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  1. Hi guys, The FCA says lenders SHOULD report the help they're giving you after you've had six months of payment holidays to credit reference agencies. I have had three months, (during the first lockdown) then resumed payments and have just requested, and have been granted, a further 3 months due to the second lockdown we are currently in. My understanding is that I am able to get 6 months in total without it reported in my credit file. Is this correct? Irrespective the period is consecutive or not. Why is Zopa going to report my newly agreed 3 m
  2. Hi slick132 Thanks for the reply I appreciate your help with the wording. My only concern is that I really really like the spa, I wouldn't want them to agree to my gym cancelation. I suppose that's all that I can do.. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone I joined DL a few months ago. Was offered a discount as "friends & family" because I knew a friend who works there. A few days later, I upgraded my membership to Platinum and specifically requested the Spa retreat as well. I was issued a new card, which had correctly labelled that it was Platinum card with Spa retreat. And payment was agreed at £125 per month. No worries because I have been going 6 days a week. Everything going well for a few months. Then i lost my card. Was issued a new one. Went to use access the spa and wouldnt let me
  4. Just a quick one ericsbrother, Should I write to Nation Parking, the firm that sent the "Letter Before Claim" ? Although in National Parking's letter they state that I should not contact them and that I should contact their agent, CIS for all correspondence. HB mentioned that I shouldn't contact CIS. Thanks
  5. Thanks ericsbrother! That's an uppercut and left hook to finish! I'll fire that off in the morning. Cheers!
  6. Hi dx, The 30 days to reply is from the date of the letter. I have not yet replied. The letter before claim which I have attached above is dated 25 May so i have 30 days from then to respond. HB suggested I do reply "ericbrother" style. Not sure of the angle here, will check some other threads and ask for your help with advice. Thanks
  7. Hello CAG, After several months I have received a Letter Before Claim. Please see attached PDF. It states that they want me to contact Credit Investigation Services. What do you guys think - does this look legit? Do you think they would issue summons? Wording of their letters is increasingly threatening. Thanks for your help! J. Letter_Before_Claim_01JUNE20.pdf
  8. Hi CAG, New correspondence received: Notice of Intention to Instruct Solicitors. I have attached the correspondence in PDF. The letter is from TNC Collections. They want payment in 7 days or they will instigate immediate legal proceedings against me. Is this one last attempt at scare tactics? Any response or action required by me at this stage? Thanks
  9. That was careless of me. thanks for reminding me dx. Here it is in PDF format. TNC Collections_06JAN20.pdf
  10. Update: Just received the attached letter from TNC Collections. Stating that I have not paid the PCN and nor have i advised their client that I was not the keeper nor the driver of the vehicle. If I don't pay then the next step would be doorstep collection agent. Is it worth writing to them, or continue sitting on hands? Thanks.
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