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Found 11 results

  1. Following on advice from this thread of mine: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477079-Debt-Requests-Worth-It-Advice-Required&p=5103106#post5103106 I received my first letter recently from Intrum. (Whom I've never heard of before) - in regards to a credit card aqua debt from 2013 - which the letter states they purchased in october that year. But I've certainly not been making previous payments to them directly. The letter details that I've broken the agreed repayment cycle (I used to pay over £10, last month I paid a token payment as advise
  2. Hi! I'm a new user here and this seemed the right category to post this to. Sorry if I was mistaken. my fiance got a letter from Intrum earlier today, trying to enforce a debt of £1529.81 they had purchased from HSBC. My fiance recalls she had paid off - and closed the account - about 8-9 years ago, what at the time amounted to £500. Said account is not present on her credit file (looked up on Clearscore who gets their info from Equifax) and as such no default notices either. Ironically, the 'change of ownership' letter says that they (HSBC) have taken all the necessary ste
  3. Hi All Tesco Credit Card taken out in 2004 and got into difficulties 2007/08 Been gradually repaying debt since then Last 4 years been paying £50/month Current balance circa £2,500 Went through I&E with Tesco in January and agreed £50/month for next 12 months Tesco letter and Intrum letter came together in one envelope from Intrum last week Per Noddle, Intrum have done a search Tesco letter says: "If you have an active repayment plan in place, and your circumstances haven't changed, you can continue to pay off your balance as you are now, but paying Intrum UK Fina
  4. Morning all I unfortunately defaulted on a Tesco Credit Card in 2011. I continued to pay Tesco a small amount each month and the Default came off my Credit Report after the six year period in 2017. Yesterday I received a letter from Tesco advising they had sold the debt to Intrum Finance. Oddly enough it was in the same envelope as the letter from Intrum advising they now had ownership of the debt and in one paragraph they said "the Credit Reference Agencies will soon update their records to say you owe money to us, not Tesco Personal Finance". As it is over six years since
  5. A family member has been sent a letter from Intrum threatening that they will consider issuing a Statutory Demand for Bankruptcy proceedings. The alleged debt is one Intrum bought which is for over £10,000 and is about 10 years old.I also know the debt isn't statutory barred in the near future. A previous DCA was sent a CCA request about 6 months ago, this was not adhered to and they said they were looking into it. Do we now send a CCA request to Intrum and a SAR to the original debitor in readiness for any proceedings? many thanks in advance for any advice
  6. Hi all, First post here, when I was a student I did a semester abroad on the Erasmus scheme. I was in Denmark. While in Denmark I had a flat and took out an internet service. I was there for 3 months but had a 12 month contract, this was in 2014 Sept-Dec . I took out the service with Telenor. The service was around £25 a month. When I left Denmark I forgot to cancel the contract , looking back I can find one email from Telenor from March 2015 (assuming pointing out late payment). I then have an email from Intrum Justitia asking for 2.757,67kr (about £330) th
  7. Hello everybody I got a phone call yesterday from Mercers, saying i had defaulted on my Barclaycard, and they were ringing to take a payment etc etc . I explained to the chap on the phone that i had yet to receive a written confirmation from Barclaycard of the default notice. I have subsequently received it this morning. I also explained to him that i had sent in a Personal Budget sheet and an offer of a reduced payment to Barclaycard, who have completely ignored it, although they did cash my reduced payment offer cheque! He said that it had clearly been rejected as my
  8. hi Ive recieved a claim form - Intrum justia ltd Issue date 4th november Service acknowledged but I need help of what to do next. Its in relation to an old debt with Welcome finance - claim is for best part of 30K. (my ex wife is also named on the claim, we are not in touch) The debt doesnt show in my file. Ive no paper work relating to it.. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  9. I have today received a letter from Experto Credite who have said that they have been instructed by Intrum Justitia to collect a debt purportedly owed by me. I have no idea who either of these two companies are and will be sending the Prove It letter, but as they have sent it to me in my maiden name do I type my maiden name or my married name? I have also been married for 10 years so it could be a statute barred letter going next anyway! Any advice very much welcomed.
  10. Hello---- about 13 years ago i received 2 ccj s which i payed without fail to..Intrum Justitia then 3years ago I got a letter from H+L saying i was to pay them, which i did , after a few months they increased my payments by double, which i again payed now then last month i was a little late paying so they telephoned me. I explained my cheques were late but asked if they had a settlement fee. The reply was --no settlement fee on one of the ccjs and to send no more payments for the other ccj has it had been dispersed --i asked what this was and i was told
  11. Firstly, I'm going to apologise for being new and probably posting this in the wrong place but here goes with my story so far. I, in a moment of stupidity, signed up with be2.com dating agency not doing my usual background internet check on the company as I usually would. Suffice to say they were appalling and although I didn't cancel my £5.00 trial so got signed up for 6 months @ £150, I cancelled it at the next due installment. They then claimed that they hadn't received anything and so took the money from bank, I let this go but cancelled again before the next due installment. They
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