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  1. no he has not had a visit letter dated 10 june thanks for the robust advice DX, much appreciated will pass all info to my Dad. have a nice evening
  2. Yes indeed. further notice of enforcement - its the only letter sent to his correct address. Cheers DX
  3. Trying to sort this for my Dad - who is sick with worry. He had sold a property last Year - and forgot to pay outstanding council tax ( it was a rented property ) Letter from jacobs had gone too his old address - so letters were missed. My Dad hadnt thought about advisisng council of his up-todate living address , as the renter / occuper was paying. So - he has just had A FURTHER NOTICE OF ENFORCEMNT from Jacobs. he has checked with council and they have added a couple hundred on top. Dad is happy to pay the CTAX bill outright, but not the charges. Done a wee bit of reading today and it seems , that maybe he should start paying online direct to the council, and inform them that this has been done. ?? Then maybe send letters to Jacobs and the council and ask Jacobs too send the debt back to the council ? would this work >? Dad let things slip due to ill-health and it just skipped his mind. So he has only one letter in his possession from Jacobs ( incidentally to his correct address ) - all others sent to his old address and binned. Thanks so much.
  4. Morning all Just donated. Just recieved a letter of claim for this from Howard Cohen, acting on behalf of Hoist Finance. Just getting reacquainted with procedures, so bear with me. So am actioning the following : - From the Pre action action protocols for debt sticky - i will send using own CAG pap reply form. : - box D tick I dispute this debt because..**** recommended reason as advised from your thread ***** and add the debt purchaser has yet to provide any or all of the required documentation. box I tick I require you to supply the following.. A copy of the The Demand/Termination Notice (Notice served under Sections 76(1) and 98(1) of the CCA1974 A copy of the Notice of Assignment A complete set of statements detailing exactly how the debt has accrued detailing: I. All Transactions. II. any additional charges, by the original creditor or you xxxx the debt purchaser or any predecessor DCA. III. details of all contractual interest added by whom and on what date. IV. List of all transactions made toward the Facility So i will do all that - just need a recommended reason as per **** recommended reason as advised from your thread ***** ???? Many thanks in Advance Yodabug
  5. Thanks ericsbrother. It’s a really really old debt 12 years old, and has been passed around DCA’s over the years. Idem just recently sold it again after they threw in the towel on a credit card they were chasing. See what happens now.
  6. Hi all and happy new year Just made a wee donation. Had this through today and am half expecting a claim form soon, but just wanted to check is this letter a PAP letter ? Its just a one page letter - nothing too return. The back of the letter is just ways to pay and a bank giro credit slip. Thanks a mil Yodabug RobWayLloyds1.pdf
  7. Hi blondiegirl every specific case is different and you have to tailor it to yours specific one. Have a go using bits and pieces that you think suit yours - and as DX said post it up. Good luck your in safe hands
  8. well done Tbirdo - bit late too the party but congrats on this. Nice words as well - - - RESPECT.
  9. Donated. Good evening all. I have received notice of discontinuation. This has also been confirmed with the court. I like to say a huge thankyou to everyone that has helped with this case. I would also like to say a very very special thankyou to DX and Andyorch, who really helped me see this through to the end. You are both Gentlemen and Scholars. Sometimes you were responding to my posts at 2/3 am !!!! I will be forever grateful. CHEERS GENTS ! And for calming me down when I was getting stressed ! I think this is a fantastic community, and the best forum , I have ever used - very friendly and helpful. I hope my donation helps you help others in my situation. For anyone reading this thread, I did get a LOT of help. But I also done a tonne of reading, and cannot recommend enough reading the financial legal successes to fully understand the procedures and timetable of events, and to get up too speed on everything. It will help you out and also the moderators / helpers. I also bought the Small Claims Procedures book, that will advise on the processes of the court timetable etc etc. A great read. I cannot recommend this book enough. Thanks again everyone. BIG HUGS AND LOVE XX YODABUG X X
  10. Hi Andy thanks very much for your input - much appreciated- I have just sent you a very short PM ( it’s just an FYI ) hope you don’t mind. Thanks again
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