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  1. I totally messed up here when I originally went online to the claim I started a defence as I did not know who they were. I did not realise this submitted I thought I'd just saved it for later. I never received anything from the claimants apart from a letter from solicitors last Friday that has a reference to shop check. Never had any previous info to connect it to shop check. However I did have the one account in 2012 and paid it on full (would never get home collection credit again, lesson learned there). On my credit file they have a totally dif
  2. Yes, I have asked the agents in writing and face to face. I asked them to speak with the landlord over the incident but they declined to respond. Up until the court hearing they were denying any knowledge and said no one had access to the property. I have written numerous letters to the alledged (I am unsure now who was or is the landlord) landlord, never replied. I even went to the police but as there had been no forced entry they said it may be difficult to prove anyone had been there and said its possible a civil matter, this all happpened in 2013.
  3. Yes I thought I needed a new one as not got much help for the first thread I now know from your first response that I should only post in one thread so I apologise for that �� and I do need some advice as I can't believe the whole situation im in with this. The actual landlord is not who he appears to be. He uses two other first names and another nationality to open companies at companies house. I been doing some homework the documents have different versions of his signatures on, it would appear all documents including his alledged witness statem
  4. Not at the minute (but I expect they will re- ppear again) I had to get a stay on the writ, this was when the new claimants were told they had no right to enforce the judgement and also had no right to be in court for the stay hearing as there had at the time nothing in court that stated they had interest etc. They blamed Marstons for ill advice (Marstons informed me they were told they were acting on behalf of the claimant) hence they applied to be substituted.
  5. I have found this info on the justice site, would this mean all liability has been passed Procedure for adding and substituting parties 19.4 3) An application for an order under rule 19.2(4) (substitution of a new party where existing party’s interest or liability has passed) – (a) may be made without notice; and (b) must be supported by evidence. (4) Nobody may be added or substituted as a claimant unless – (a) he has given his consent in writing; and (b) that consent has been filed with the court.
  6. I received by email in September 15 with a notice of assignment issued by the other party along with another typed document with the heading; “This assignment is made between” it states who is involved, that the debt was sold for 10.00 and then has a sub heading “This deed Is witness as follows” not a very well worded document either. Apparently this was completed in July 15. The address for the claimant is the same one I have used to send correspondence and payments to. I never get a response from the claimant I ask the new party how they managed
  7. Can anyone advise if the application to change the name of claimants after the case has finished and judgement awarded can be done without any acknowledgement to the defendant. Should the defendant be notified of the application and see the grounds on which the new claimants are applying. The original claimant (on paper for proceeding purposes only) was an individual and has never once replied to correspondence from me and never attended any hearings. The new substituted claimants are a company who were actually the original claimants but issued papers using another's d
  8. I have sent the SAR Hopefully my new docs upload will work today and can be read shall upload them as soon as I get home.
  9. BOS and fixed sum agreement Bill of Sale.pdf fixed sum.pdf
  10. That's what I'm concerned about and especially as they have kept on refusing to discuss my account (alledged default charges). I'm not sure how I should reply to this ?? Any suggestions??
  11. Finally managed to upload hopefully correctly !! Received an unprompted email from AM with an alarming reduced figure on as a goodwill offer? So if I pay a further 400 over the next month they will clear loan in full. Is that a practice anyone is familiar with? lbl docs.docx.pdf
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