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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I have a long winded situation. I have council tax debt that has gone up to £5,000. This has been going on from more than 8 years from a different house I lived at before moving in to my own house. The council has passed all dealing and account to solicitors who I have had a few email communication with confirming I will be making a £100 monthly payment towards the debt as well as paying £1200 of council tax on my current property yearly. The house is worth £285k today. Three different Charging Orders have been applied to the house for council tax debt as I hav
  2. I received a letter from Jacobs today regarding our current arrangement for council tax debt. I'm extremely frustrated, I have never missed a payment with them and even now our current arrangement is a bit of a squeeze, but I pay non the less. Letter dated Aug 2, 2017. I really cannot afford to pay anymore than our current arrangement, I'm obviously going to call them but, I'm not sure what to say/do I can't deal with Bailiffs at my house again, I was a mess last time.
  3. Issue 2 (Swift) Ctax Liability -They walked into my head office (I'm an executive who has to represent the company to a very high standard) basically announcing to our staff any clients and our sub-contracted trainers I have bailiffs looking for me. They also send a volume of reminder letters to my office when they have my home address. Am I able to get this debt handed back to the LA/or apply to the issuing court to suspend the order if I pay? How much weight will the above lend to an official complaint and/or request to the issuing courts? Best Regards, Dan.
  4. Hi all really need some advice am so worried. We have c/tax arrears for 2015/16 which up to today we had left 596.20 the last payment we we're due to make was late by 7 days due to my partner being self employed and the way payments fell due to Christmas. Anyway we have always made payments as agreed with jbw never have we not paid(over a £1000 has already been paid to them) well today I received a not so lovely visit from two bailiffs who to say the least we're not the most pleasant of people I have ever meet. They issued us with a enforcement notice for full payment which now st
  5. I see the usual begging letters have gone out from Lowells AS you've not got CTAX or Water Rates for 2months.. pay us that debt we claim your owe us!! now I know my neighbours got debt but 15 of them on debts dating back to 1982!! Lowells must be short of money with all these Court Cases they are losing thanks to Andyorch & CAG:lol:
  6. ive got into arrears my own fault and all that just couldn't afford it at the time. got a summary warrant notice this morning phoned the office the guy was quite cheeky and demanded £27 a month said i couldn't realistically afford that i can't even afford gas at the min. told me thats what they/he wants and no less refused to accept any less on a plan and if i can't afford it sheriff officers will be at the door. can they do this? i want to pay it i just cant afford that much. might not be a lot for some people but im in the
  7. Hi can any one advise me what to do because i am pulling my hair out!. For the last couple of years on/off i have had council tax submitting attachment of earnings to my employer , 2 at a time most of the time which has left me with couple of hundred quid to live on, that includes all my bills to pay. when i get paid i am skint within the week, which leaves me having to walk to work for the next 3 weeks. On my payslip it says court order, but i have never heard from any court. the copies of previous orders don't look like they came from the court, just from council tax to employer s
  8. Equita bailiffs turned up at a friends house yesterday, demanding payment of almost 2K for unpaid Council Tax for a property which is rented out. My friend explained that the property is rented and that as far as he is aware there was no outstanding amount. In November, he received a summons from the council, and he had phoned the council explaining that the property was occupied and that the tenant was paying the council tax. The council asked that all documents ie. Tenancy Agreements were emailed or faxed to them and that they will change their records. Nothing more was h
  9. Hey all, I'm going to be keeping certain details vague, as I'm in a reasonably unique situation which could identify me quite easily. We're in one of the capita-equita areas, and my boyfriend is dealing with council tax nonsense. He found out the exact amount as handed to Equita, it's being paid online, and he/we have refused to deal with the bailiffs from the outset. My boyfriend put a notice out front about withdrawal of right of access/trespass/harassment that he found online (I have since worked out from you wonderful people that those things only hold weight in certain situati
  10. Hi, a newby here who has been studying the wealth of information on these forums. I fell behind a few months ago with my CTax and had a liability order issued back in March. The debt was brought up to date and since I have been able to pay and am up to date. Last week, the council got a second liability order for the demand of CTax for the rest of this year despite paying every month. Yesterday I got a demand from Rossendales for £1,069. I intend to take this up with the council in the morning by going to the offices in person. The letter Rossendales sent was if it was written by a 5 year
  11. In Brief, On 16th July 2012 I received a sudden and only letter from Liverpool City Council (LCC) demanding outstanding council tax for over £1035, for a property that I rented from them and left 11 years ago. I rang their council tax dept immediately and they gave me the dates that they claimed I owed them for (2001-2003) and I explained that I was in fact living in Manchester and paying them council tax at the time. (From June 2001) I was asked to send proof of this and that they would make amendments and inform me of any new outstanding debt. I contacted Manchester City Council
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