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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I have a long winded situation. I have council tax debt that has gone up to £5,000. This has been going on from more than 8 years from a different house I lived at before moving in to my own house. The council has passed all dealing and account to solicitors who I have had a few email communication with confirming I will be making a £100 monthly payment towards the debt as well as paying £1200 of council tax on my current property yearly. The house is worth £285k today. Three different Charging Orders have been applied to the house for council tax debt as I have tried to keep up with paying for the council tax going forward and also paying for the debt owed from years back. It has been such a challenge as the type of work I do is contracts which is not too regular. I am currently not working, I have three children with the youngest a year old and oldest 8 years old. My Partner works part time. I have just had this bulky document come through the post. They are court papers. The Council are taking me to court to push for a sale of my house I live in to recover 5k of the money owed. This is very distressful and annoying to say the least. I have offered to be paying £100 towards the debt, who refused it contending that their client - the council - are not accepting this as it will take too long to pay off the money owed. The court date is for the 18th of October next month in the meantime, there is a job I am scheduled to commence on the 2nd of October too which will enable me make some bigger payment towards the debt. The issue now is, legally, where do I stand and how do I contest this as it stands. I have evidence of all the payments I have made so far and email correspondence What advice and how do I proceed, it can not be just and equitable to push for a sale of a house worth £285k over a 5k debt with children in the house!! I am not disputing the money owed either, I just need more time to come up with some of the money. I am not in receipt of any benefit from the state either. I await your responses and thanks in advance all.
  2. I received a letter from Jacobs today regarding our current arrangement for council tax debt. I'm extremely frustrated, I have never missed a payment with them and even now our current arrangement is a bit of a squeeze, but I pay non the less. Letter dated Aug 2, 2017. I really cannot afford to pay anymore than our current arrangement, I'm obviously going to call them but, I'm not sure what to say/do I can't deal with Bailiffs at my house again, I was a mess last time.
  3. Issue 2 (Swift) Ctax Liability -They walked into my head office (I'm an executive who has to represent the company to a very high standard) basically announcing to our staff any clients and our sub-contracted trainers I have bailiffs looking for me. They also send a volume of reminder letters to my office when they have my home address. Am I able to get this debt handed back to the LA/or apply to the issuing court to suspend the order if I pay? How much weight will the above lend to an official complaint and/or request to the issuing courts? Best Regards, Dan.
  4. Hi all really need some advice am so worried. We have c/tax arrears for 2015/16 which up to today we had left 596.20 the last payment we we're due to make was late by 7 days due to my partner being self employed and the way payments fell due to Christmas. Anyway we have always made payments as agreed with jbw never have we not paid(over a £1000 has already been paid to them) well today I received a not so lovely visit from two bailiffs who to say the least we're not the most pleasant of people I have ever meet. They issued us with a enforcement notice for full payment which now stands at 831.20 due to 235 in fees. I said to the bailiff could we not continue with the current payment plan of £250 a month to which he replied well how much can you pay today I said £20 as I paid you £250 less than 7 days ago and that's all I have, then the next payment of £250 would be made as normal on 18th Feb. But refused this offer. Now I don't know where we stand there is no date on the letter as to when they will be back either. I never let them into my home and never offered them in either. What worries me the most is if they turn up again when my daughter who has a disability is here lucky enough today she was at school but what about next time she would not react well to these thugs in suits turning up and behaving in the manner in which they did today. I'm really at my wits end I don't know what else to do. Any advice would be grateful. Thank you
  5. I see the usual begging letters have gone out from Lowells AS you've not got CTAX or Water Rates for 2months.. pay us that debt we claim your owe us!! now I know my neighbours got debt but 15 of them on debts dating back to 1982!! Lowells must be short of money with all these Court Cases they are losing thanks to Andyorch & CAG:lol:
  6. ive got into arrears my own fault and all that just couldn't afford it at the time. got a summary warrant notice this morning phoned the office the guy was quite cheeky and demanded £27 a month said i couldn't realistically afford that i can't even afford gas at the min. told me thats what they/he wants and no less refused to accept any less on a plan and if i can't afford it sheriff officers will be at the door. can they do this? i want to pay it i just cant afford that much. might not be a lot for some people but im in the process of switching to esa and waiting to see if my son can get dla, spending more than 50% of what i do get going to drs/hosp appointments for myself and him.
  7. Hi can any one advise me what to do because i am pulling my hair out!. For the last couple of years on/off i have had council tax submitting attachment of earnings to my employer , 2 at a time most of the time which has left me with couple of hundred quid to live on, that includes all my bills to pay. when i get paid i am skint within the week, which leaves me having to walk to work for the next 3 weeks. On my payslip it says court order, but i have never heard from any court. the copies of previous orders don't look like they came from the court, just from council tax to employer stating they were court orders. they have commenced taking over £550 per month for previous years. don't know how long i can go on before i have a breakdown. can any one advise me please. thanks
  8. Equita bailiffs turned up at a friends house yesterday, demanding payment of almost 2K for unpaid Council Tax for a property which is rented out. My friend explained that the property is rented and that as far as he is aware there was no outstanding amount. In November, he received a summons from the council, and he had phoned the council explaining that the property was occupied and that the tenant was paying the council tax. The council asked that all documents ie. Tenancy Agreements were emailed or faxed to them and that they will change their records. Nothing more was heard in regards to this issue since then. As mentioned, Equita bailiffs turned up yesterday. My friends didn't let them in, but phoned the council straight away and eventually spoke to a helpful person, who noted that a call was made in November and having gone through all the details, my friend only owed just over one month's worth of Council Tax. The figures are as follows: Council Tax owed = £334.93 Bailiff Costs = 244.50 As far as I am aware, this is the first and only visit by the bailiffs. Furthermore, the vehicle they came in was a car which had it's rear seats removed to create a larger storage area. As they weren't allowed into the house, they haven't made any levy against goods. There were two vehicles parked. One on the property itself and one on the road outside the house. Neither vehicle is in my friends name, therefore I don't believe they are allowed to levy on those either. The bailiffs were made aware that both vehicles are not in his name. My friend paid the council tax arrears and also paid the bailiff charges under duress. He was 3 young children, one of whom is very sickly. So I think they would fall in the vulnerable category. As I understand it, £24.50 should be the only legitimate amount the bailiffs can recover considering all the facts. The other £220.00 are illegal/ recoverable fees. I have already composed a letter to be sent to Equita, asking for a full breakdown of fees and all associated with it, however I'm having problems composing a letter to sent to the Council in regards to having a breakdown for the liability order. I'm sure I've seen something in the past, but for the life of my I can't seem to find it. If anyone can help compose the letter, I'd be extremely grateful. Does my friend have a just case to argue those fees? What steps would be recommended? Any help given is extremely appreciated
  9. Hey all, I'm going to be keeping certain details vague, as I'm in a reasonably unique situation which could identify me quite easily. We're in one of the capita-equita areas, and my boyfriend is dealing with council tax nonsense. He found out the exact amount as handed to Equita, it's being paid online, and he/we have refused to deal with the bailiffs from the outset. My boyfriend put a notice out front about withdrawal of right of access/trespass/harassment that he found online (I have since worked out from you wonderful people that those things only hold weight in certain situations, such as where a bailiff is acting ultra veirs, or where the LO is dodgy). Okay, so... for information only for those of you who keep track of this stuff... Equita have front loaded fees, it seems to be for the statutory amount, which is fine, but they put those fees on with the very first letter, which was posted a few weeks before the first visit took place. We don't need help with fees at this point, and there is no car to levy against. . I was alone in the house for their most recent visit. I've been too shakey to go to the door, so just hid out of sight. However, they tried to open the door by the handle (understandable), but they also messed around with the lock - it has a distinctive sound, so I'm pretty certain it was the lock. When I looked online about lock picking, I came across lock bumping which sounded similar. Due to the bracken/bramble, no one can see the front of the house, so they would know they were totally secluded. I realise the easiest way to deal with this is small cctv camera, so if anything happens it's recorded. And I'm looking into it. But I would prefer for nothing to happen in the first place. This is due to point 3. . I don't actually live with my boyfriend, but do stay here most nights. I'm classified as a vulnerable person. I have several unseen disabilities (nothing life threatening) but one of them is ptsd. I have also, through a weird twist of legislation, been denied any benefits for 12 months, so have been living off the generosity of friends and family. I can certainly provide evidence of my disabilities to any callers, and to the council. But given that I'm not actually resident at my boyfriend's house, would he still count as a vulnerable household? Obviously the whole thing with the possible lock bumping has left me very shaken and jumpy. I was awake for 4 days straight flinching at every tiny creak or sound the house made thinking they were back and trying to get it. In the end I had to take temazepam to sleep... Can we still write to the council to say that we're vulnerable? . Part of the reason I'm not formally living here is due to the stuff I don't feel I can go into as yet. But it's financial related, and that it could stuff me up next year financially if I say me and my partner are living together as a couple. The situation I'll be in next year is only financially an option if I am single, I wouldn't be able to do it if part of a couple... I know this sounds cryptic... Think of me as being on a career break due to illness, but unable to get a penny in sick pay! Also, I promise you it is all legal! I'm just unfortunate in the way the legislation has been written. . my final question concerns what happens if one or other of us need to get in/out of the house whilst the bailiffs are here? I know they're not allowed to do foot in the door or force their way in (nor are they allowed to bump the lock), but a remote/secluded house with no onlookers, and my/our word against theirs... I am worried... Can we order them to move, and if they don't call the police? I'm worried that me/my partner may be attacked by them if we're trying to get in or out also. Oh, I realise one of the questions usually asked concerns walking possessions - no, they have never gained access or been interacted with. We keep all doors/windows locked and bolted. Please feel free to ask anything else I'd prefer to not say where I am or details that may identify me, as I realise they read these forums, and just other general Internet security things Thank you. Cerberus
  10. Hi, a newby here who has been studying the wealth of information on these forums. I fell behind a few months ago with my CTax and had a liability order issued back in March. The debt was brought up to date and since I have been able to pay and am up to date. Last week, the council got a second liability order for the demand of CTax for the rest of this year despite paying every month. Yesterday I got a demand from Rossendales for £1,069. I intend to take this up with the council in the morning by going to the offices in person. The letter Rossendales sent was if it was written by a 5 year old. A I&E form was enclosed and I have been threatened with Criminal prosecution and a fine of up to £500 if I don't send it back to them completed. Is this legit and legal? Thanks for any advice.
  11. In Brief, On 16th July 2012 I received a sudden and only letter from Liverpool City Council (LCC) demanding outstanding council tax for over £1035, for a property that I rented from them and left 11 years ago. I rang their council tax dept immediately and they gave me the dates that they claimed I owed them for (2001-2003) and I explained that I was in fact living in Manchester and paying them council tax at the time. (From June 2001) I was asked to send proof of this and that they would make amendments and inform me of any new outstanding debt. I contacted Manchester City Council (MCC) who confirmed on their database that they were indeed receiving council tax payments from me from June 2001 inclusive and onwards, and they sent me an email address to give to LCC if they wished to check this, So I them the link given to me from Manchester City Council (MCC) LCC then said they would respond to me within 10 working days. 17 Working days later, i still had heard nothing from LCC, but I received a Bailiffs Letter, I have had no other correspondence in 11 years from anyone, nothing from the council and nothing from any Bailiffs, i was not even aware that there was any discrepancy since leaving the property. . on advice I was told not to contact the Bailiffs and so again I contacted LCC immediately and also copied into the conversation the head of LCC housing and benefits, only later to find out that the person had left that position, I again received an automated response from the revenues office, that they would contact me within 10 working days. Unhappy with this, I decided to contact the Chief Executive of LCC Mr Ged Fitzgerald, explaining that the Bailiffs letter had come to my elderly parents house and I again explained the situation of where I was living and that I did not understand where this sudden debt had appeared from after all this time, I also told him of the automated response and non response. He replied saying he would look into it for me and within a day 10th August I received a different demand from the revenues office of LCC for £332., it did not have a breakdown of what this was for, but the amount had reduced significantly. Although I was still not happy about the amount due to only living at the property on my own for 2 months of that particular tax year, I enquired immediately as to what this was for? and asked for a break down. The breakdown which was sent in reply was again for a year I was not living in Liverpool, it quite clearly stated that up until end of tax year March 2001, I owed £0.00 council tax, then charged me for a Sole Occupancy Discount for 2001-2002 plus £195.26 for 2001-2002 and again a charge for April and May of 2002, = £336 ... (so again as you can see the amounts differed from the one given just the day before) Frustrated at LCC's incompetence, to understand that I was not living at the address for the time they were claiming, again I queried this and again contacted the Chief Exec of LCC explaining my concerns, as I was still receiving threatening Bailiffs letters, and I explained that I was not living at the address for the demand at the dates listed and even by the breakdown given, the maximum the debt (if any) could be for, could only be for the two months that I was living in Liverpool of 2001 (April and May) = a total of £127 .....£63 per month, as I moved to Manchester and was paying them council tax from June 2001 and I offered to pay this £127 as an goodwill gesture, even if to just stop the bailiffs letters, as this being 11 years on, any bank records I had from that time, have long since been through a shredder. The Cheif Exec's reply was he would respond shortly. (15th August) I then heard nothing until the 30th August 2012, I received another threatening Bailiffs letter demanding a totally different amount of £356.59 payable immediately, there was no indication as to why this amount had changed again, so instead of even trying the revenues office at LCC, and again as under advice NOT to contact the Bailiffs, I replied directly to the Chief Executive of LCC explaining that the problem had not been resolved and that I was under the impression the dispute was being dealt with from his last reply, again he replied promptly the following morning 31st August 2012 (last Friday) to say he would look into this for me. Today, Monday 3rd September 2012 I came home from my part time job to, 2 hand delivered letters from a Bailiff from Equita Northampton, threatening to return in 24 hours to remove my fathers car that is parked in the driveway if a new amount of £533.59 was not paid in full by tomorrow. (again the amount has changed to include a £177 Bailiffs charge) My parents were at home all day today and no one even attempted to knock on the door or ring the bell they just put it through the letter box and left. My father angry at this then rang the Bailiff direct and explained the car was his and that I am currently in conversation with LCC over the dispute of CTAX. The Bailiff obnoxiously and threateningly told my father to prove the car is his or he will take it, and also said you should be more worried about your son paying his debts. My father then rang the head office of Equita to inform them of this conversation and he also told them that the car and everything on this property belonged to him, they asked him for a forwarding address of myself and my father again explained that I moved here but everything here belongs to my father and not me, and also told them that I am in dialogue with LCC over the dispute, they told him that they could not discuss the case with him, and asked him for me to contact them, (something I will not do) but given credit where it is due the lady at the head office gave my father assurance's that the Bailiff could not remove his car or his property. In the meanwhile I was contacting the Chief Executive of LCC again via email as we do not have a phone number to speak to him directly and I have informed him of this latest development and asked if he could speak to these Bailiffs and explain that the matter is in dispute, I have had no reply to my email as yet. What baffles me is why after 11 years this alleged debt suddenly appears, why there has been no contact from LCC in all that time and why in the space of 6 and half weeks with very little response from the actual Revenues office except the obligatory automated email response, and the new breakdown which still asks for money from dates that I didn't live at the abode, I now have Bailiffs at my parents door, threatening to take away their property? Is this normal for things to happen so quickly with Bailiffs?? a nd why havent LCC contacted them to let them know that I am disputing the case and have supplied information that proves I wasnt living there for when they are claiming?? I have been fully co-operative with LCC since they first contacted me, but this has moved with such extreme speed, to have Bailiffs at my door so soon, whilst it is clearly apparent from my email correspondence with the Chief Exec of LCC that the dates on the LCC database are wrong which is why I am disputing the matter, it worries me that other people could find themselves in the same situation, and feel forced into paying something that they shouldn't. If anyone can give me any further help or advice , as to what to do next, I would appreciate it as this is obviously giving my parents a great deal of stress, of which my father does not need given he has a serious heart condition., as well as giving me un-needed stress. I just dont know what else to do now and Im worried these Bailiffs will turn up whilst I'm at my part time job and cause bother.
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