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  1. The contract being breached as I understood it should result in a default notice - and the breach being remedied by my wife with a continuation of payments as per the contract of our loan that clearly states in a situation of Bankruptcy (amongst other situations) that 1) advanced notice should be given and 2) opportunity to fix. i.e. a breach can be remedied by either party (obviously not me). This went straight to final demand - and that letter mentioned nothing of the bankruptcy and contained wrong information about arrears not being dealt despite previous letters (which totally isn't
  2. Any feedback/input on this would still be most welcome. The only update is that HSBC today replied to MY complaint, essentially confirming that that they're following protocol by closing the loan account with a final demand and it going to default for my wife. Thanks
  3. Hello, I was recommended to post on this site and time is also not on my side! I appreciate any input and advice, thank you a) I went insolvent in September - since the date, I went to the HSBC branch with my wife to remove my name from the joint account and sign over responsibility to my wife as a sole account holder (including overdraft £900 and joint consolidation loan £326p/m on 18k). She did IE sheets and was telephoned across, approved, and we signed. The joint loan was part of my bankruptcy I understood it that my wife would take responsibility of that, hence goi
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