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  1. idem only know one tune and that is to continually ask for an I&E before they even try to talk any sense, in the end I refused to talk to them and just upped my payments and got shot of them that way, hope you have better luck
  2. Caro - Maybe the poster means that Robinson way were "MISTAKEN" when they said that a representative so very kindly paid off some of this SB'd debt, and that by providing the information they have asked for they would be able to personally thank the kind person for donating monies towards a debt that is SB.d, or of course the poster could then accuse the kind person of identity theft and inform robinson way that they have been duped all along by this person, such a strange world we live in
  3. Have you seen idems I&E, its a joke - how much do you spend on chocolate etc, they seem to think because I had an agreement with MBNA for £24 a month that that applied to them I came into some money and offered a full and final which is when they went overboard with the whole I&E thing, told them to show me the legislation they were relying on that allowed them to demand this info, but of course they could not so told them to take a hike, and would carry on the £24 a month, but they then said that they still needed the I&E told them that I had filled it out and realised that I could only afford £10 a month, so thanks for making me fil it in, but you still aint getting the info
  4. Yep, not got an issue with it, not got an issue paying this back, just don't like their attitude and their demands for an I&E so told em to go f*ck themselves and they will get £10 a month, which they have been getting for the past 6 months
  5. nope issued a DN about 3 weeks ago, this is a termination notice
  6. now defaulted the debt and gave me 5 days to repay, letter took 6 days to get here, idiots
  7. Hi Halibut, tried this but the joker who is dealing with this debt is a right pillock, who can only spout the same drivel in every letter, so I have made an official complaint against them and told idem I will not deal with them until they put someone with a bit of common sense in charge.
  8. usual story, MBNA debt sold to these clowns, who assumed that our agreement with MBNA to pay £24 a month meant that they would get the same, not a cat in hells chance, came into some money offered a F&F but they wanted an I&E (fat Chance), we offered £10 a month, they still insist that they cant accept any offer without an I&E, we set up a standing order anyway and have been paying that, They have now come back and Threatened to pass this on to a debt collector (arden) This is like a red rag to a bull raised an official complaint about the fool who has been "Dealing" with us. they also threatened to default the account, but I am 99% sure that MBNA have already done that which I have informed these fools of. Now I am not at a total loss as how to deal with these idiots but, quite frankly they are really getting on my nerves. so any advice / thoughts would be nice to receive. another thing I have now cancelled the standing order so they can take a running jump, until someone with a bit more common sense that the fool I have had the misfortune to deal with is replaced. rant over
  9. should have come to the cag he would have got more than £500 out of them, but it just goes to show that these cra's cant be trusted with our data
  10. :madgrin:sent them another email giving 7 days to reply in writing that all my data has been removed
  11. well they replied with the following after my email We refer to our letter to you of the 17/4/13 which was issued and sent to you in error - Yeah Right we are pleased to confirm that blah blah blah the account is now fully satisfied an closed. Not a hint of an apology, nor any confirmation that my data has been erased from their ERROR ridden system
  12. good advice above by intend, make life as difficult as possible for these firms that buy thousands of debts for next to nothing then try and reap big gains, by doing nothing but threaten and mislead
  13. Direct debit to a debt collector, is a definite NO, I cancelled my agreement when they took it over and reduced payments when they refused my F&F, I now pay what I want by standing order
  14. idem bought loads of these recently, so odds on they do own it, I take it the £17 a month was an arrangement with MBNA and not these chancers
  15. be prepared for them to be awkward, they only seem to want a full and final if you fill in an I&e sheet and answer some stupid questions about how you came by the money etc, I told em to stuff it and only pay a minimum a month.
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