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  1. Someome has just called me i told them i have sent email he seemed to know nothing about it and had the cheek to ask me to hold. I said no just reply to my email
  2. Late reply Jason I have emailed but no one is responding to my requests. The only result I have had is that they have stopped the doorstep collectors. Do i need to do a subject access request for the insurance to reclaim. Also can i only claim it back for the time i had home insurance. Also reported fault with washing machine to be ignored twice now
  3. Thx Where does it say in FCA rules. I only had my own insurance for about 6 months, does that matter or can i get it all back ? Also they have none stop harrassed me even though payment only a few days late. Doorstep collector is coming everyday he said.
  4. I have recently moved and my bank said BH rejected payment. I called first thing Monday morning to pay them and sort out address. Staff where just rude and said i had to pay £15 charge I cannot afford this and told them i want to pay what they didnt take sat. They are now asking for this weeks payment early too !!
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