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  1. After sending a LBA, it seems the bank have accepted wrongdoing and have issued a full refund. They say it is a gesture of goodwill. I have still complained to ICO.
  2. Also, what are the next steps when a company has not disclosed all phone calls, information and such after DSAR request?
  3. Update: Court papers filled out and submitted. Awaiting bank defending/responding. Question: Can anyone advise me of any terminology or rules or onus which refers to a bank having a duty of care when it comes to protecting customers accounts/money? Is there any information I can refer to at all regarding this information? The general bank contract/agreement is void of any such information. Thanks in advance.
  4. DCA (Lowells) bought a fraud Vodafone account (debt in my name, no idea who took the phone out). DCA then left a default in my name on my credit file. Contacted DCA & CRA's. All came back saying information was correct via their clients. DSAR'd Lowells. They came back asking for ID/Address proof, then a week later, sent another letter saying that due to the amount of requests they have had, it will take them a little longer to get back to me. I SAR'd Vodafone at the same time (they came back asking for my ID. I have since sent them a CTAX bill and awaiting
  5. Update: Today I obtained the DSAR. They said on the letter "your request for credit information", I actually was explicit in what I wanted. Anyway, they only sent me bank statements and a password protected disk. They did not send: Account notes Translation/transcript of calls Any information relating to my banking app No information about text messages sent to me from the bank. 1. What is my next step regarding this. As far as i am concerned, they have deliberately withheld this information/failed to comply with my GDPR/SAR request?? 2. I have sent them a recorde
  6. It has been a while since I have had issues and I forget the rules. I understand. I will write to them again. Thank you.
  7. I also obtained this from them regarding a JD Williams account. It does not makes sense. Debt written off. No copy of contract, can't remove default as information was correct at the time but they can't send or have copies of nothing..? letter below including the reply from Exuifax, which tells me that the dca can't leave a default if it buys the debt? so something really wrong here.
  8. Well it is showing on my credit file as a default by Lowells. When I SAR'd them, they came back asking for info, then a week later saying due to the amount of requests it will take them a little longer, so I am still waiting. I will write to them stating as such and unless they remove the default or comply with my SAR, I will take further action. Can I take them to a small claims court and ask the judge to instruct them to remove it?
  9. Ok, I will send them a bill and see what happens. In terms of the default from VODA - Lowells bought it, they put the default on, when I DSAR'd them, they came back saying they can't comply and need more time as they are busy! . They probably have zero information from VODAFONE and just put a default on because they can. All 3 CRA;s lettered, response was that their clients information is correct.
  10. I know.. I was really stupid and it all happened so fast and didn't think they could be so scandalous in the way they manipulated me. i complained and they sent me a final letter saying they won't refund me. Can you tell me if i should give them a letter before action - I am unsure of the content though - legal stance or what information i can put in the letter to encourage them to pay me back. Any help with the letter would be appreciated.
  11. Hello I SAR'd VODAFONE for a debt that is on my credit file that i believe is not mine. I asked for SAR but they are asking for proof of my ID and address etc. I have only ever lived at one address, i told them that the credit file and the information they have put on the CRA's is the same as the address they are sending the SAR, but now the time has elapsed for them sending this to me. I don't want to send them any ID as I know they don't have my ID and won't send me any contract or nothing. There also sent it to a DCA, and I SAR'd them, they said its taking
  12. I got spoofed out of £1,000 by these fraudsters and the bank have refused to give me my money back. I was stupid enough to fill in the form on line and then I found it strange called bank to stop cards and they said it was online [email protected] They said they would watch my account, not to worry, and issued new card and pin. 3 days later my cards came and i got a call from "the bank" but it was the [email protected] (They had my number from the online form I filled out for the fake refund). They said they would send me a code to my phone and to confirm the code for security reasons.
  13. Ok, lets see if providing the information provides further legitimate advise. 1. so why aren't they paying? I can't answer for them. The Council are chasing me for (what it seems) the FULL amount per year. My brother was also on the tenancy agreement. The bills were in his name for 10 years, then reverted to mine. Either way, I was not in the house. You said I would be liable because I am on the tenancy agreement - where in LAW does this make me liable?? 2. I have nothing of value. 3. If they wish, they can do so, however, to do so will only involve me to take them to co
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