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  1. I have a joint account with an ex partner and its in the overdraft and a £20 fee which he does not pay keeps amounting. Can I take him to the small claims for his half of the fee and get the account closed?
  2. Oh and forgot to add I have contacted the ombudsman but I hear they are hopless at times.
  3. I recently made a claim under my ppi with bright grey and they sent for my medical records. On my application form at the time i stated that I had no known mental illness(which i believe is true) They state on my medical records I suffered from depression and had suicial ideation as my boyfriend died in a car crash and what I suffered was a loss not flipin depression as they are stating, even my doctor confirmed this to me that I went through a loss and was not treated as a mental illness. They are saying I should of told them on my application form about this, but I did not attend counselling, took no medication it was merely to get a sick line to stay of work as my son was only 2 years of age at the time and I needed to sort him also. What can I do they have took my medical record and twisted it beyond belief. Tey want to cancel my policy due to me not telling them I mourned over the loss! It is absolutely outrageous how they can get away with this.
  4. I just got notified that I owe housing benefit from 9 years ago when I claimed but do not now. I appealed this at the time but did not here anything back from them. Do they have a right to this money back after so long?
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