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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, DWP recently wrote to me to say I owed them £600 and that they would be taking this from my wages via a DEA. I have worked full time for 9 years now so I was not even aware of how I could owe them this money. I called them and they said it was from a historic - 9 year old budgeting loan. I was annoyed because as far I was aware this was paid off years ago when I still received income support, however I agreed to set up a standing order for £20 each month. They said they would write to my employer to cancel the DEA. I kept to my side and sorted the standing order and low and behold on payday they took a £200 out of my wages directly! My employer said they never received notification that they should cancel the DEA the delightful staff member I spoke to at the DWP said they did send it and it's my debt to deal with. Thanks to the maladministration that has taken place somewhere we are now in a really difficult financial place this month and it will be a very long July which will now include visiting a foodbank no doubt. I would be very grateful for any advice as to how I could request that the DWP refund me this money and we maintain our original agreement. Surely as we had a agreement it is unlawful for them to accept he payment that my employer deducted to give to them??? Any advice is extremely welcome. Thank you in advance.
  2. My daughter and myself went to a carpet shop on Sunday to buy some new carpet for the stairs, not a great lot needed. Daughter gave the chap her stair measurements, and she chose her carpet that was on a large roll. She paid for this along with fitting costs and arranged the date for it to be fitted which was the following Wednesday (tomorrow) Today she received a call from the shop saying that they had run out of her chosen carpet , could she go down and pick another one , or wait ten days for some more to come in. WHAT ! This carpet was bought and paid for on Sunday , there was a large roll of it . Does she choose another, maybe a dearer one and ask to pay the same price ??? or have her money back and kick up a big fuss, ????
  3. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post, I will try to keep a long annoying complex matter as simple as possible. When we moved in to our flat approx. 6 year ago I called BG to set up account and they insisted they didn't supply our gas, I tried on more than one occasion and they still said they do not supply us. Last October we finally got a bill that said our meter reading was 000000. In January it was still 00000, suddenly by March it was pushing £1000! I know we were very lucky it took them so long to actually bill us however the meter is now working double time it would seem and we are now pushing a bill of £2000. Since March I have requested that I pay £40 per month towards the gas while they look at the meter as I am quite sure we have not used that much gas since January, we live in a small two bed flat, the place heats up quickly once we have our tumble dryer on and cooker, we have not even had to use our heating yet this Winter. So we are only using gas for the hot water as the oven is electric. I keep opening complaints with them to request that they look at our meter and the way the meter has been connected as we are a large block I fear we are now being charged for some other flats usage also. They keep closing my complaints and saying I did nt reply in time although I did, every one of them I email never actually answers my questions and fobs me off, I really do want this sorted as it is stress I really don't need. We have our electric account with them which is also high (but understandably as we use it a lot) surely they can see I am not making a fuss over nothing as I pay that in full each month, but I am so sure there is a problem with the gas meters - obviously given it has read for 00000 for years ! Any help/support/advice would be very welcome, BG are just not listening to me. I am happy to pay them, just what is fair and right! Thank you in advance x
  4. Except that I have, and it's paid in full. A brief background. The Licencing people - is it still the home office ? - have been supplying a receipted licence for eight years to this property following a one off payment. This is the first year it has been done totally online to save paper and a stamp. I have bank statement proof that I paid on the day and that it has not been refunded at any time since. The issue which has led to a summons is, from what I can gather, a change to the house number as a result of a postal address change, that Royal Mail have confirmed was modified by the TV Licencing office themselves in 2011. I have confirmation of this in a letter from the local sorting office. I had one of their 'inspectors' come round and since I have a licence I saw no reason not to let him in last month, and show him the Royal Mail correspondence. The problem is, the contents within their statement supplied in the court summons is completely different to what happened on the day, he states that I never showed him the letter and asked him to leave after an argument ensued. Since I can prove a licence is valid, why should they ask me to appear in court, wasting a day of my time for no gain ? Secondly, I have to send something back to the court, pleading guilty or not guilty, of course I'm going for the latter. Am I entitled to claim for the lost time and costs of scanning and printing all the valid documentation at the local stationers when I turn up ? Thirdly, as a direct result of the postal alteration, I have lost some mail, other mail has gone to another address a few miles away, and I have lost two appeals, one for a parking ticket and another for a self assessment penalty, through the timing of correspondence back and forth exceeding that required by HMRC. Can I also claim for these penalties back from TV Licencing ? Fourthly, how does one state in court correspondence that the TV licencing people and their 'inspectors' (Capita ?) are cretinous without actually using such a word, by their fabrication of a witness statement and the detail within the database they have at their disposal, simply to go for proceedings via the court ?
  5. Hi all, Not sure if this is of interest but thought I'd share. My mother drove me to Driffield for a job interview which ended up taking nearly 2 hours. She'd parked in Lidl and did not see or read the small signs dotted around. For most of the 1 hr 55 mins she was sat in the car (after buying a few things in Lidl). Lo and behold the red-topped charge notice of doom came through her door a few days later. I submitted this appeal through their website (not a template, all my own work!): I, XXXXXXX, am making this appeal on behalf of, at the request of and with the permission of, the vehicle's registered keeper, XXXXXXXX. Correspondence may be addressed to myself. The following is a reply to, and refers to, the ‘civil parking charge notice’ sent to the registered keeper and issued on 23/07/2013. There are several issues with the parking charge that has been levied. 1) The cost of the charge is prohibitively excessive. At no point is this charge of £90 described as or implied to be a penalty or fine. The alleged overstay is cited as consisting of 25 minutes and 23 seconds, equating to an hourly rate of (approximately) £212.74. By any possible measure, this can only be described as an unfair and discriminatory amount designed to exploit those wishing to use Lidl’s parking facilities in order to shop at the establishment. The ‘reduced charge’ still equates to a rate of £106.37, also a prohibitively expensive charge. Due to the excessive nature of this charge I request that you provide me with an explanation of and justification for the charge, including a breakdown of the costs and losses incurred by yourself in the administration of this specific charge. This will allow yourselves an opportunity to prove that it is not of an excessive nature. 2) You have given evidence of the vehicle being ‘parked’ which comprises of still photographs of the vehicle allegedly entering the car park at ’10.35.51’ and exiting at ‘12.31.14’. The evidence provided does not, however, prove beyond ‘reasonable cause’ that the vehicle was parked for this entire period of time. It can be reasonably assumed that the vehicle was parked at some point (should these timestamps be accurate) but without further evidence supporting the movements of the vehicle inside the car park, and bearing in mind the alleged overstay consisted of only (approximately) 19.9% of the total alleged stay period, I request that evidence be provided which proves that the vehicle was stationary and unattended for a minimum of 25 minutes and 23 seconds. 3) You have given no indication as to the reliability and accuracy of the equipment used in recording both the photographic evidence and the times at which the vehicle entered and exited the car park. I therefore request supporting information which relates to the maintenance schedules, methods and practices of all recording equipment used in the gathering of the presented evidence as well as a detailed account of the error detection, diagnosis and rectification procedures employed by Athena as well as the steps taken to ensure that timestamps are accurate to 1 second (the level of accuracy used by yourselves). 4) I request that you provide me with an explanation of how a third party that does not own or rent the land nor utilise a retail space or outlet linked or related to property on which the vehicle was allegedly parked, has a legal or civil right to not only levy a charge on customers of a retail outlet to which the land is related, but also to access the personal information of the registered keeper stored by the DVLA. Athena ANPR accessed this information without permission, for a purpose not required by a criminal investigative process and without ensuring that the registered keeper concerned was satisfied that their personal details would be safeguarded under the Data Protection Act 1998. This act requires that the processing of such personal data is not conducted in a manner or for a purpose which ‘is likely to cause substantial damage or substantial distress to him or to another’. It can be argued that sending a letter demanding £90 for a parking charge which equates to an hourly rate of £212.74 is likely to cause distress, or at the very least Athena ANPR cannot guarantee that the individual concerned will not suffer ‘substantial distress’ as a result, especially when the individual concerned is an elderly lady who has never been persecuted, prosecuted, investigated or charged with any traffic or civil offence or violation. 5) Your correspondence states that ‘the terms and conditions of the car park are clearly displayed on signs in prominent places.’ I request that you provide evidence, time-stamped before the alleged incident, which supports this claim. This evidence should include a clear notice that states by entering the car park in a motor vehicle, customers agree to be bound to a contractual obligation which would allow Athena ANPR to access the registered keeper’s personal information from the DVLA as well as reassurances that, should this information be gathered by Athena ANPR, the rights of the registered keeper will be protected as per the Data Protection Act 1998. I would like to make it clear that this letter is not an attempt to elicit a cancellation of the charge by requesting excessive information (nor is it a template), but is instead a measure, commensurate with the scale of the charge levied, to ensure that said charge is duly justifiable and due. £90 (or even £45) is a large sum of money to a pensioner and I intend to ensure, beyond reasonable doubt, that you have full and proper rights to claim it, and that you have done everything possible and within your powers to ensure that the legal processes are being followed and that you have provided full and complete disclosure of all facts and consequences prior to the alleged incident. I also wish, simply, to be entirely satisfied that the alleged incident took place and that the charge presented is not due to an error by yourselves. With that in mind, I also wish it to be made clear that this letter is not an admission to liability. Yours respectfully, XXXXXXX On Behalf of XXXXXXX (registered keeper) ------------------------------------------------------------ I received an automated email acknowledging receipt and can only assume the person who opened it could not be bothered to deal with it as my mother received, a few weeks later, a letter saying that as no appeal had been received and no payment made, the cost was now up to £90 and debt collectors and legal action may be forthcoming should no payment be received. My reply: Parking Charge Notice Number: XXXXXXX Vehicle Registration Number: XXXXXX As with my previous correspondence I, XXXXXX, am communicating with yourselves at the request and with the permission of the registered keeper, XXXXXXX. I write in reference to your letter dated 27/08/2013 in which you demand payment of £90 and threaten the involvement of a debt collection company and possible legal action despite my having received no communication regarding the appeal I lodged on 02/08/2013 through the appeals form on your website. I have evidence of submission in the form of an automated email sent by Athena acknowledging receipt. In my original appeal, which you have seemingly, and very unwisely, ignored, I made it explicitly clear to Athena that the registered keeper of the vehicle, and thus the recipient of your correspondence, is an elderly lady who is finding this process highly distressing. Despite this you have seen fit to send her a threatening letter which has served only to, illegitimately and reprehensibly, increase this distress. Please accept my assurances that should the 'legal action' you promise come to fruition, this distress will be discussed in considerably more detail in court. You will be aware of the legislative process you must go through to claim your 'parking charges' and you will be aware of the scrutiny under which your industry operates. By ignoring my appeal, which was filed through your own website, within the time limit specified and with all of the information I am, by your own terms and conditions, obliged to provide, you have breached this legislative process and I am sure I do not need to clarify the position you now find yourselves in. I look forward to reading your acceptance of my appeal and your apology for the unnecessary and unjustifiable upset your actions have caused. Regards, XXXXXX On behalf of XXXXXX ----------------------------------------------------------------- The 35 days they state they will respond to an appeal in expires tomorrow so my argument, in the unlikely event they should continue, is simple. Either there is no contract between the registered keeper and themselves or any affiliated party, in which there is no obligation to pay the charge, or there is a contract in place, in which they have breached it by failure to respond in their own time limit. Sorry for the text bomb but I'm interested if anyone else has had a similarly pleasant experience with this apparent bunch of schoolboys
  6. usual story, MBNA debt sold to these clowns, who assumed that our agreement with MBNA to pay £24 a month meant that they would get the same, not a cat in hells chance, came into some money offered a F&F but they wanted an I&E (fat Chance), we offered £10 a month, they still insist that they cant accept any offer without an I&E, we set up a standing order anyway and have been paying that, They have now come back and Threatened to pass this on to a debt collector (arden) This is like a red rag to a bull raised an official complaint about the fool who has been "Dealing" with us. they also threatened to default the account, but I am 99% sure that MBNA have already done that which I have informed these fools of. Now I am not at a total loss as how to deal with these idiots but, quite frankly they are really getting on my nerves. so any advice / thoughts would be nice to receive. another thing I have now cancelled the standing order so they can take a running jump, until someone with a bit more common sense that the fool I have had the misfortune to deal with is replaced. rant over
  7. Hi, hope some1 can help, my husband has received a phone call today from this company about a debt with Barkley card which he is already paying to another company and has been for the las 2 or 3 yrs, he has told them this fact but they insist that they will take him to court if hr does not pay, he told them to take him to court if they wanted because hen the court herd that he as Leeds paying the debt to another company they would b laughed out of court and that he would then sue them for wot ever he could, they then told him they would continue to call him if he didn't comply. Can they actually claim u have to pay a debt that your leery paying??? Unbelievable !!!
  8. hey guys i was just wondering if any of you know how many times a day these can come out to my house is there some kind of limit? thx in advance
  9. Hi, a newby here who has been studying the wealth of information on these forums. I fell behind a few months ago with my CTax and had a liability order issued back in March. The debt was brought up to date and since I have been able to pay and am up to date. Last week, the council got a second liability order for the demand of CTax for the rest of this year despite paying every month. Yesterday I got a demand from Rossendales for £1,069. I intend to take this up with the council in the morning by going to the offices in person. The letter Rossendales sent was if it was written by a 5 year old. A I&E form was enclosed and I have been threatened with Criminal prosecution and a fine of up to £500 if I don't send it back to them completed. Is this legit and legal? Thanks for any advice.
  10. so i have a loan out with payday express i was in my 7 days cancellation period when i phoned to pay off my balance which should ave been the original loan and maybe 7 days interest. They said i can not do this as i can only do it with my first loan is this correct? the guy on the phone was a complete Piers Morgan aswell. I just want to pay what i am due why do these people have to be so awkward. anybody know what my rights are regarding this? cheers
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