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  1. Thanks for that, I didn't know there was a free one, I thought you had to pay. I'm at a conference all weekend so I'll check it when I can, but I'm a bit worried I might wake up a couple of other sleepers if you know what I mean Yes that's right. The DD's came from an F D account. I had 2 bank accounts with them - they were hammering me with charges on one of them. I just couldn't keep up. They terminated both accounts although the other was ok,within the agreed limit. The other was my main bank account where the DDs came from and having it ter
  2. I did two DD claims at the same time. The other was an old magazine subscription that I cancelled over the phone, but they carried on taking another 7 months subs. I've not heard anything from them. Only egg / Barclaycard's cage has been rattled.
  3. Hi I don't know the status of the account as I have never checked with any credit reference agencies It was taken out via an application form that arrived in the post - the separate page they sent with signatures is, I believe, a page on the applications form. It had an auto signature from the bank, auto dated 1st May. It was pretty tough getting the DD back. I was like a stuck record. I kept saying that "the merchant misrepresented the nature of the transactions". The bank kept trying to trip me up. The DD's came from a First Direct account. As I no longer am a F.D. Custo
  4. This happened to someone I know, although, unlike your circumstances, she did it deliberately. She said she had five children in childcare, and was working self employed - but really she was on an extended holiday in Italy, supposedly home educating the children. It got found out when the tax credits dept rang the nursery and they had never heard of the kids. All that happened was that she was asked to repay, which she did, in instalments. They did not hassle her about it, just asked for repayment. You have done nothing wrong - we all make mistakes, especially when we
  5. Thanks Brigadier2JCS I have written to them, as they asked me to ring them to "discuss my proposals", saying that I am happy to do this but only in writing. I sent it recorded to the Churchill Place address, as there was only a PO box address on the letter, so I haven't heard anything yet. I feel that if I do end up asking the Ombudsman, then they are already prejudiced against me and in favour of egg. It even said on the Ombudsman's website that PPI premiums could only be taken from arrears, and the creditor had to put you back into the position you would have been in with
  6. Thanks for your help Brigadier2JCS It’s a complicated situation, and I am still a bit confused by it. So I shall break it down in stages. 1.I had an ancient Barclaycard that was opened in around 1994-5 which had a minimal credit balance on it for years as I didn't use it much(forget this account for now) 2. I opened an egg card account in May 2003 - I would never have opened an account with online only statements, and also I signed a direct debit, but was totally unaware that I was signing up to making only the minimum payments each month 3.(This is the accoun
  7. Thanks for your reply Brigadier2JC, I'm out on an emergency, so I will clarify the details tomorrow as its pretty complicated, as I think they may have combined 2 accounts and opned a third. I really apreciate your advice and input. Many thanks.
  8. Hi Brigadier . Sunny? Lucky you, it was wet and windy all day with us! I sent off a letter like that in 2011 and they sent back a sort of ner ner ner ner ner, yes we can and yes we will carry on hassling you and processing your data. I wrote back and said that while they had satisfied the ss 77/78 requests, they did not have the necessaries for the court to enforce it so would they please kindly stop processing my data etc They opened a new Barclaycard halfway through the default process of the old egg card (the default notice is none too good either), and at the same
  9. Hi Brigadier2JCS - Thanks for your reply. Hope you have had a good Bank Holiday This looks like good news!!!! No original terms and conditions to the time that the agreement was entered into No interest rate stated for credit on cash advances Interest rates and APR's not the same on agreement (which is a cut and paste job and very hard to read! )and copy Terms and conditions The barstewards have risen out of the darkness after sleeping for a long time and now I have some great ammo They opened a Barclaycard account after defaulting the egg account saying
  10. Hello, thanks for your information about finding posts. I have another egg query that is my CCA does not give a rate of interest for cash advances - only the APR and a handling fee charge. I ran into a lot of problems with this card as I never realised it was online only statements and that I had set up an agreement to only pay the minimum each month by DD. It was a bad idea to take out the cash advance I know. But is the interest on cash advance a prescribed term? Many thanks to anyone who can advise
  11. Thank you for your reply. I have never checked my credit file. Thank you for moving the thread for me. I don't know how to find my old threads, sorry. Should i still move it to the "debt" section?
  12. Hi Citizen B thank you for your reply. I will post in the appropriate places tomorrow, as I am on my phone right now and don't know how to do that on my phone... Thanks
  13. Hello, I would like to post up an old egg card agreement which I cannot quite make out the APR, and ask peoples opinion on. when i opened the account I did not understand how the repayments were being made and ran I to problems. I was paying the minimum by dd but did not realise it was only the minimum I was paying. I made a cca s77/ 78 request a few years ago a i got sent a page called "egg card agreement" with the hard to read stuff about interest and Apr cut and pasted into it. It refers to see term no 12 and there is not a no. 12. It also starts
  14. Thanks BRIGADIER2JCS - so you don't think I should mention in my offer them only being entitled to the sum i was in arrears by at the time they defaulted me. Do you think I sould I negotiate with the debt collector or Nat West?
  15. Thanks again for your replies. BRIGADIER2JCS - when you say a new DN would have to be dated same as the original, surely it would be impossible to comply with the new DN as the original DN said payment (of the arrears) to be made within xx days of this Notice to avoid the further action. Even if the DN had been sent with first class post they only gave me 13 working days to comply so how could this change under a new DN. I'm not really bothered whether my credit file is marked 'fully satisfied'. I just want to put and end to the cycle of playing letter tennis with debt collectors.
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