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  1. Hi all Wondered if anyone could help or offer some advice as I am in quite a stressful situation at the moment and this forum has been very helpful in the past. I was recently involved in an accident on the 5th April 2017, I am technically at fault as I went into the rear of someone at around 15-20mph, put Pedestrians went to cross a zebra crossing and the car on approach slammed his brakes early in realization of this and that forced the car in front of me to slam his and I was unable to break in time leading me to go into the back of this vehicle. Aside from me asking if w
  2. Hi Guys I know there have been many threads about Total Parking Solutions but they seem to be about over staying or ticket machines not working. Mine is a bit different. My son took his 8 1/2 month pregnant wife to hospital and parked his large Ford Ranger in the car park. He hadn't realised until he went back that he had parked 6" outside of the designated box. A TPS employee issued a Parking Charge Notice 8 minutes after he arrived. There were plenty of spaces in the car park anyway - this seems a bit of a money earning ploy. I have seem previous advic
  3. Hi all, Fairly straight forward I'd imagine, from the text in question 2, but I thought I'd check with you guys for some actual wording for my appeal. For info: Company Car, and to make matters worse, I'm leaving said company on the 24th Feb and they'll take any outstanding fines from my pay. 1 Date of the infringement: 18/01/2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]: 06/02/2017 3 Date received: 10/02/2017 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes 5 Is there any photograph
  4. Hi everyone I'm not sure if I'll get anywhere with this but I'd like to try because I'm sure what they've done isnt right. I signed up for a gym membership on the 17/02/2017 which was supposed to be a £5.00 set up fee, one month free and then £39.99 for the next 11 months. I was meant to pay nothing until the 01/04/2017 but they took out £39.99 today. I rang them to ask why this was done and they asked to see a copy of the documents I received when I signed up online. I scanned up the documents and they emailed me back saying that we know it's not very clea
  5. Hello all, 1 Date of the infringement 20/11/2016 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 25/11/2016 3 Date received 28/11/2016 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes (see attached) 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes - ANPR. 6 Have you appealed? Yes - standard template to receive POPLA code. In the process of writing POPLA appeal. Not currently attached as standard text used Have you had a response? Yes, their (the parking company) rejection also att
  6. Another day, another TPS Parking Charge Notice courtesy of my lovely partner who keeps overstaying her welcome. Free car park, but only for 120 minutes. Rather than letting this one get as far as legal letters, any suggestions on an appropriate response at this time? I cannot argue the parking conditions or signage, just don't wish to pay these cowboys. I don't recall receiving previous notices on this one either, but as I've been battling them on another notice, I can't be certain they haven't issued them. Letter attached. Help appreciated.
  7. Hi there, I hope someone is able to help me regarding a PCN I received from Total Parking solutions in July 2015 for overstaying my parking outside Pets At Home. I still have the receipt proving that I spent £50, although doubt that will even be considered! I ignored all 3 reminders that came through the post as I had followed advice seen on another forum. I heard nothing until March 2016 when I received a Letter Before Claim from Premier Solicitors, which I also ignored. I thought it had all gone away until another letter from Premier Solicitors turned up on
  8. Hi all, just wondering if you could advise my chances of getting a refund and if it's worth fighting for. my OH had a total fitness membership, 12 month from about June/July 15. In Sept 15 he got a new job working on the borders in Calais so obviously couldn't use not only our local gym but any total fitness gym in the UK. He called them and had his account put on hold for the max time. He then called them again at the end and told them he was still there and would still be unable to use the gym. At this point he was put through to head office and they said they would cancel
  9. Hello I had a few letters from bw legal saying I had until 6th August to resolve outstanding parking pcn charges before court action, I've been away for a few days and phoned them today to sort it (defend) and they said they have already issued court proceedings on 2nd August! Ten mins later I've received court claim papers. The amount they are claiming is £1950 for 19 alleged offences. There is no way I've parked on their car park and not paid 19 times and I've not had loads of letters either. Some dates go back to 2013 Is it too late to defend this now?
  10. Could somebody please clarify if you wouldn't mind. Parent received renewal form, and is currently repaying 25%. Renewal has an extra piece of paper stating if income over £20,000 repayment will be 50%. Is this amount before the tax credit amount or after it, meaning will income for 50% be taken off after total income (including tax credits) or before? Many thanks.
  11. Hello good people of the CAG. I have just arrived home from Uni and found 7 letters from a company called Debt Recovery Plus Ltd, each letter demanding £150 for unpaid parking charges. These charges span a period between 16/10/15 - 06/11/15. I called the company to dispute the charges as the ticket machine has been out of order (It is still not working!) and the lady at the car park who checks to see if people have payed and displayed told me to place a note in my windscreen stating that the machine is out of order and I'll not get a fine. DRP told me on the phone that I cannot appeal as
  12. Hi, I have a gym membership at the Altrincham Total Fitness gym active from October 2014. I went to the gym and spoke with an assistant a few weeks later and I showed him my student card asking to switch to student fees. He said it will not be a problem and he will process it. After the next payment came out, I saw i was still on the regular fees and when I asked if there is a problem, he said the manager has not been in since and will check it on the following week. However, I just had a look at my bank statement and it seems that the last paymen
  13. Not stayed in touch with developments over the last few months so have been 'ignoring' a PPC invoice since December. This morning I arrived home after a few days away to find a 'Letter Before Claim' from Premier Solicitors in relation to this dated 29May. Argh ! The 14day clock running seems to indicate that my response needs to be back with them by Friday (12th) unfortunately i'm off to Germany Sunday early until Thursday. Horrible feeling I might have to settle which goes against every fibre of my being. - £110 grrrrrr Could anyone offer some advice please pl
  14. Through no fault of my own a lorry drove into me on a roundabout tearing off half my back bumper, the asssesor came round and stated that considering the age of my peugeot 206 it would most likely be irrepairable, yet i know the only thing wrong with the car is the damage caused by the accident as have spent time and money making it a decent car. I was shocked when ringing up hastings to hear that when the report from the assessor does come back and if it is deemed a right off i will be offered money for the value of my car but not be allowed the car back? In no writing in the policy does it s
  15. Afternoon Parked in a Total Car Park over the weekend. Paid for Friday, paid for Sat, forgot Sunday. When I was given a ticket. Sunday is charged at £3 for the whole day. Ticket says fine £100 but £30 payable in 7 days. Suggestions on what to do? Tempted to pay £3 as that is what it would have cost me to park there for Sunday.
  16. Don't really know where to start here, but about 3 years ago I quit drinking, I wasn't a full blown alcoholic but I'll admit I wasn't far off I'd binge drink a lot 3/4 times a week it helped me feel better. Any way I quit lost weight fought to make myself better and was going great, now I'm still not great at mixing with people so I thought well maybe driving a lorry would be a good option as I would be on my own a lot of the time. So I went to the Dr to see what he thought and he was fine with it, he left the room briefly and I looked at his computer screen and noticed he put down I was
  17. hope some one can help me i got a parking charge notice on my car window while parking at a hospital the notice was given on the 18/09/2014 i have just got 2 letters today to at same time 27/11/14 from TPS 70 days later the first dated 22/11/14 ? on the envelope the second 20/11/14 i can not understand this as they both came in the post today , the dates on the envelopes are not the post office stamps but there own ? i have been told that under the freedoms act they must send a notice to keeper first with in 56 days or i do not need to n
  18. I would be grateful if anyone could give me some advice please: My friend went to B&Q yesterday, parked and went next door to use cashpoint returning to B&Q to make a purchase. When he returned to his car less than 50 minutes in total he had recd a Parking Charge Notice from TPS. It was only then he noticed a guy in the car park photographing cars. On the PCN they have ticked the box "The driver was observed leaving site whilst vehicle remained parked on the premises". I've been down and had a look at signage and it clearly says that you must not leave
  19. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post, I will try to keep a long annoying complex matter as simple as possible. When we moved in to our flat approx. 6 year ago I called BG to set up account and they insisted they didn't supply our gas, I tried on more than one occasion and they still said they do not supply us. Last October we finally got a bill that said our meter reading was 000000. In January it was still 00000, suddenly by March it was pushing £1000! I know we were very lucky it took them so long to actually bill us however the meter is now working double time it would s
  20. Hi all. Just wanted to see what these guys are like these days. Do they do court etc? Or do they just send the usual threatograms? My mother has just had an invoice from them for overstaying in a free car park so just need a bit of clarity. Many thanks. DDW
  21. Hi guys, I am trying to claim my bank charges back (I think about £3000 worth over past five years) I have sent them a letter asking for the records of bank charges back 6 years and I sent them the £10 cheque. I have had no reply in one whole week.... Can they really get away with ignoring customers??? Please help
  22. I've just realised that I've probably been getting these charges for a long time. This latest one has seen them strip £153 from my account. How do I go about claiming this money back? I should point out that I specifically asked for no over-draught when I signed up for the account around 6 years ago. I think I may have had this happen a few times over the years and simply not noticed. Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. We placed an online order with a shop called 'Total Wargamer': http://www.totalwargamer.co.uk. The order was placed about nine days ago and we havereceived no goods. We contacted them today, took several attempts as nobody will answer the phone, and one of the staff spouted stuff about having their credit halved etcetera. This concerned us as the order was for about £100 in Xmas presents for our sons. The staff member also stated that they do not hold card details on their system, that's why they took the money straight away on the day of order. My wife requested a refund and he sta
  24. i need some advice today I took my downs syndrome brother to the hospital for a operation, i was a bit late as i had to be there for 8.00 am as i was walking in i saw a ticket machine pay and display but it was covered with a plastic sheet my inmediate thought was that they must be installing the machines as i thought it was a free car park , when i returned i had a parking charge of £30 if i pay it within 30 days and £60 if i dont for a company called total parking solutions. i do realize i should of taken more notice but i was under
  25. Hi all Long time again (it's funny how you only seem to need these forums when something goes wrong! It's reassuring to know there's a place to turn in times of crisis!) Situation is on the 1st of this month I took delivery of a brand new mini, on PCP. Today, I was in an RTC that wasn't my fault (police attended and are doing the other driver for driving without due care). I am having the car repaired by the mini dealership, which means I have to pay my excess and recover it later. All standard.* I spoke to the mini dealer today who have looked at the
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