mean might not be best for Barclays? If so I agree, even in normal difficult financial times the bank act in their interests rather than customers - hence why in current situation. Will get her to apply and see what comes back. Dx - agree with holding off paying money unnecessarily and see what happens. Feel see may need a phone call rather than on-line.
  4. Thanks - does not look as promising as the Santander's offer - states if in arrears might not be best. I am in a position to use my pension saving to pay off the arrears - so could be a way to buy 3 months to sort out.
  5. Thanks, she is with Barclays - will check it out
  6. Looking for the letter templates, used them in the past but cannot find. Can anybody help. Plus an address if possible. In meantime will keep looking. Intend PS - site team advice - might this be better in the Mortgage section - just seen it on my search
  7. Thanks for reply. With regard to recent offer of mortgage holiday, I think I read would not apply to those in arrears! This sounds bizarre are those in arrears more likely to be adversely affected by the current lockdown. Certainly a SAR is a start of what could be a long and stressful few months for them.
  8. Hi All I realise that this is not the best time to post this but seeking advice for daughter. Six months ago, whilst starting pregnancy leave from work and reduced income, as she was main earner (Hubbie works for NHS). She contacted Barclays to arrange a way forward. Under these circumstances, I am trying to find out what would have been the best solution for her. Her mortgage adviser seems to think she should have been offered a mortgage holiday, what appears to have been given is a six month reduced payment (50%) which is now coming to an end. She needs to move forward quickly. As a result her credit history affected - think they have recorded them as late payments - she is on this with both Barclays and agency Initially looking to see if the original offer was unfair and there could have been a better arrangement Thanks in advance Intend
  9. Thanks for reply - the solicitor who acted is trying. Are you suggesting the route forward is the solicitors who acted for the sellers (a now liquidated company) of the property we purchased. I am not sure it is that straightforward, surely the party who applied for the charge are the only ones to request removal. Certainly worth contacting them for more information/assistance. As Dx stated- a struggle until I get a definitive target to pursue.
  10. About to read the LR Practice guide 31 - there guide to removing charges. No doubt full of legal language and probably nothing that fits my situation, but might throw something into the mix.
  11. Thanks dx, just posted letter to Land Registry - Form OC2 and £14 for the two documents.
  12. About to apply for documents relating to the charge from the Land Registry - they have sent detail of two documents - the application form and the court order - which might be useful. Still to contact court - job for tomorrow, but still flying blind, not sure any of this will help but with no other option available it feels like I am doing something positive. Intend
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