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  1. Hi, Thank you very much indeed Dave for these links. We are checking these through. warm regards BF
  2. Dear All, BN, BF, HB, - Thank you for your comments. Yes sorry, i wanted to save some time by doing that as I wanted to carry out the posting ASAP OK, I have redacted the statement and it is attached here in the PDF doc. Its our 2nd draft and I will fine tune it tonight / tomorow. Thank you for putting me right. Warm regards BF Counterclaim-1.pdf
  3. Dear All, BN - Thank you for your comments. My wife had prepared the relevant notice to the court and rather than spending time redacting I am sending it as PM to the contributors to this thread. It covers everything we have been discussing and is in line with your comments and our discussions. For the benefit of readers oif CAG I will redact and post it later as we have pressing family medical matters to attend to. Warm regards BF
  4. Dear All, So Sorry we have been extremely busy with my work and family emergencies as my outlaws, who are in their mid and late eighties are very ill and they needed medical attention at hospitals. Andy - Case plan is simply a sheet issued by the court to confirm who will be attending for the both parties and at what time the people will each arrive - apparently, attendies from either side may no arrive together at the court due to Covid. BN - The Court has not confirmed the discontinuance. A Judge at the Court has to agree to the Discontinuance but that h
  5. Hi Andy, Thank you for your message. I was just about to post a message regarding the latest developments so your note is very timely Regarding latest developments the following is the situation Dear All, 1. We received a notice from CEL that because they have discontinued their claim, they consider the matter is now closed as we have not submitted our counter claim, However, my wife replied to the email that the Counter Claim was attached to the Defence Documents which was submiteed and copied to them. In any event they knew that the
  6. Dear All, Thank you so much for all your support. Neither of us were aware of using GDPR till you put us right. We shall follow your advice and get back to you in a few days. Warm regards BF
  7. Dear Dave, Lookinforinfor, dx and brassnecked. Thank you for your suggestions and advice. OK I will advise my dear wife accordingly and try and convince her to follow it. I will definitely need your help to claim for their breach of GDPR as both my wife and I are unfamiliar with GDPR and its beach. Neither of us know what GDPR these guys have breached and how we can claim. So I guess the first thing to do will be to try and negotiate for not only our court fees but also for what ever else we can claim from them (as LookingforInfo advised)
  8. Hi All, Firtly, thank you to all for your help and suggestions so far. I really am very grateful. We have had numerous, very in dept discussions and my wife is very, very keen to progress with the counter claim. I want to establish why you say we have little chance and that our counter claim does not have much merit? We note your comments that we will only receive about £200 at best. Firstly, we have declared the cost from the beginning and these are very real costs we submitted. My wife, whilst retired, (only retired because she has to look
  9. Hi, dx and Dave - Thank you for your messages. 1.) If you don't need to see the defence and CC then OK. 2.) As for the CC - i understand your comments. Its an issue for us and we need to discuss it between us. 3.) In the mean time, let me advise you that we do have a formidable case because we can prove that they acted absolutely recklessly and had no right to issue the PCN. More specifically, we can prove and have proven in our CC that they should not have issued the PCN in the first place. They were told by the landlords of th
  10. Hi All, Thank you for your valuable comments and getting back fast. Firstly, I like to apologise for the long gap. You are right Bankfodder, I should have informed CAG that things were delayed. It started with CEL not submitting their DQ. We informed the court of this only to find that the Court gave them extension. We have no idea if they applied to the court as we were not informed neither by CEL or the court. Then from out of the blue, we learnt the court granted them one-month extension. the last three months was
  11. Hi All, sorry for being missing the last few months as we considered the comments all round and finally, bit the bullet and persevered with this case. In short, we decided to continue with the counter claim as we felt that it was the best course of action. During this period, we received no communication from the Claimants at all. They did not even submit their Directions Questionnaire on time, never mind sending us a copy. BUT amazingly, the court granted them a 30 day extension (out of the goodness of their hearts) . The final set of pr
  12. Thanks dx and Ericsbrother. dx We spoke with the court and they confirmed that they have not yet received the documents from CEL on this case. We asked the court if we needed to register with MCOL and were told "it was not necessary as its all paper from now on" We were also told that the court would not dismiss their case but probably write to CEL and give them seven more days to serve their papers. Ericsbrother I did some research and found out that S Wilson is Scott Wilson, who is Head of Legal and Compliance at Creative Car Park Ltd. (CCPL) The directors
  13. Hi dx You wanted me to update you on MCOL website claim form. My wife did not use MCOL. My wife made the counter claim by letter and a copy of this was sent with other documents earlier. The Counter Claim has been acknowledged by the court. I have no idea why they have not followed CPR - thats why I commented in one of my posts that perhaps they know something I don't. These guys are so experienced that some one called them "Serial Claimants" and yet they did not serve papers on time? We have still not received them.
  14. Hi dx, HB and Dave Thank you very much for your messages and attending to my posting so fast. My wife is max impressed with you all working on a Saturday. Thank you dx - Yes Counter Claim - i will try and convince my wife. Its just more work and cause more delay I guess. I feel and advised my wife that rather than counter claim she should serve a writ on the Landlords and her previous employers. its their carelessness and aperthy which I think are the root of the problem Regarding the documents i posted - yes please get rid of the
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