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Found 14 results

  1. I'm having some trouble with my manager at work. She has never been supportive about anything that I have requested, but today I felt, was the last straw. I requested permission to leave work an hour early and have the hour taken off as annual leave (because my partner has had to fly overseas to see her father who has been hospitalised and has been told could be terminal, thereby leaving me with no childcare at such short notice), to which she replied that she wouldn't normally support this, and that she will have to have chat with me about this. This is the same person who allowed one of my
  2. My mum was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia, she has been with Virgin Media since 2011 starting out on a 18 month contract. Five months ago my mum came to live with me, I then went through the process of obtaining a Power of Attorney so I could deal with her housing arrangements ect. A month ago I phoned Virgin Media to cancel her TV services, they said they would need to speak to her and she would have to give them her password. After telling them I had Power of Attorney and my mum had Dementia and could not remember what she did a few hours ago let al
  3. HI I have been dealing with MYJar over a text loan from a fair while back. it was paid monthly via stepchange for a while and then when i left them i offered to pay monthly. I only borrowed £300. They said i owed them £276 and i was to pay £1 a month for 10 months and then the remainder off. Anyway, i was paying £10.00 a month and in February i sent a payment on the 1st and one on the 28th. They then got in touch 2 weeks ago and said as id missed march payment then the plan was cancelled, the loan followed its original credit cycle and additional charges were added as per the original agre
  4. Hi and thanks in advance for any assistance you might give me. I run a small building company and we recently purchased a VW Passat from a dealer in Sutton to use as a company vehicle. Although we noted what appeared to be a few minor issues we were initially happy with the purchase. Within a few days a loud whining began from the gearbox and so we took it to our local garage, who takes care of all of our vehicles and is tried and trusted. He diagnosed gearbox failure and also ran a diagnostic which found that the throttle flap mechanism wasn't working correctly, another serious fa
  5. My father passed away on Tuesday last week and we are totally devastated as you can imagine. Mum is in care as she has althzhiemers. Dad left a will which said that he wished his half of the house to be divided between my brother and I and obviously the half my mother owned would go towards her care under the asset rules. (i believe anything over £14,000 is used to pay for her care) We have since learned that mum and dad owned the house under a joint tennancy which means that dads share of the house doesnt become part of dads estate and passes to my mums sole ownership. The ho
  6. I once had a 3G dongle, which persistly crashed and i had many wasted hours having to redo things, so much so i had to either go out with it, or wait for a passing satelite to be favourable to me. I repeatedly complained to 3G, and I asked what happens if I want to end this. In reply I was told if i dont pay £15 at end of the month it would automatically be switched off. This was desperate after months battling with it. It was on a plan, sold to me rather hastily in a car phone shop. So 3G was well aware of the problem, and that i intended to end the use of it. Al
  7. Hi Please could any of you provide some advise please. Sorry for the long post My mother died unexpectedly on 24th April. My brother and I are her only surviving next of kin being her son and daughter. We found a will dated 2003 naming a certain solicitors as executors and trustess of the state and my brother and I as her beneficiaries. Looking into her estate it would appear that it is insolvent, there being approximately £3500 in her bank and a further £3500 in an over 50's plan. She had two credit cards debts for approximately £3500 and £4500 and a credit agreement with
  8. Can anybody advise me as to what to do? I found a job advertisement on the 'jobsearch' website, and sent off my CV to which I was asked to attend an interview. During the interview I was at no point advised that the position was one of self employment or that I would have to supply the business with a self employment number and invoice for my wages. I was told I would be paid straight into my bank account on a weekly basis and never advised that I would have to do anything in order to receive my wages. However a month passed and I didn't receive payment, I was told v
  9. My first post here, so please bear with me... I have been out of work now for just over a year, when I had taken out my debts, I was in a well-paid job and could comfortably afford the repayments. My circumstances changed when I had to give up work and I was no longer able to afford my minimum payments - debts totalled 17k over 4 CCs and 1 loan. Contacted StepChange who helped me put together my I&E forms to send out and all but one accepted my token offer of £1 payment - Sygma (or Creation Finance). They have been a nightmare from day one - I've been harassed on the phone
  10. Hi, My mother has a difficult and complicated problem with Kensington. I have only just found this forum and reading the experiences people have had with this company has got me very worried. My sister died at the end of last year. She and my mother have been resident in the property for almost thirty years. The property was in my sister’s sole name and it was left to my mother in my sister’s will. My mother holds the Grant of Probate and is administering the estate (which has no value apart from the property). My sister’s main mortgage was with GE Money, but following
  11. I owe approx £3000 on a vanquis card. I was in a well paid job and comfortably paying back what I owed when I developed a long term, chronic illness and eventually lost my job, I now receive esa. I invoked the PPI on vanquis two years ago which has now ended - during that time they received numerous copies of letters from the dwp and my hospital confirming my situation. When they sent me the letter saying that PPI had run out I sent them my income/expenditure budget statement and details of the other debts I have and the amounts they have accepted (ie, 10k bank loan have accepted £6.50 pe
  12. More support for the advice that you should not ignore completely but that you should make it clear that you are up for a fight. Here are some heavily redacted extracts:- Full horrible story here:- http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/law/article3698204.ece# Shocking. I had always thought that the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service has great integrity
  13. Banks are routinely rejecting credit card applications from the elderly. In many cases, those turned down have been with the bank for decades, have a good credit history, a regular source of income and savings. But Money Mail is seeing an increasing number of cases where customers are being rejected just because they are over 75. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2225706/Elderly-people-routinely-rejected-banks-credit-cards.html#ixzz2DLqPrrV2
  14. Hi, Was just wondering if someone could help me and my flatmates with a situation we're having with recovering our deposit for a flat in London. The three of us are students at present, but the rental was a private one. We vacated the flat without the landlord or a representative from the letting agency present, but did our own full inventory and took photos of this. The landlord (who deceitfully is also a director of the letting agency company) is disputing claims that the deposit will not be returned because of his own costs: £850 to repaint it?! - but we haven't consented to thi
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