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  1. Hi Andy thanks very much for your input - much appreciated- I have just sent you a very short PM ( it’s just an FYI ) hope you don’t mind. Thanks again
  2. Andy - thanks for quick response they sent back the DQ with a covering letter with the following embodied in the letter. ' in addition please be advised that we have made a request to the court to place proceedings on hold for a period of one month to enable further enquiries to be undertaken to retrieve any additional information that may assist with resolving he issues raised within your defence '  Thanks would it be ok to PM you Andy ?
  3. Just made a wee donation. DX - you say ‘ well you don’t agree ‘ So will the court be in contact with me asking if this is ok then ? I thought if if they ‘ do nothing’ the case gets auto stayed ? And idem will have to pay to get it lifted at their own leisure I only ask ask as I was preparing to go down the N244 route and pay myself to get the stay lifted thanks
  4. Thanks DX - can you point me in the rough direction as what to do to contest this please ? this hasnt been yet been allocated to my local court yet and latest on MCOL just states Claim history You filed a DQ on 04/03/2019 thanks
  5. Hello... I have had Idem's DQ returned to me. And they have also stated in the letter :- ' in addition please be advised that we have made a request to the court to place proceedings on hold for a period of one month to enable further enquiries to be undertaken to retrieve any additional information that may assist with resolving he issues raised within your defence ' is this usual tactics ? i think that it is unfair and puts me at disadvantage..... is this behaviour frowned upon by the court ? thanks as always
  6. Hi Zubo thanks for replying - must of missed your email. I’m coming back to this one and I’m starting with an egg card as it’s barclaycard - who I understand are a bit forthcoming but yes will do them both through mcol - good luck with your claim will follow your progression
  7. Found some info saying it is barclaycard.
  8. Hi all I have received 2 SAR’s back - from both Barclays and Canada Square operations ( one SAR from each ) detailing my egg credit card. I going to start a credit card charges reclaim - wondering who should I send it too ? Canada Square or Barclays. as on the understanding that barclaycard bought out egg ? Couldnt see any recent egg claims with this info. thanks
  9. Hi All Thanks for the help so far. here is my prelim and SOC. --------------------------------------------------- MBNA Limited P.O. Box 1004 Chester Business Park Wrexham Road Chester CH4 9WW 21st February 2019 Dear Sir/Madam, MBNA Credit Card : xxxxxxxxx I now understand that the regime of fees which you have been applying to my account in relation to late fees and over limit charges, are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and recent Consumer regulations. I would draw your attention to the terms of the contract which you agreed to at the time that I opened my account. It is an implied term of that contract that you would conduct yourselves lawfully and in a manner which complies with UK law. I calculate that you have taken £523.00 in charges and I also claim restitutionary interest of £8339.98, making a total of £8862.98. It may be that you feel a claim for charges going back further than six years is invalid because of your company policy or some mis-interpretation of regulations. Either way I would draw your attention to s32 (1)© Limitations Act 1980 under which this claim is being made so far as it concerns time limits I enclose a Schedule of Charges listing the amounts that I require to be repaid. I require repayment in full of this money. If you do not comply fully within 14 days, I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus interest, plus my costs, without further notice. Yours faithfully, ------------------------------- I have omitted the sentences, ' I require that you remove the adverse payment history entry from the register ' etc. As this has long gone from credit file etc. Is it worth inserting the red chapter highlighted in red / or save it for later down the line ?? - got that from an old shelley / ims21 thread. MBNACreditCardCISheet2 v101 (1).xls.pdf
  10. Thanks Andy, nice one. I was thinking that - - just use a different interest rate. I Will get cracking then , I reckon.
  11. Hi all Been reading up on Shelleys and Martin2006 threads ( which are very good indeed ) and looking in doing the following credit card charges reclaim. MBNA card - Defaulted around 2007 - cannot check accurate date as dropped of CRA and NO DN in SAR. —————————Credit Card Charges reclaim—————————————— Total Charges = £521 Total Compound Interest @ 24.90% = £10.699.22 Total Claim = £11220.22 ( which is WHOPPING ! ) Outstanding Balance with DCA £4500 ——————DCA————————— MBNA card taken out 2003. They then SOLD the debt of £4500 to DCA in 2011 ————————————————— As this is over £10,000 - my understanding it is eligible for fast track, but with me having to pay both sides if I lost ? I just cannot afford that. Any thoughts / ideas on the best way to play this ? Thanks as always.
  12. Im a bit confused Andy. My timeline 14th - Defence Submitted on MCOL. Today 19th Ive received the Letter from court - Notice of proposed allocation to small claims track. ( N149a ) & ( N180 DQ ) Which I have copied to claimants solicitors ( posting tomorrow ) - and posting one copy to the court office ( tomorrow ), and one kept one for my file. Just followed instructions. Am I missing something ? I Might have confused issues on post #76 ( where I just copied one of DX posts about actioning the N180 - and what I WAS going to do )
  13. Yes submitted on the 14th. My Valentines gift to them, with lashings of luuuurrvvveeee ! Yeah they are quick on the draw !
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