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  1. Hi Gag, My wife has a potential unfair dismissal case at an NHS trust. My question is can I share this matter with my wife through my GAG account? Thanks
  2. The build is complete. Plastering and second fix left to do. The skylight is ridiculously small relative to the size of the conservatory. Skylight installed is 90cm x 150cm. The first three versions of the drawings had the correct size skylight. 250cm x 300cm The final fourth version of the conservatory also included, for the first time, the dramatic change in size of skylight. I didn’t pay attention and signed off the drawings. I asked the manager to visit me on site to have a look for himself. He arrived today. He agreed with me that the skylight is too small and looks rather silly relative to the size of roof and he couldn’t understand how or why the change in size in the skylight had occurred. He blamed his designer. He accepted that this was an error, in the presence of the builders. I understand I signed this off but he also accepts that any major changes should have been talked through with me personally and a specifically detailed in wording on the fourth version, as an addendum. It was not. He immediately called the window frame supplier and engineers to confirm how long it would take to order the new size. He said he would call me back with dates later. This afternoon he called me to say that he has all the lead times with all the relevant parties and everything will be corrected and the conservatory will be completed by 13 December. I am happy with that. However, he added that I probably would not have to pay for the changes. I explained that I should not be paying for this. He accepted that it is his designers fault and I probably won't have to pay. He will call me tomorrow to confirm if I would be paying or not.
  3. Update: A skip arrived on Thursday morning and the builder arrived shortly after. He seems professional and competent. Two pallets of bricks arrived later during the day. The builder and I had a chat about the works and as it was Thursday, and as he doesn't work weekends, he couldn't guarantee the protection of the living room from the elements over the weekend. He suggested he starts on Monday (tomorrow). This made sense to me, although he did offer to work Thursday & Friday and return on Monday. I am feeling somewhat confident now that I have met the builder. Although, the true source of my confidence is derived from the advise and help I have received from this amazing forum that I have been a member of for over 10 years. I am taking notes of arrival and departure times of builder and have taken plenty of photos as we go along. Still no schedule of works sent. Will update the forum as we go along.
  4. Received an email reply this evening stating that the builder will probably not be with us tomorrow, although the manager is "pretty sure" that the builder should be with us by Thursday "at the latest". The email also states that a schedule of works will also be sent, by email, tomorrow...
  5. Thanks BF, I realised that I only have promises from them. I had nothing in writing. You may have construed from my opening post that tomorrow start date was confirmed in writing to me. That is what I tried to get - that simple promise in writing. Let's see what happens tomorrow. No more going it alone! Thanks again.
  6. Thank you to both of you for your contribution and advice. I don't have the new start date, which is supposed to be tomorrow, in writing. So, after reading your advice, BF, this morning I emailed the manager requesting that he confirm the start date to be tomorrow, as he had promised during our phone call. I have had no reply. I trusted this company a little too much, I accepted the verbal assurances and never imagined that I would be messed around like this. I will wait to see if a builder turns up tomorrow...
  7. Hi CAG team, I have been really messed around with the conservatory company called Frames and Conservatories, based in Bury St. Edmunds. Back in June a representative came to my home and went through the final designs and confirmed to me that the start date would be middle of September and would take approx 2 weeks to complete. Few days later I received an email to confirm the design and quotation for works. I accepted the design and signed the electronic documents by email. on 20th July, I signed the final electronic documents and on 26th July I received my order number. On 18th August, Frames Conservatory surveyor performed the survey. On 25th August, I received an invoice for "professional fees" £700, which I paid the following day. On 1st September, I received an email from the installation department stating, “The manufacturers have advised that it is not possible to have the large window as requested due to the side bottom opening windows being oversized. As discussed, there are a couple of alternatives which we could offer you and I have attached a brief drawing to enable you to understand what I was trying to verbally explain to you.” The same day, I replied by email, accepting what the manufactures advise and went through the options suggested and picked one. I also expressed my serious concerns about the weather due to the delay of the work process. I also expressed concern regarding the appropriate insulation of our property during rain. I said I am worried about potential damp issues. I asked them to take my concerns seriously before works start as to avoid potential future disappointments. On 4th September, I received updated drawings with the new window design and new electronic documents to sign. I signed the documents the same day. Since signing the documents no one from the company has contacted me. I called and left several messages requesting that someone please call me back. They never gave an guaranteed start date in September, but the middle of September came and went and my efforts to get in touch were ignored. On 14 October I managed to speak to the manager to complain about the delays and I was promised that the builders will come on (today) 18/10/21 at 08:00. I took a few days of annual leave so that I am present for the 18th and the next few days to assist the builders but no one showed. When I called the company office, they did not know why the builders had not arrived. The manager said he would investigate and call me back. I told the manager that I was not happy with the service I am receiving and that I no longer wish to proceed and that I want my money back. The manager promised that someone will call me shortly. After another conversation with the installation manager, I was promised that the builders will come on 20 October (Wednesday) Builder will finish in a week time and that the company will start the windows and the frames on Monday 01/11/2021. Estimated finish time 15/11/2021 (the earliest) or 26/11/2021 (the latest). I also asked about the protection of the wooden floor. He told me that they are planning to cover that with plastic membrane and not a roof (I have to pay extra). Of course he cannot guarantee for wall and floor humidity or further damage due to wet weather and the rain. I don't want them to start on Wednesday - I have asked to cancel the contract but they are not listening. They are just not listening to me at all. What else can I say to them? As always, thanks so much for your help!
  8. Thank you FruitSalad Yes, I paid using debit card my bank has temporarily refunded the amount into my account and have raised the dispute with the company, pending the outcome of the investigation... In Their FAQ section of their website, its is stated that I will be notified by email that my results are ready as soon as the lab has processed them. From there, I should log into the C-19 Direct portal to see the result. I have received no email to say results are ready. The FAQ also states, that results are generally returned within 24-48 hours from the time the sample is received by the lab. This is not something they can guarantee – and that I should check their Terms and Conditions. I have looked on their website and am unable to locate their Terms and Conditions page. The term is not hyperlinked. Spent another few minutes on their site and still no luck finding their T&C page.. FAQs - C-19 Direct C-19DIRECT.COM Home Covid Test About us FAQs Contact us FAQs How the home self-swab test works Order your test kit online – Buy your COVID-19 Test kit at...
  9. Imagine buying a product which gives a result, but you never get the result. Can this be considered as faulty goods/service? Paid for tests but they didn't send me the results. Do you think I can I argue this and uphold the chargeback ?
  10. Hi Honeybee I am surprised no one has experienced this sort of thing. Considering the post boxes are overfilled with PCR tests. The company is: - thanks for your help! Home - C-19 Direct C-19DIRECT.COM Home Covid Test About us FAQ’s Contact us Covid-19 testing by UKAS accredited laboratories from the comfort of your own home. Four Simple...
  11. Hi Team, I recently paid for a PCR test from a government approved vendor. The test arrived a day after I returned to the UK and I sent the test back using Royal Mail. 3 weeks has passed and I still have not received the results. I paid and exorbitant amount for the tests and I have not received the results. I haven't been given what I have paid for. I contacted my bank and they refunded the amount. The company have got in touch with me saying that they have sent me the tests and that I should withdraw the dispute. No mention of the results. Surely, what I have paid for includes the all important test results? How can I articulate this in terms of trading standards impingements? because I believe when you buy something and only get half of the service or product that would constitute and infringement? Thanks, Jameson
  12. Hi guys, The FCA says lenders SHOULD report the help they're giving you after you've had six months of payment holidays to credit reference agencies. I have had three months, (during the first lockdown) then resumed payments and have just requested, and have been granted, a further 3 months due to the second lockdown we are currently in. My understanding is that I am able to get 6 months in total without it reported in my credit file. Is this correct? Irrespective the period is consecutive or not. Why is Zopa going to report my newly agreed 3 month freeze to the credit reference agencies?? Is there anything I can do to avoid this on my credit file? Thanks so much for your help! Jameson
  13. Hi slick132 Thanks for the reply I appreciate your help with the wording. My only concern is that I really really like the spa, I wouldn't want them to agree to my gym cancelation. I suppose that's all that I can do.. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone I joined DL a few months ago. Was offered a discount as "friends & family" because I knew a friend who works there. A few days later, I upgraded my membership to Platinum and specifically requested the Spa retreat as well. I was issued a new card, which had correctly labelled that it was Platinum card with Spa retreat. And payment was agreed at £125 per month. No worries because I have been going 6 days a week. Everything going well for a few months. Then i lost my card. Was issued a new one. Went to use access the spa and wouldnt let me in. I asked what's wrong and they informed me that my membership did not include the spa. Now they have confirmed that there was a glitch on the salesperson's app that allowed the wrong price to be accepted. This glitch has been brought to managements attention and has now been fixed. However, they now want me to pay the correct price to access the Spa. Surly, they have to honour the original agreement made with me? or do they? Thanks for your help! Jameson
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