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  1. Ploddertom: Correct, I then never heard from the claimant, only from the HCEO by telephone after the CCJ which was when an agreement was set up to pay £150 per month after an initial £500 payment. There were no missed payments......UNTIL.... I had a call from the claimant (first contact in over 12 months) who were saying that I have missed payments. They claimed I had not made a payment since March 2016, this was incorrect. I called the HCEO and asked why they were not paying the claimant as they are chasing me. They denied this stating they were making payments. They both had differ
  2. Thanks for the response BankFodder. I'm currently waiting for a formal response from them so a little reluctant to provide the company details yet (the HCEO are VERY well known) When it comes to a charge back, they did already refund the majority of the payment on the same day, they do still owe £109. Doing a chargeback may cause issues? The debt is now paid in full. The creditor never instructed them to take action against me on the 3rd or 12th August only on May 28th 2015 when the writ was created. This is when a successful payment plan was set up and was being paid. The wr
  3. Hi All Summary: - I've had an agreement set up for 12 months with no issues from a debt. - Visited on 3rd August 2016 while on holiday by a HCEO, no 7 day warning in writing. Asked confidential questions to my neighbour - Visited again last Friday 12th at 06:45 am, again no 7 day warning in writing - He showed no ID, I let him in to stop any embarrassment and to genuinely sort out some confusion as a payment plan has been in place for over 12 months with no issues. - Outstanding amount before entry was £358 (oringal writ amount £2305.56), he demanded £14
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