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  1. Thanks People for your reply and your help with the useful link! Thank you so much! Have a good day!
  2. FOS has, today, uphold my brother's complaint for irresponsible lending back in 1998 with Bank of Scotland - due to a special circumstances as he is profoundly deaf with limited English. I dont know how to work out the redress/8% simple interest works out.. He borrowed £11,000 plus £4180 "credit care" and £5180 interest at 12.8% in July 1998 (Luckily he still has the original loan agreement) for 62 months but he has only made 23 monthly payments and paid it off using his aunt's inheritance 2 years later, in July 2000. The monthly payments were £346.10 per month. FOS has stated:- To settle Mr M’s complaint Bank of Scotland should do the following:  To add up the total amount of money Mr M received as a result of having been given the loan. The repayments Mr M made should be deducted from this amount.  If this results in Mr M having paid more than he received, then any overpayments should be refunded along with 8% simple interest (calculated from the date the overpayments were made until the date of settlement How does the redress refund worked out? I think he is in for a big payout ? Thanks!
  3. I had a John Lewis store card back in the 1995-200, but have received a letter saying that they are unable to help because it is over six years old which was deleted! shall I send SAR? HELP! Thanks
  4. Update :- Have sent SAR to GE Money as they have verifed that I have an account withn them under Igroup! Will keep you posted!
  5. SAR? I’ve no clue, how do I go on about it?
  6. Hello I am deaf and me and my wife took a loan out of £16,000 secured loan through igroup Ltd via loans.co.uk. We believe we have been misold with PPI. I wish to make a PPI complaint so can you please point me to the right direction to who I should make a PPI complaint to? The loan was taken out sometime between 2001-2003, not too sure and we have lost the original agreement, unfortunately. Please help? Many thanks Angus
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