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  1. Mmm, might have to look at the agreement to check on that one. Does it have to state mortgage, I thought it only had to be secured against 'land property', which it was, i.e. a de facto mortgage?
  2. Spoke to someone from the FCA who seems to be of the opinion that the three-year limitation (or the six) does indeed apply. Forgot to mention to him that the PPI was added to my loan agreement (with interest and all that jazz), which was also secured against my home, ie it was a mortgage. So, is it 12 years, or does the Ombudsman's "one rule apparently fits all" guidance of 6 and 3 apply? Thanks in advance.
  3. Never saw your link dx100uk. Boom, I think is the word currently in vogue.
  4. Thanks for the responses. It was my take on it that the date they have to work on is the date I lodge the claim and not their "delay you for a few years, then re-open it at our convenience" date, as they appear to suggest. Anyway, they have asked me to sign and date an agreement for them to re-open the case (attached to the spiel above) which may imply agreement on my part to abide by their made up nonsense - my question now, therefore, is: should I write them a separate letter instructing them to re-open the case whilst also refuting their right to throw the claim out on their spurious basis, or simply return their form? I'm inclined to go with my own letter with an addendum that I'm sending one to the FSA regarding them misleading me (again). -pmcc
  5. Hi all, In late 2006, my wife and I took out a loan from Nemo for c£23k with an up front PPI policy of around £6k thrown on top for good measure (I don't have exact figures to hand just now). We sold our property a year or so later and our solicitors paid off, from the proceeds, the loan, PPI and six months interest (you know, like they do), which astonishingly totalled about £29,500. A few things happened next: My wife had a breakdown after the close proximity death of both her parents My own mother died I presented a claim for my PPI in 2008 My claim was rejected with the usual 6 month Ombudsman notice The stress of my wife's illness and my own coming to terms with the loss of my Mum meant I never followed it up I later tried to go back to them to follow this up, only to be told that they had presented me with a final response and yadda, yadda, etc. Now, I cannot recall the exact reasoning behind my initial complaint, but it should be pointed out that I was and still am a Public Sector worker who would not have benefited from such a PPI at all, i.e. my sickness benefits at work covered a period of illness up to 6 months, fully negating the PPI policy's benefits. So, onto the subject title of the thread: Today I received a letter from Nemo stating that they have been told by the FSA that: Sounds good, yeah? But... Again, sounds good, just respond to them, but here's the kicker... So, from the timeline I described above, loan in 2006 and complaint in 2008, Nemo are saying they may reject it without consideration of its merits after 2012 or 2011 respectively. Are they bluffing, and indeed hoping, that I decide not to pursue this further?
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