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  1. yes this is the only of the debts that has remained everything else was wiped off. is there a copy of the failure to comply letter on here
  2. oh yes the ppi was very nice as was the card protection reclaim
  3. Hopefully attached to this post i have noticed 1 interesting thing on the credit card agreement page 3 the address is my current address not the address i took the agreement out on.
  4. just to give more information on what i have recieved it is the application that was sent to me through the post for me to complete and send back with the conditions of use and the credit card agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974. the only signatures are mine on the application form which was dated 10/5/95
  5. i have just recieved a copy of the agreement and it look original is there anything else i can do or am i well and truly snookered now ?
  6. today i have received a statement from idem telling me my account is now 2 months in arrears and to make immediate payment, yet they have not responded to my request for the cca do i just ignore them ?
  7. Thanks for the advice what is a sd claim
  8. i sent the cca on 8th october which i have a signed for receipt on 10th october how long do i have to wait before i take the next step and what is the correct next step to take. I have heard nothing so far which is pretty much what i was expecting. Thanks in advance for your help
  9. thank you which s77,78,79 do i nedd to delete for credit card debt
  10. Hi I need help with a cca. i had a debt with mbna now bought out by idem i have tried to settle this without success and can no longer afford monthly payments. Is there a template to send to request the cca for credit card debt. This debt does appear on my credit file showing as arranged payment from 2010 to 2012 then up to date since idem took over.
  11. Call me naive but I didn't challenge debts as I knew exactly what they were and they were all with original creditors, I was surprised they settled for as low as I was expecting to pay considerably more than I have. The only issue I have is with a debt sold on which I would have thought would have been easier to settle. Are you telling me they will still try and get more money back after settling
  12. If they manage to provide the cca does that mean I am screwed
  13. So to get this straight if they do not hold the cca I can refuse to pay and eventually they go away
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