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  1. Sorry, I mis-spoke. I didn’t really mean that, please do ignore. I didn’t mean to mislead, I’m communicating on here while caring for my mother and working at the same time. Probably best that I wait until I can give it my full attention, apologies. I have a copy of the correspondence which I can redact and upload later. It seems to consist of the dealer making representations to his bank.
  2. Sorry I didn’t explain myself very well. It was my bank. Ignore that bit. Ok, I’ll do a land registry search. Thanks for your guidance so far, I really do appreciate it. This has caused me a lot of upset and anger and there’s no reason why people like him should be able to get away with doing this to people. Local Trading Standards didn’t want to know.
  3. Sorry, when I said he I meant the person dealing with the chargeback. I know this might sound a bit creepy (but as you might tell I was very angry). But I spent several hours doing some sleuthing earlier in the year - I found him on Facebook and his background picture is some cars on his drive (and the houses and trees in the background correspond exactly to the address when put into Google Maps Street View), so I am almost certain the address is correct, unless he has moved recently.
  4. I have a residential address which I found after some sleuthing earlier this year - not sure if it is still current, however. Regarding the chargeback, yes you are correct - he corresponded with the dealer and his bank but not with me. He made some untrue statements in the correspondence I can see in over-turning the chargeback also. When I get some time later I will go and redact the personal info from it and upload if it helps?
  5. Yes - because in the correspondence concerning the chargeback they sign off the emails ‘Stephen Hickman and Nina Hickman’, so unless there’s another Stephen Hickman who lives in that area who is married to someone called Nina and is a car dealer I am certain that it’s him. He hides behind pseudonyms otherwise - he calls himself ‘Steve Jones’ and his wife calls herself ‘Sarah Jones’ in the emails to that point. See his reply to a review that someone left on Google where he denies that he is even the same person and that his name is in fact Steve Jones
  6. Here are the details of the conviction: https://www.stourbridgenews.co.uk/news/10835293.lye-car-salesman-gets-hefty-court-bill/
  7. Thanks so much for your prompt replies and interest- I will do the timeline later today as it will take me a bit of time to piece it together. Regarding the chargeback - I didn’t get my money back as such, no money ever appeared in my account. I didn’t know it had even been (momentarily) successful until I received a letter from my bank in February showing that they had done it and then the dealer had argued against it with their bank and got it over-turned. I was a bit surprised that my bank were unable to communicate with me about the progress of it until this po
  8. Hi all I bought a vehicle in August of last year from the above dealer for £1700. As it came with a ‘3 month warranty’ and ‘no nasty surprises inside or out’ I foolishly thought I had nothing to lose... After a few days, I noticed there was something amiss with the automatic gearbox. I took it to a local garage who drove it and told me there was nothing unusual - this was because they drove it up and down an A-road and didn’t recreate the conditions under which the issues manifest. Having carried on driving it, I knew something was amiss - the car would make a massive ‘
  9. Hi all I do hope I have posted this in the right place. I have endeavoured to do as much of my own research as possible so far on this subject (detailed below), and don't expect busy people to do the legwork for me, but pointers would be very much appreciated please. My parents have recently been contacted by a firm of solicitors regarding a loan they took out in the late 90s with Ocwen/Igroup, offering to pursue a claim on a no-win no-fee basis, for a 35% commission, for secret commissions paid by the lenders to a number of brokers. My parents are elderly now, and I would
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