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Found 17 results

  1. Back in 2005/6 Ocean Finance arranged a large mortgage of about £400k for me. In late 2007 I was lucky to sell my house & payback Capstone/SPML. Just before they repossed it. I still have all the paperwork. Am I right in thinking I can reclaim all the charges payed to Capstone SPML. which amounted to a lot including court costs etc , & about £25k early repayment fees, also are they known to have included PPI in with my monthly payments, & if so can i also reclaim that. Any help & advice you can give me would be gratefully received. Thanks
  2. Hi I pay smpl on Morgage but they are Acenden now. I've just sent them a Sar in the hope of reclaiming charges as I know I was in arrears about 7 or more years ago with capstone what's my chance of success here? I've just noticed they have cashed the cheque and £10 has been credited to my Morgage account. Is this normal practise?
  3. HI ALL, to cut a long story short ive had problems with the above for ever. I have an arrears repayment order on a suspended warrant which is nearly paid off, howver every year they attempt to enforce the warrant without success. My issue is this, on my letters and quarterly statements I have seen a whole bunch of other charges. 3 years ago i wrote to complain and they removed them incremently. these charges are shown to be part of the arrears however they are threatening again (not that i get worried), please could you tell me exactly what the hell the
  4. Hi I'm new here first post? I have a joint mortgage with my mother, she passed away four years ago. I sent a death certificate to Capstone although it was a time after she had passed, they just sent mail back requesting a death certificate? and a will or a Administration order from the courts? not sure about this? Also I have been asked is this a common tenancy? any help in removing my mother from this mortgage would be appreciated. Thanks onefitzy
  5. Hi. Just looking for advice on the state of play over unfair charges applied to my accounts. Still got 12 years to run on a mortgage with SPML. if i send an SAR letter is it like poking a sleeping bear. I have £1400 in arrears with them and on a repayment plan which i am keeping up with. Can they put the strong arm on me to pay all the arrears and when i can't start proceedings. What are the chances of success of getting back any charges or should i accept my fate and carry on paying till the end and stay quiet. My Kensington remortgage was finished in Jan 16(woohoo!!!). There are
  6. Hi, I don't do Facebook so I have started a thread on the MoneySavingExpert forum - The Acenden (administered mortgage) Escape Committee in the section called "Mortgage Free Wannabe" (I can't post links here yet). - Acenden have apparently recommenced selling mortgages on behalf of their new owners. Do join me there. I will post more information on that new thread in a while, eg about the danger signs that indicate that Acenden means to repossess. Everyone's case is unique but there are things we can to help each other get clear of these cowboys.
  7. Hi I was made redundant at the end of May and had enough foresight to take out redundancy insurance. The insurance people want the claim form signed by the JobCentre (fair enough), but trying to get them to do this is proving v frustrating as they won't do it until I'm "in the system". This means it looks like I won't have enough to pay the full mortgage this month. Any advice on if I should contact Capstone or what will happen if I miss a months payment. Cheers. p.s. It looks like I could have got a job with the council (fingers crossed), but they're taking ages
  8. FAO Brigadier or Ell_enn I have received a letter stating that SPML/Acenden is going for eviction due to my not being able to make the proper level of payments on my mortgage and arrears. I spoke with them today and explained that I am going to send them a letter with my proposals. The person I spoke with told me that at the moment they have not got an eviction date yet. I very briefly explained that I was out of work fro January and that since the beginning of April I have managed to make some payments and that I am now on pension credits and am also expecting housing be
  9. Seasons greetings All, I am looking for help from anybody who has taken the above entity to court. I have a number of issues that they are guilty of and have a counterclaim in place for the possession order that they have issued. In essence they have been overcharging me on my mortgage for several years and refused to give me the money back and instead credited it to my account instead:mad2:. Please looking for legal advice and means to structure possible criminal charges too. many thanks . Still Fighting
  10. Some help please from some one in the know. My wife has a motory nuerone disease and as aresult we find ourselves 7k in arrears. When we remortgaged an spml and an spl loan together into one mortgagei with spml, we were charged £10k erc and have been charged £60 per month management fees. I am now clutching at straws I know , but is this legal and if not , how will I go about pointing this out to them. I have had no court threats but the" man who can help for £100" is coming round soon. Oh, and it was also a self cert and interest only. With all I have to d
  11. I posted another thread but I really need information at the moment, I have spent the last two days now trying to figure stuff out. I had an eviction hearing yesterday for a secured loan with SPML it was originally taken out through Ocean finance 7 years ago for £6000. Due to ill health I have fallen way into arrears they stand at the moment at £2300 and the charges are now standing at £9500 yes you read right... they tried for possession for arrears of £11,800. The judge was horrified at the amount of charges on the account, and said so to their solicitor, but he said that beca
  12. Hi, I have arrears with SPPL (now Ascenden). These arrears are £515.00. My due date for payment is the 20th of the month, however there have been times when I have paid about a week later and I have been charged late payment fees. On top of this they have told me that as I dont have an arrangement in place to pay the extra £70pm I am being charged an arrears management fee. In order to stop these fees I am to give them details of my incoming and outgoings, which I dont think is any of their business, to make an arrangement to pay the additional £7
  13. Hi I'm new and this is my story; Had a 'secured' loan for 16k on home. Husband dealt with all things like this i just co signed. Sold home and bought new home 2007, solicitor at the time contacted SPML asking for settlemet figure, SPML wrote back saying its settled. I'm afraid all this unbeknown to me at the time as i left to hubby to sort out. Then started recieving phone calls from acenden a few months later, it transpires that loan payments still going out of account loan not settled. It seems someone their end checked details and thought we were on about another previous l
  14. Hi Can any one point me in the right direction I took out a mortgage with SPML then had it transferred to Capstone Mortgages. Having had some success with a ppi claim against Welcome Finance now thinking about taking on SPML/Capstone. I cannot however find an address or contact details for the parent company . So can anyone help out with an address. Cheers Keltyboy:smile:
  15. i was looking through some old paperwork the other day and noticed that a mortgage we took out in 2004 with SPML had a front loaded ppi included , i never remember asking for this and it was a joint mortgage and the policy was no good to me as i wasnt working at the time , we have since remortgaged , would it be possible to claim this back and how would i go about it , we have just had two successful payments back from black horse but i used a claims company but would prefer to do this myself as they charge too much, also is their any other charges i can claim bac
  16. I am wondering if you could advise me I have received a court hearing date for repossession of my house, the hearing is set for the 18 March. The background the last year I haven't really taken responsibility for my debts etc as my relationship broke down and I was left on my own with two children. To be honest I can't remember much of the year due to medication etc. No excuse I know I have finally pulled myself around and am able mentally and financially get myself out of this mess and start afresh. I haven't replied to any court papers or lodged a defense yet as I wan
  17. Advice, please? I feel that LloydsTSB and Black Horse Personal Finance have colluded, and exacerbated a situation entered into with SPML This is going to sound like the intro to an x-factor audition, get your violins ready... 2 years of Prozac-fog ended last November, and I am now lucid, and really quite angry. Feel free to slap me down if I’m just whinging. The Prozac episode followed a very messy repossession and subsequent breakdown. To be honest, if I hadn’t been so blinkered about pre-existing medical conditions and PPI, the Prozac would have happened much sooner. In 2002, Abbey
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