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  1. The total of the ccj is 12,600. The hceo visited the office of the letting agent. It was a residential let. I am at a real loss to know what to do next I cant believe that they can just open a new company up at the same place and carry on and get away with not paying what the old company owes
  2. I was forced to raise a small claims case after they continued to pay me my rent late or not all. They admitted failing to carry out what was agreed in our contract. There was damage to the property which they did not report and a theft of decking within my garden. I sent them a letter before action which they acknowledged and said they would deal with, they didn't. I applied for a CCJ to recover both missing rents, cost of repair for damage and management fees. This is at £12.5k at present. The HCEO has not been able to recover the debt there is not enough materials in the office to cover the debt. A 3rd party debt order was issued but the bank has written to me and told me that all the company bank accounts are now empty.
  3. hi, i have been awarded a CCJ against a company and so far i have been unable to recover the money that is owed. A HCEO has been to the business and stated that they do not have sufficient materials in their offices to cover the debt. I have submitted a 3rd party debt order which has come back saying that there isnt any money in the company account to cover the debt. I am just wondering what if anything i can do next. Any help and advice would be most welcome.
  4. is it possible to request that a court hearing be moved from one county court to another? I have to attend a 3rd hearing to have a case set aside. on both of the previous dates the company never turned up meaning that i had an over night stop in a hotel and a 360 mile round trip. The case is against a Ltd company and not an individual if that makes a difference?
  5. Thanks for all the info so far from you all. The plot has thickened slightly, i have today taken delivery of a notice of yet another court hearing where the company is asking for the judgement to be set a side. They applied 89 days after the judgement was issued. Looks like yet another attempt to delay the whole process. I assume that as the case is still active and not yet had a court ruling that they should still respond to and pay what is owed as detailed in the original writ?
  6. Hi, they have not been able to find anything in the property to seize and the address is commercial. They paid a % of the debt and agreed to pay the rest at a set amount until the debt was cleared. That hasnt happend. Can i please ask what a Stat Demand is? please forgive the daft questions there is a lot to learn.
  7. The writ has been issued against a Ltd company
  8. good evening, I have employed the services of a HCEO to recover money owed to me by my former property management company. The company paid a % of the debt and entered into a payment plan. They have since failed pay anymore money and are not responding to letters/telephone/visits from the HCEO. Any suggestions as to what i can do to progress this any further and faster?
  9. Many thanks for the reply, i have emailed the local council who were paying the money to the company and asked them for the exact details of who they were paying so that i can make sure that the details that i have entered are correct. Can i please ask what "button sealed" means?
  10. Thanks for the advice, your are quite correct i am no legal expert. The story of the case is: I employed a company to look after my property, they looked after it for almost 4 years throughout the duration of the agreement i had to speak to them on several occasions about the level of service that i was getting. Key points: 1. Lack of correspondence from them. Every month i should have been sent a statement showing how much rent i was being paid over 48 months i only got 10. 2. Late payments, the agreement stated that i would be paid on the first of each month, more often than not i wasnt getting the money until mid month and that was after i had chased them up. 3. Inspection reports. During the course of the agreement i had no inspection reports. 4. Damage/theft of garden. When i finally got some photos of my property it became apparant that the garden that we had done before we left had been damaged and in the case of the fence and decking area removed. 5. Internal decoration: 2 of the rooms had been painted without permission, again due to the lack of inspection reports this was only noticed after i finally got some photos. 6. Promised works: after highlighting issues 4 and 5 the company agreed that they would repair the damage, despite a promise and emails saying that the work was going ahead as scheduled and things were done. when i visited the property myself to check on the progress there was no evidence of the work being done. 7. They had been paid some rent by the local council and i have still not been paid this. I sent them a letter before action asking them to complete the work and pay back the money that i was owed, they did not respond. I launched a small claims court action which they requested an application of service for. After the 4 weeks they didnt file a defense so i was awarded the judgement. I had the judgement issued, then they applied for the application to be thrown out, i went to court and they didnt turn up so the judge ruled that my judgement still stands and they should pay. Throughout the investigations into the company i found out that the name on all their paperwork which was the company that i had been dealing with did not match the companies house records. I had a writ issued and engaged with a HCEO to action the writ on my behalf. When they visited the offices the agent was told that the company named on the wirt had stopped trading 18 months earlier. The advice that they gave me was to get the writ amended to reflect the details of the company who's companies house number appears on all my documentation. Hence my question of how to do it. I hope that this all makes sense? All the best Kev
  11. Good morning, I launched a small claims case against a company sometime ago which has been approved by the courts. I had a writ issued against the company that i had the agreement with, however it now transpires that this company wasn't a really one. The really company traded as the one that i had the agreement with. When i checked all the companies house details the number on all the letter heads related to a different company to which i had the writ issued. My questions is how to do apply to get the name on my original writ changed? This whole issue has been going on for nearly 18months and the company concerned appear to be using every tactic that they can find to delay the outcome. Many thanks for any responses that you might post. Kev
  12. Today i had to travel to a county court approx 180 miles from my home to contest an application to set a side a judgement. The defendant failed to turn up so the judge threw out their application and has allowed the judgement to stand. My question is; the judgement is for a specific amount of money, however since this was calculated there has been a number of additional expenses that i have had in relation to the case, fuel costs to the hearing and postage of various forms. Is there a way of claim this back? On a related issue, my partner was signed off work for a 6 week period due to the stress that the case put them under, and therefore has incurred a loss of earnings can anything be done about this?
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