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  1. Good news, the item that I ordered has now arrived; with a big hand written message saying "not at this address". This postman tried to deliver the item to the right number but wrong street. - Typical Royal Mail... The reason why I thought that I was going to have problems was that the sellers website (in the Q&A section) tried to state that if you use there "free" second class delivery, they will not be held responsible for non-delivery. I was expecting to have to quote some consumer law to them... Thanks again for all your help. It was very much appreciated... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Thanking you so very much... Section 43 is exactly what I needed... Thanks Again...
  3. Thank you for your quick response. I have not contacted the the seller yet, I am just trying to find some official documentation that I can use backup my case (if one arises). Am I correct in thinking that the item remained the property of the seller until it is delivered? Thank you for the link, at least I will know where to go if I get no joy... Kind Regards.
  4. Hello forum, I have a question that has been asked many many times before. I purchased at item online and paid by credit card. It's been a couple of weeks and I still have not received the item. Now, I was of the understanding that goods remained the property of the seller until they had been received by the intended recipient, regardless of whether the seller was offering "free" delivery. However, I have searched trading standards and cannot find any references to this. Is this still the case? Basically, I want to quote something official is my correspondence. Thank you for your comments. Kind Regards, XXXXXXXXX
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