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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am asking on behalf of my ex hubby about a pension. He has been making enquiries about cashing in a couple of his pension and went to see someone at CAB for advice. He was told about all the pensions he had but after making enquiries has found 2 other small pension he didn't know he had. He rang the first up and they are sending him all the details they hold but the other company he is having trouble tracing. Can anybody help him or point him in the right direction please. The company he use to work at was Schooner seafoods. Ropery street, Hull. Apparantly it was part of Hughes Food Group. It's is either Liberta/Liberty Zenith, 7 Cheapside, Reading. RG1 7AQ. We have both tried but can find anything. Thanks in advance.
  2. I shoplifted in Boots the other day, but also made a purchase with my credit card, so I'm probably on CCTV, and they have my credit card details. I took approximately €30 worth of makeup, and as I was leaving the shop, I heard a shop assistant say "Excuse me!" I didn't even look to see if it was me who she was talking to, I just ran. I feel so terrible about both stealing and how dumb I was. If they decide to trace me using my credit card details, when should I expect a call from the police, a few weeks or months? The worry is driving me crazy.
  3. A free service which helps people locate pension pots they have lost track of will triple its number of staff to meet record numbers of enquiries, ahead of the radical new changes to the pensions system that will come in on 6 April. The Pension Tracing Service helps people to find providers of pensions they have lost contact with, often after switching jobs. Do watch out for rogue companies. There are a number of official looking firms springing up who promise to trace pensions for a fee – steer clear of these as you do not need to pay for the government run pension tracing service. https://www.gov.uk/find-lost-pension
  4. Can any one tell me how to find out the details of a high Court Writ? I am being chased by an HCEO for a writ I have no knowledge of. I emailed them for details which are not forthcoming., I dont feel inclined to start paying for something I have not been told of. Any ideas?
  5. Morning all Came back from Cornwall today on a delayed train to find this nice Christmas Present on my doormat. A Letter from SRJ containing the following: Seems it was sent First Class Post this one... Ignore? No intentions of phoning an 0845 number from an EE Mobile... Hideously expensive!! Although I am tempted to send them this: I'm sorry, immature I know but I was bored waiting for my dinner to cook and needed something to do. Very tempted to send it? What do you think?
  6. Morning All. A bit of a strange one this and I can not find any direction so turned to you for help. Due to my work in 2009 I took out additional Life Insurance FP Level Life. However, in November 2011, as my job role changed it was no longer required and as my wife was made redundant, the money would be best utilised in the family pot. As time marched on I thought no more, foolish. I have recently been contacted by a firm of solicitors acting for the company I had the agreement with claiming their 'Commission Clawback' I wrote back asking for some additional information to save money e.g whether there was a fee agreement, as one is not mentioned in any paperwork I have, because I have read commission is sometimes offset against this and only the commission to the value of this fee may be requested therefore maybe only liable for the difference. I also believe on reading the FSA Website on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts the Terms of Business (TOB) agreement I signed may be unfair and in particular reasons for believing this when you use an IFA you should have a choice how you want to pay for the services - I was not given this, and the terms do not state clearly when and how much me, the customer has to pay the IFA so therefore not aware of the full cost of the financial advice. In addition I believe that my TOB agreement allowed the firm to reclaim an amount from me, the customer, if I stopped paying premiums and the IFA had to refund commission to the product provider as appears in this case. my interpretation of the FSA guidelines also leads my to think that this charge is a disproportionately large sum as I have not fulfilled part of my obligations under the contract. Surely a court would not enforce this over and above my rights to cancel this policy. I have also asked these Sols for my cancellation rights to which after a period of 1 month got nothing except a MCOL from Northampton. I also sent them a S10 DPA request as other members from the IFA had tried to contact me via text and email touting for business. In total the sum claimed is £1261 + Court fee made up of original debt £997.31 plus interest, a tracing agents fee because I moved and not told them £42 plus Sol fees £210 plus future interest. So, apart from acknowledging service can I assume this falls under CCA rules or send a CPR 31.14 request. Any help greatly appreciated.
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