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  1. Hi I have today received a letter from the FOS saying MBNA have agreed to make me an offer and are calculating a figure. I take it this will not be the figure that I calculated, anyway, just updating my thread and will let you know what they come back with.
  2. I want to start this court claim now to get my older statements, I am really confused about how to proceed however. I have seen the threads on here about doing this and have the POC etc. but nowhere can I find out how to actually start court proceedings. I have asked my local court (Slough) and they have replied saying all claims for money only should go through Salford. This claim however will be for the older statements so is not money only. Is there a thread somewhere which is an idiots guide to the whole court process for somebody that has never been near a court before? Regards
  3. The thing is I was employed at the time I took it out. This was when I took out the card in 1995. In 2001 I starting working as a contractor but I wasn't aware that I would not be covered.
  4. Thanks guys. They have it is their final word on the matter so I will send it to the FOS. Regards
  5. Hi I have received a letter back from BC saying that I ticked the box on the application form and so i am not entitled to a refund of my payments. The agreement I ticked is here. Do I still have a case? My argument is that I didn't get any T&C's so when I started working as a contractor I was still paying it even though it wouldn't pay out. Also as there were no T&C's or as far as I can see even a statement saying how much it would cost then it was mis-sold. What is confusing is that when I received my SAR pack it contained a large computer printout of all my accoun
  6. Hi So they have refused my PPI. I will update the otheer thread but I am going to go through the courts. I do find it a bit intimidating as I have not had anything to do with a court before so have decided to go for the older info first to give me an idea of what I am doing. I have read the old threads and there is a POC I can use but how do I actually go about making the claim? Do I use Moneyclaim? Its the info I want not any money. Regards
  7. Thanks, I have filled out the questionaire and spreadsheet. I do have banks statements for that period showing how much I paid for the monthly payment. I used to only pay the minimum really so along with what they sent me showing the dates my limit increased I can fairly accurately work out the PPI payments. Its interesting because there are loads of charges on there so if they do provide old statements to try and show I have overestimated then I can then hit them for these as well. The one thing I dont understand is the contractural interest. You say fill in the fos questionairre, i
  8. Thanks, so basically they should work it all out for me, will they include the interest I have paid on the premiums? They say they do not have the info over 8 years old. Will they estimate this?
  9. Thanks, they stopped chargeing interest initially but have been charging it again for the last couple of years. Can I add the months and just miss out the ones in between?
  10. I have posted a new thread in the PPI section Regards http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?360273-Barclaycard-PPI&p=3930345#post3930345
  11. Hi I have been paying off my Barclaycard for over 5 years via an agreement. I recently decided to SAR them in the hope that my charges my clear the remaining balance (£1500). I have received the SAR pack today but they have only gone back to 2004. My account was started in 1995. There are lots of charges on the statements and I know there will be more in the years that are missing. I also found out that I was paying PPI for 11 years! I didnt even know. The problem is I only have the last 8 years and the last 5-6 years the account has not been active. I therefo
  12. You would need to do this as two seperate companies. One buying the debts and another set up to pay them. You would offer to take on only the debts that cannot be collected by saying you specialise in collecting debts with no CCA etc.
  13. CAG or a cooperative of members should start there own DCA. We could collect on behalf of people on here. Imagine all these accounts that have been in dispute due to no CCA etc. These have been sold on and passed from one DCA to another. Nobody is paying yet they go round and round being sold at something like 10% of the outstanding balance. Meanwhile people have defaults etc. for 6 years. Supposing a new DCA approached the latest holder of these accounts and offered to buy them for 12%. The DCA would accept as long as the account had been uncollectable for some time. This new
  14. Hi I will be claiming back credit card charges from Lloyds for an old TSB credit card. I will be claiming interest in restitution. For the interest rate do I use the Purchase rate or the cash rate? Regards
  15. Hi I have a CCA from an old secured loan with igroup. On the CCA it says I have paid insurance. Can I claim this back? If I remember correctly this loan was paid off when we remortgaged about a year after this was taken out, can I still claim interest on this amount? What is strange is this form has been filled in by them, they have also ticked the box for single cover even though this CCA is for a joint loan in both our names and we have both signed it. I obviously saw it as we must have signed it and sent it back but I musn't have noticed at the time. Regards igroupcca.pdf
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