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  1. thanks for replying, my mobile logs all calls so I will not delet them, my husband is trying to contact the company he already pays to see if there is anything they cn do to help, this debt has been to a few collection agencies but we have always been informed when this is happening but we haven't received anything Iike this from his current company and they have assured us that this will not b happening, when we contacted them a few month ago because of a letter from ruthbridge that we received ( which wasn't threatening I mite add haha ) from wot I have read on here about ruthbridge they don
  2. Hi, hope some1 can help, my husband has received a phone call today from this company about a debt with Barkley card which he is already paying to another company and has been for the las 2 or 3 yrs, he has told them this fact but they insist that they will take him to court if hr does not pay, he told them to take him to court if they wanted because hen the court herd that he as Leeds paying the debt to another company they would b laughed out of court and that he would then sue them for wot ever he could, they then told him they would continue to call him if he didn't comply. Can they actual
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