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Found 20 results

  1. First post so Hi and thanks for any advice offered. Had some windows/doors installed by a local firm in a self build property. There’s been issues since the start, leaking sliding doors, bay window out of square, no keys for window locks, runners corroded. The company haven’t been the most helpful in rectifying anything. I moved into the house I was building in March 2016 and I’ve had visits from the companies employees whilst I was living there, the last one about April/may. I still owed 10% of the £15k for the full job which I told them I would pay when my concerns wer
  2. Hi all, To make this as brief as possible, I had a second charge on my property with Nemo personal finance. In 2007 the property was repossessed due to a lot of bad luck and the original lender sold the property over £50,000 less than market value just to cover their own expenses (G E Money) which left nothing to pay off the second charge. I have been battling this loan on and off ever since and during this time Nemo took me to court and won because I never defended the claim and this was due to the fact \I knew nothing about it. I agreed a miminal payment to them which
  3. Hi All, this is a commercial rent issue. I have an action against the landlord being processed by CCMCC for a sunstantial amount after the landlord installed solar panels without any notice (my lease is for the entire building) during this process carried out whilst I was away on my honeymoon scaffolders erected scaffolding on the roof of my £75,000 race lorry and smashed the roof Landlord refused to supply insurance details, this then led on to it being discovered the building actually doesn't have planning permission it has a "agricultral storage" covernant on it, it
  4. Hello all, I can't quite believe this forum and site exists with such great advice and information!! well done to all involved. Now on to my problem (amounts slightly varied to keep anonymity) I was lent £20,000 from an ex employer who also happened to be my boyfriend at the times family business (big mistake) It was lent on the basis I would repay it when I could. Interest would not be charged. some unfortunate events happened and I had to stop working for them. I offered 3 dates when I would return the money in instalment. The first date I kept and paid them
  5. Hello, So long story short earlier this year I found myself unemployed and survived off credit. I owe £26k to various companies. I was advised a few months ago to declare bankrupt and am in the process of raising the funds (should have all paid by 13th Jan). I had a CCJ awarded against me for ~6000 by a credit union. This was a loan. Monday I received a Notice of Enforcement from Harrison (Marston) stating that a High Court Writ of Control had been gained and I needed to pay by 23rd Dec. I have been reading and would appreciate some advice. I own nothing
  6. Hi All Summary: - I've had an agreement set up for 12 months with no issues from a debt. - Visited on 3rd August 2016 while on holiday by a HCEO, no 7 day warning in writing. Asked confidential questions to my neighbour - Visited again last Friday 12th at 06:45 am, again no 7 day warning in writing - He showed no ID, I let him in to stop any embarrassment and to genuinely sort out some confusion as a payment plan has been in place for over 12 months with no issues. - Outstanding amount before entry was £358 (oringal writ amount £2305.56), he demanded £14
  7. Hi, Over the last few months I have received a CCJ, then a notice of enforcement now an e mail threatening that a HCE are going to enforce a Writ of Control. I do not have a car or any belongings that are valuable. I know not to allow entry to bailiffs. I am just wondering how long the HCEs will keep trying to obtain the money which I just do not have??? Also, might they try to escalate the matter to making me bankrupt? If so, do they have to serve a writ by hand? I will be moving soon so this may alleviate some of the pressure! Lots of questions I kno
  8. Hi I have been seeking advice for my situation because I have no choice but to serve a writ to try and recover a loan I made to a friend. I did contact my local CAB but they were really not helpful. I did not think there may be any listings on CAG for issues like mine, so I was so glad I searched through CAG. I found the thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?356814-The-Process-of-Litigation..-Court-Claims-Defences by Andyorch very helpful and am grateful for this. I have been quite ill over the past few years and thankfully now recovering and getting my
  9. Guest

    Writ or N316a

    Hi I have a judgement against someone for about £1000, since January 2015 and they have made no attempt to repay or respond to any of the courts letters. I need to enforce this. Shall I go via the N316a form then do an Attachment of Earnings or do I issue a Writ of Execution to seize items to raise the money? The second option is quicker but I have to pay more and so will he. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  10. I recently attended a court hearing to get a writ stayed as it was enforced by a company who claimed to have purchased the debt July 15, however as they are not recognised on the original claim the judge told them they have no legal stake on the ccj. I am aware the claimant was used in name only and the 3rd party have been involved from the start. I would like if possible to know what action if any can I do to stop them now applying to court to have the claimant details changed. As i have a claim for illegal eviction, unlawful entry of property, removal if
  11. Hi, I'm currently in the process of being evicted from my rented flat. I contested it for a while as there were plenty of irregularities over the tenancy and the deposit protection, but the landlord got an immediate order for possession about 2 weeks ago now. I was fully expecting him to instruct county court bailiffs right away, but 14 days on, I haven't received a notice of eviction. I rang the County Court Bailliff's office, and they haven't even received an application from the landlord to start that process. I find this a bit strange, I don't understand why he didn't do this rig
  12. I lost an appeal in November last year and costs were applied £750 - I appealed and this hearing was heard within another hearing Civil Case on Jan 4th 2014 - The Judge awarded the claimant £7,123 - off which £5,000 of this was costs. He mentioned something about only allowing certain sum of costs. I could not pay - single parent on benefits and offered £5 a month - this was refused so I applied for a redetermination hearing which was heard in March 2014. I informed Judge I had a caravan old tower 1997 that I could sell worth about 2k. Advertised on 8 sit
  13. Hello team, Returning member which needs your kind help again, thank you in advance! Today, I received a phone call and subsequent email from a nice lady from Wilson and Co telling me that they have been instructed to enforce a High Court Write against my Limited Company. None of the documentation, Notice of Claim, Judgement Form, invoices, etc. has ever been received by us. By phone, the nice lady told me that papers were served by recorded delivery to what I confirmed to the lady is our old service address. We moved to a new "virtual office" a few months earlier. (For
  14. I hope you can help! We asked a chap and his band to play a ceilidh at our wedding in 2011 and, long story short, he managed to extract more money from us than he should have and didn't fulfill his contract. We went through the small claims process and have a CCJ against him for approx £740, but he as never paid (and so I assume more interest has accrued?). We engaged a debt recovery agency, who also failed to collect any money (more money down the drain). As he lives near Glasgow, we now want to transfer the CCJ and register it in Scotland so that we can use local sheriffs/messe
  15. I have just been issued a writ of control on a £43k CCJ that was put in my Bankruptcy in 2010, however the Natwest whom issued the CCJ put a charge on my property before the Bankruptcy petition was finalised and apparently there was nothing I could do as I wanted to keep the property, which was and still is in negative equity. The writ runs out in a weeks time and they can come and take goods even though I've been bankrupt, is there anything I can do.......
  16. Good morning, I launched a small claims case against a company sometime ago which has been approved by the courts. I had a writ issued against the company that i had the agreement with, however it now transpires that this company wasn't a really one. The really company traded as the one that i had the agreement with. When i checked all the companies house details the number on all the letter heads related to a different company to which i had the writ issued. My questions is how to do apply to get the name on my original writ changed? This whole issue has been going on for nearly 18
  17. Can any one tell me how to find out the details of a high Court Writ? I am being chased by an HCEO for a writ I have no knowledge of. I emailed them for details which are not forthcoming., I dont feel inclined to start paying for something I have not been told of. Any ideas?
  18. Would a high court writ be invalid if they have used an incorrect name ( David but I'm Dave ) ? I'm not looking to avoid paying in full but need time due to being self employed .any help would be appreciated thanks
  19. Hi I had a CCJ issued a while back about 6 months ago these are the facts 1) CCJ issues 2)High court writ of Ex Issues 3)Bailiff visit 4) payment plan agreed X amount by the 5th of every month For the Last 6 months i have paid without problem on the 2-3-4-1-3 of each month Ive rung up today to pay and they say my agreement has been canceled as ive been making late payments as it takes them 2-3 to allacate payments If i knew this i would of paid a day or two earlyer , just wondering my options now as they have the Writ etc I would like to get my p
  20. Is there an appeal process for a high court writ, we had no idea that this was even in place until the guy came knocking at the door wanting to take goods. Its a long story but right now I am hoping we can get it put on hold until evidence can be gathered in our favour, The only goods they have listed is my car, which living in an extreme rural area with no public transport at all, and suffering from mental health issues, and a severe back complaint I cant live without.
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