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  1. yes we have paperwork but that carnt stop them coming after us personally can it?
  2. the debt is from the October - December 2017 no dispute of the debt
  3. we have got the SD that came in march that was with our names on personally one in my name one in my partners name so in march they sent us the SD in our names and the winding up petition in company name told us they would put the winding up petition on hold( march 18) and if we fail to pay our arrangements they would carry on with the petition we stuck to or word they just carried on with the petition (july 18) so we never paid Julys payment thats why they are starting with bankruptcy petition i have attached the letter that was hand posted through my door this is how i kn
  4. hi they tried to wind up the company few months back we set up a payment plan we paid it regular then they demanded the whole amount which we was unable to afford 12k in one hit so our best option was to sell the ltd company therefore passing all asset debt and responsibility to the new owners two weeks later we have the creditors collection agency attempting now to serve me a personal bankruptcy petion personally hope that clears it up are they allowed to serve us this bancrupcy petition we were paying these guys £500 pcm un missed now we have no business
  5. The Company is no longer ours so we are really not worrying about the winding up petition as its the new owners responsibility what we are concerned about is the bankruptcy petition
  6. Hi I have attached my declaration part of my PG I have attached my declaration part of my PG It has not been to court as i have not been served the bankruptcy petition yet as they are trying to serve me with it as they posted a letter stating they are going to come at such a time on such a date an have been in a total of 4 times but only one was a actual arranged time i l knew about as they posted a letter stating this this is how i know they are trying to serve me should i accept the petition or not not sure what the best thing is to do all communication with them in t
  7. Hi Sgtbush can they make us go bankrupt then do i accept the petition next time they knock with it? When we were paying the arrangement it was under the company name if that matters i can attached a copy of the PG if thats any help
  8. it says in the declaration of the PG should be signed by a director or partners company secretary or proprietor of the business then me and my partner have put our names and signed
  9. HI Dx100uk yes we have both signed personal guarantees when we opened the account but for some reason they are only sending me the bankrupt petition and not my partner
  10. Hi all I am new the CAG i would just like to see if anyone could help or give me the best advice on bankruptcy on a personal agreement my partner and i are directors of a LTD company The LTD company had a debt with a supplier (not sure if i can post their name ) the debt was 11938.71 in March this year they sent us a statutory demand / winding up petition which we did not want to happen as thats our monthly income so if they wound the company up me and my partner would have no income to pay the debt off we agreed with their solicitors a payment plan of £500
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