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Found 12 results

  1. On August 11th we ordered a television from Tesco direct which we picked up on August 14th. It was fixed to a wall bracket and used without problem until 1st September. On 2nd September the T.V. was switched on and there was a black section to the screen. We called Tesco and they asked us to send in a photo of the screen saying that they would get back to us within 3-4 hours, they failed to do so and we rang them again to be told that they had not had time to look at our email and that they would call us back shortly after11 am the next day. By 2.30 they still hadn't called and so we contacted them to be told "it looks like accidental damage and so we are not responsible" I tried to explain that there was no way that this could be the case but they refused to budge. I then offered to take the T.V. to a local store with an electrical department so that they could perform a physical check of the item, they said it wasn't necessary and that their decision stood. They told me that I should take the set to an accredited repair place and obtain a report. I believe that Tesco are in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the following extract. The first six months If you discover the fault within the first six months after buying the product, it is presumed to have been there since the time of purchase - unless the retailer can prove otherwise. During this time, it's up to the retailer to prove that the fault wasn't there when you bought it - it's not up to you to prove that it was. Tesco are adamant that they will not offer anything. What are my rights?
  2. Hi everyone! Sorry to be one of 'those' people who join in the hope of some free advice but I'm in a bit of a pickle and would really, really appreciate any advice. I'll try and keep it short, I promise. I have recently moved into a new house and as a result, my wife and I bought ourselves a new TV from AO.com. BIt cost £750. In short, it's rubbish - it's slow, it feels and looks cheap, and the optical output doesn't work which is a term which means to me: no sound out of our soundbar. I called AO this morning to arrange a return, and have been told they don't accept returns (despite this being plastered all over their website) unless the item is faulty, and that they will accept taking it back, but will only refund 55% of what I paid as it is now 'used'. Surely this is illegal? I have been advised to look at the Consumer Rights legislation, which I have done, and am awaiting a call back with some advice from Trading Standards but as you can imagine, we're ever so keen for any sort of additional help and someone suggested I come here and try. Thank you so much in advance!
  3. October 2012 we bought a Logik brand LED TV for £199.99 All was fine until April2014 when the start up failed. NORMALLY there's a red light which comes on and you press either the button on the TV or remote to switch on. The light goes blue and the TV comes on. Now it just stays red and no start up happens. We went to Currys where we bought it and they said they could send it off to their repair centre and have it checked but it would cost us £95 which would be refundable if they find a fault. They also said if we wanted, we could have it checked by an independent engineer and get back to them. Now we thought 18 months is NOT an acceptable time for a TV to last so I emailed their customer services who just said the same. I got some advice from the citizens advice who have a template letter which refers to the Sale of Goods Act. I sent this to Currys head office (registered post) and they have taken two weeks to call us with the same information, plus claiming they do it everyday and people easily have their £95 back. Really, EVERYDAY? Is that really a selling point? We have since purchased a Sony TV (went halves on a special offer in Tesco), so we don't have £95 to spend on a repair. We could get a quote and report from an independent engineer but it's more money, which we don't have. I still have the Logik TV, well packaged and tucked in a cupboard. What I need to know is, is there any point in getting an independent repair? Has anyone done this themselves and been successful in receiving either a refund or exchange from Currys?
  4. Hi, My wife purchased a television on her Littlewoods account in November 2013. Was only turned on for the first time at the start of Jan. The thing has been terribly unreliable so far as it stands with constant crashing playing media. A couple of days ago the DVD transport failed as well. I did some googling and it turns out this Toshiba unit is substandard and this is a common problem. I'm a qualified electronics engineer and it's a combination of unresolvable software problems (this has the latest firmware) and low grade hardware (the transport). The software problem gets no attention from the manufacturer and the hardware problem is likely to occur again if it has failed in that short window. So she phoned littlewoods and asked for a refund. They said no, we have a policy of repair, replace, refund in that order. I was passed the phone and got some narky individual on the end of it who clearly doesn't understand the difference between an unresolvable fault in the design versus a simple repair and is employed to lie to people to get them to go away. They forwarded me by phone to their repair company who have subcontracted it out to a company which from experience has been near criminal (I know someone who worked for them) so I've told them to shove it with the repair. I am aware of SOGA. AFAIK under section 14, these goods are defective and not of merchantable quality and any repair and replacement will exhibit the same problems and she's entitled to a refund. What's the best approach to deal with this? I've raised a complaint on her behalf. Do I need to go the legal route i.e. threaten small claims etc via recorded delivery or do you think they'll respond to this? Big question as well. As she's already paying for this, should we withhold payment from the company until resolved (as per credit cards when you dispute transactions, they are held for a period of time). I personally won't poke the company with a stick, preferring amazon who actually have a returns policy and deal with this sort of stuff instantly. Unfortunately this was actually cheaper than Amazon for once as it was on a "get rid of our crappy products quick" day.
  5. Interesting epetition just found.Personally i am sick of seeing gambling adverts on TV. Trying to draw people in.I have never really looked at it before so just had a quick look round and it is surprising how big some of these companies are.Are more people getting addicted,i do not know,perhaps you do. Everyone in the adverts is so happy but how many are being taken in,getting into difficulties,do you know. But the sheer amount of money now being spent on TV advertising must be paying off.It is everywhere you look. Just in case anyone is interested.Only got 70 signatures . http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/45780 But so much revenue to be gained by the TV companies.And perhaps causing troubles for some. Due to what seems to be a booming industry this is why i have started this thread.Have your say. 100,000 signatures is a tall order but at least some of your views or if you have seen any newspaper articles or know anyone in trouble would be interesting.Post them here.A new area for myself,so could do with a little help. You get a feeling there is something of the night about it all. Agree or disagree,have your say.Just trying to find out.Which we will. Just what is going on . Thanks. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/45780
  6. Buy as You View rejects television allegations ONE of Wales' best-known companies has defended itself in advance of a TV programme going out tonight that makes serious allegations about its sales practices. The Consumers' Association has launched an investigation into Llantrisant-based Buy as You View after the HTV current affairs series Wales This Week passed over a dossier of material it gathered for tonight's programme. One of the firm's former salesmen appears describing techniques he claims the company expects its sales staff to use, and which some customers complain about. The programme also questions the firm's practice of "rolling together" a number of purchases bought at different times into one debt. Buy as You View, founded in the 1970s, last night hit back at the allegations made in Wales This Week. The firm, which has more than 40,000 customers across South Wales buying household goods by feeding a meter attached to their TVs, is one of the major supporters of charitable causes in the area. The children's charity Valleys Kids is supported by the firm, as are many health and education projects. This year the company gave more than £400,000 to good causes, making it one of the most generous in Wales. Buy as You View is also backed by some big names. Former Rhondda MP Allan Rogers is a director of the company and the firm has long supported some of the biggest stars in Welsh rugby, including Neil Jenkins. Rupert Moon, the former Wales and Llanelli star, is a part-time community affairs consultant for the company. He's also a presenter of the popular BBC Wales consumer programme X-Ray. Wales This Week says it followed up complaints from customers who contacted HTV's The Ferret programme. It claims the company's salesmen don't explain their high prices and interest charges properly. They also say they are pressured into buying goods they don't want. The team has also talked to former salesmen who allege they left the company because they couldn't stand the pressure they were under to achieve financial targets. The programme also examines the company's accounts. It is one of the most profitable in Wales, making founders Bernard Jones and Gerald Coleman multi-millionaires. This year the prestigious Sunday Times Rich List estimated the two men were each worth £35m, making them the joint 19th richest men in Wales. A spokesman for the Consumers' Association confirmed that an investigation had been launched into the company's sales techniques. Buy as You View spokesman Terry Bunnett said, "As a company which has been in business for over 30 years, we are surprised and disappointed by the fact that Wales This Week is seeing fit to run a programme on the basis of allegations from a very small number of customers who have not previously raised these issues with our customer service department and upon quite incredible and sickening allegations on the part of an ex-employee who has not been identified to us. "We are appalled by the suggestion made by the ex-employee regarding the treatment of our customers. We are extremely proud of our customers, many of whom have been with us for almost 30 years. "Customers who view the programme will be equally appalled and angered by the false accusation being made by this ex-sales employee, as these customers will know that we operate only the very highest standards of customer service for which we as a company are known in our industry. "You may be interested to know that 70% of our business comes in via the telephone from existing customers and customer referrals. "Clearly, we make no excuse for the fact that we are a retail sales organisation, where a healthy atmosphere of competition exists within our sales force, which currently comprises some 350 personnel within a total staff of some 700." The programme goes out at 11pm tonight on ITV1 Wales ========================================= Article source: walesonline.co.uk Dated: Exactly ten years ago today. Since reading this forum section I see BAYV has more serious allegations than 10 years ago.
  7. Except that I have, and it's paid in full. A brief background. The Licencing people - is it still the home office ? - have been supplying a receipted licence for eight years to this property following a one off payment. This is the first year it has been done totally online to save paper and a stamp. I have bank statement proof that I paid on the day and that it has not been refunded at any time since. The issue which has led to a summons is, from what I can gather, a change to the house number as a result of a postal address change, that Royal Mail have confirmed was modified by the TV Licencing office themselves in 2011. I have confirmation of this in a letter from the local sorting office. I had one of their 'inspectors' come round and since I have a licence I saw no reason not to let him in last month, and show him the Royal Mail correspondence. The problem is, the contents within their statement supplied in the court summons is completely different to what happened on the day, he states that I never showed him the letter and asked him to leave after an argument ensued. Since I can prove a licence is valid, why should they ask me to appear in court, wasting a day of my time for no gain ? Secondly, I have to send something back to the court, pleading guilty or not guilty, of course I'm going for the latter. Am I entitled to claim for the lost time and costs of scanning and printing all the valid documentation at the local stationers when I turn up ? Thirdly, as a direct result of the postal alteration, I have lost some mail, other mail has gone to another address a few miles away, and I have lost two appeals, one for a parking ticket and another for a self assessment penalty, through the timing of correspondence back and forth exceeding that required by HMRC. Can I also claim for these penalties back from TV Licencing ? Fourthly, how does one state in court correspondence that the TV licencing people and their 'inspectors' (Capita ?) are cretinous without actually using such a word, by their fabrication of a witness statement and the detail within the database they have at their disposal, simply to go for proceedings via the court ?
  8. Stop Payday loan adverts on television. please sign this petition & keep passing it on http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/42019
  9. I bought a new Panasonic Plasma TV from Currys on the 17th April this year. I didn't take out any extra cover so it is within the standard 1 year warranty. 3 weeks ago, the TV started buzzing loudly so I contact Currys who came to pick up the TV promptly. I was told I would have the TV back within a week to 10 days. They then called to tell me that the PSU was broken and that they had to order the part. I called them last week and was informed the TV was due to be delivered last Friday but it didn't arrive. After calling them that day I was told that the part had only just arrived and no repairs had been done yet. They apologised for the mix up. I called them yesterday and was informed that the part had not even been delivered yet. I was then told that if they could not repair my TV within 28 days, then I could go into any Currys store and collect a new one on that day. If a new one wasn't available, they would reimburse me in full. As 28 days comes around next Tuesday, I thought I would nip into my local Currys store to ensure I could collect a new one if my TV isn't repaired and sent back in time. The manager abruptly informed me that this wasn't the case and they can have my TV for as long as they see fit as it's not an 'essential item'. Please could you help me confirm my rights as a consumer? Currys are not being very helpful and I can't find any info on their website. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. I need some advice. Had a visit from a TV Licensing Officer last night - I signed the form (I know, I know ). I haven't had a summons yet. Needless to say, I have spent the last 12 hours reading thread after thread on this subject, and it doesn't seem to matter what I DID say to him (he lied, there are omissions, and he summarised), it only matters what is recorded on the form. So, so here is the information that appears on the visit form I signed. I should note, he DID gave me a copy of the form. + TV LICENCE Do you have a television here? - YES Do you have a TV Licence? - NO TV SET SEEN May I come in and inspect the set? - NO The bits about Programmes seen/heard, Channels tested, Other? - BLANK (nothing filled in) ADMISSIONS Colour, digital box, power plugged in, aerial plugged in TV Make: TOSHIBA When was the set installed / Obtained? - JAN/FEB 2012 When did you first use the set at this address without an appropriate licence? - I DON'T KNOW. I WAS LIVING WITH MY MUM. When did you last use the set for watching TV programmes here? - SOME POINT TODAY Is the set owned, borrowed, rented? - IT'S MY MOM'S Do you have either satellite, cable or digital (Freeview)? - NO Contact details - phone number given How long have you lived here? - JAN/FEB 2012 Date of birth? - given Occupation? - DON'T WORK National Insurance Number - I DON'T KNOW IT I have to tell you that you may be prosecuted for an offence under The Communications Act 2003. Is there anything else you want to say? - NO Signed and dated (yesterday) + Needless to say, I purchased a TV Licence over the phone and had it backdated to Jan 1, 2012 (to Dec 31, 2012), as I don't know when I moved in and want to be covered, but I am now doubting whether I actually needed it. My questions are these: - All the people who have reported receiving court summons seem to be people whose set was inspected and channels tested, or people who didn't get a copy of the form and the Officer lied about seeing/testing the set. Does this seem to be the trend? Mine was NOT inspected or tested and I have a copy of the form showing that. I have read that not everyone receives a summons ... are there any examples of the reasons this doesn't not happen? - Everyone seems to say that you should plead guilty, but I do not believe that any witness statement he could conjure up would hold up, as he would have to lie and say he inspected/tested the set, which would not match the interview record (he he gave me a copy). - what the TV Licensing website says you need and what the Communications Act 2003 says seem to be 2 different things. can this not be argued? Thanks for any advice.
  11. I have accidentally damaged my TV after having it for around 10 months... i am paying extra KNOWHOW insurance monthly and was told it was covered for all accidental damages etc, it was broken on the stairs once i brought it home from university!! I sent it off to be repaired and was notified by voice mail my television hasn't been repaired and needs re-collecting. I wrote this letter: I am writing this letter as my television was sent back from PC world without being repaired or any other actions being offered; I was notified by voicemail to write a letter with more information on how the damage has occurred. I bought the television whilst I was a University in Leeds and had to bring it home for the summer, once I had the TV back at my house it was getting it up to the third floor, once I was on second floor I accidentally tripped and the TV fell onto the corner of the table by the next set of stairs. This resulted in me falling onto the TV, twisting and bruising my hand. The TV is covered for all accident damages, which in my case it has happened by accident and there was nothing I could have done to prevent these damages. I then was told i would receive a call from a private investigator, i answered all of his questions and was told i would receive a reply within a week maybe two. 16 days later, [name edited] replied saying it was rejected, that was it, no reason or anything!! This is the next letter i sent and i sent and i am yet to have a reply, 21 days and waiting!! I am absolute disgusted in the way I have been treated towards making this Television claim, the accident occurred over a month ago, every time I was given a time I would be contacted, it has happened at the very end instead of been told straight away. It would have been a different matter if I had missed a payment, use would have been on my back straight away and I would have faced fines. When I received the call from the private investigator and I answered all of his questions the only thing he said that could be used against me was carrying it on my own. When I bought the television from PC World in Leeds, I carried it from the back of the store to the till, they watched me take it out of the store on my own and back to my accommodation, as they seen I was capable of doing so. They didn’t say two people had to carry it or offer me another option. I carried it less than half a mile, I set it up on my own after taking it to the fifth floor, all easy to do. Carrying it in my house once I broken up from University, taking it up the stairs was no problem; it all happened after an accidental trip, this would of still happened if there were two people carrying it. I would class myself as a strong build person, I could understand if I found the weight to of been heavy. I am not stupid enough to try and do something if in the back of my mind I can see it going wrong. When I bought this TV I was told it was covered for accidental damages and other things, I even took out extra KNOWHOW insurance as I was advised highly to do so. As it took me ages to save up and with it costing a lot of money I knew with this insurance Id always have it. You were quick to sell the insurance but not follow it through when something had happened. I was worried when I accidentally dropped it and visited the store in Teesside twice, both times I was assured that in my case it will be sorted, repaired or replaced and got told not to worry about it. I have been paying this £7 extra insurance for around 10 months I believe, which now seems like a bad idea. It took me a long time to save up for this Television and my claim is being rejected due to what is known as an ‘accident’. I have never made a claim like this before. Due to me being a Multimedia student I would class myself as a very loyal customer to PC world, not only me, but also my whole family. All of my technology is always from this store and I feel like I am being robbed from something I deserve. In last few years I have bought things like: · 3D Television · Apple Mac · Macbook Pro · Ipad · Sony Ipod Docking System · dLAN Wireless Powerline Adapter · Printer/Scanner The list goes on. I am always using this store for updating my things and adding to what I already have. I am only home for 2 months until I go back to University and have already waited more than a month, I ask kindly if you could go over my claim again and respond in better timing with hopefully a better result. If this is un-successful again, I will be looking to take this claim further.' I have now waited over 2 months, nothing has happened, im sick of waiting, what is my next steps can anyone help me win this case!! Thanks.
  12. Hello everybodyI sent this email to Comet this morning - just wondered if people think I might be able to have some success with this. I am not asking for a lot, just to have a working TV that lasts longer than 20 months! I can't afford to pay for the independent engineers report but do people think I might have to?Thanks in advance WITHOUT PREJUDICEFor the attention of Bob DarkeDear SirI bought a JVC LT-40DG20J 40” on 18/08/2010 For £499.99 – receipt in hand. I have enclosed a copy of the receipt for you to check your records.On Thursday the 22nd of March 2012 it stopped working, we checked it wasn’t the fuse.My partner phoned the number on the back of the telly, which lead you to a Comet’s phone number, they told us that we’d have to pay for someone to look at it. Then we decided we’d call JVC themselves, when we got through, we were told that they only make that TV for Comet and don’t even have instructions for it, as Comet buy them in bulk with no guarantees on them.I have 2 small children and work during the week, so weekends are very precious to us. On Saturday the 24th March the last thing my Partner and I wanted to do was take the unfit for purpose TV to Comet in Slough. (This is where we bought it from) we spoke to the Store Manager called xxxxxxxxx, who was not cooperative at all, and wouldn’t even give me his Area Managers name. He said we had to pay £65 to check if it was a manufacturing fault or not. Whilst I understand that this fee applies to establish if the fault is that of the manufacturers - we’ve only had the TV 1 yr and 8 months and I believe that a Television should last longer than that. I was even told that day by a salesman that a TV should last for about 25 years! The TV has had ‘normal’ use, I would say no more than 5 hours per day maximum. It has been cared for without any risk to the internal workings at all.As a family, due to our expenditure exceeding our income, we cannot afford to pay for a fee when we don’t feel we should have to.I believe we should have been at the very least offered an out of warranty repair, or the cost of the TV as it stands, even if they could have given us a discount on a new one I’d have had some better feeling towards Comet’s reputation.I would now like to make a formal complaint and I expect an acknowledgement within 5 working days and a response within 4-8 weeks.Please can you forward me the details of your regulator. If I do not get an amicable response from you I will forward this complaint to the regulator and I will make a claim against Comet at the Small Claims Court for the full £499 – I understand this will cost an initial £25 which I will also claim as a further expense from Comet. I look forward to your response.
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