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  1. Oh and I forgot to say the beetle, that belongs to a DC at Northampton Police I have sold the story to a leading newspaper who have ran articles on this show before i got £1 for it - figured that was all THEY were worth
  2. Hi yes if using a CRAR you are correct (no notice was received under the CRAR regs either plus the amount is for rent and electricity as he is the electricity supplier by way of a secondary meter, and you can not recover anything other than rent undr CRAR) however the high court enforment officers paper work states "I have today received a high court writ....." as I said the police are now involved as it is gaining by malice and or gainig by deception A judge issued an injuction today using the section 8 and N244 forms for reference
  3. Hi thanks for the link, I am aware of this process. as for the unlawful use, to be absolutely clear the landlord has given me a lease with permitted use as "light industrial and machainary repairs". After the dispute started the council became involved and they checked and when the building was built new (just prior to me moving in) the plannng permission was granted with a clause (covernant) in it of "agrcultural use only" The council state that they would not have given permission for the building to built for any commercial use. This is different to the p
  4. Hi 1) there are no costs for a judgement 2) it states a high court writ, I have an action against the landlord that was commenced in December of last year I am pretty sure he could not get a court hearing without notice without declaring the action against him. 3) i have never recieved any court papers of any kind, nor have i recieved a demand for rent, when the police were involved last year for harrasment they could not take any action on the grounds of obtaining money by deception as I had only notified him in december that we were had been notified by the council the building had an
  5. Hi All, this is a commercial rent issue. I have an action against the landlord being processed by CCMCC for a sunstantial amount after the landlord installed solar panels without any notice (my lease is for the entire building) during this process carried out whilst I was away on my honeymoon scaffolders erected scaffolding on the roof of my £75,000 race lorry and smashed the roof Landlord refused to supply insurance details, this then led on to it being discovered the building actually doesn't have planning permission it has a "agricultral storage" covernant on it, it
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