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  1. hi all, I recently have had my income cut from £1700pcm to only £430 pcm for personal reasons which are not really relevant.. I have debts I was paying but am unable to continue to pay them. Currently my outgoings monthly are more than what I earn and I need to cut down my monthly spendings... As you can imagine you cant afford much with £430! I have done an online questionnaire with Step Change who based on my answers have recommended bankruptcy... I don't really know the implications and people are putting all sorts of scary things in my head! If you go bankrupt does
  2. ok i got through to them eventually, she said that the account balance says £0 but then she goes in to statements and it says there £60.03 oweing but looks like it was paid but then regenerated?! we are both now confused. I have asked her to send me the bill out in writing so i can have a look...
  3. Hi all, I used to be with Npower for gas and electric got fed up with not getting bills then getting 2 at once or them messing about with payments. I left them for another supplier on 26/02/2014. I got a final bill from Npower on 4th March 2014 which I noticed had the wrong readings. The readings they had estimated were higher than the actual reading. (i took the reading myself on he day my supplier switched) i called them and gave them the new reading which would of meant my bill was less than they sent. The lad on the phone said they would amend the
  4. hi all, got a bit of a dilemma. I put my marine fish tank on ebay and had a fair bit of interest. I accepted an offer on it outside of ebay and agreed to end the listing on ebay if he paid a deposit to hold it and arrange collection. I did receive a £50 deposit via paypal £150 to be paid cash on collection. This guy arranged to come and collect last tuesday, he then didnt turn up and said hes been busy can he come friday so i said yes, friday he messaged and said hes going away for 4 days with family can he come tues or weds, so again i said ok but
  5. I initially rang Indesit because on the door there is a sticker which says about a 5 yr warranty so I called to register the product when I got it and I rang the repair number when it broke. I didnt realize I needed to ring Argos to be honest.
  6. Just had a right nightmare. I called Indesit who were supposed to come tomorrow to give them my new mobile number, they said they have no appointment booked for tomorrow!! Earliest they can now come out is Monday! I then rang Argos and said im not happy, its full of water, i cant use it and I want a refund and they then had me on hold for 15 minutes while they cancelled the call out for Monday with Indesit and arranged for a collection of the old one and a new one to be delivered. I didnt bloody ask for that!! I said to the guy I paid for a washing machine which was supposed to come with fr
  7. i like a good battle just for fun so why not! lol
  8. so if i call argos tomorrow i say there is a problem with it and THEY have to sort out fixing it? The thing is, if its going to take a week or 2 to fix it its costing me a fortune down the launderette and im not prepared to be without one for that long. In that instance can I not demand they refund me?
  9. ok i must not be talking sense sorry, the credit card was taken out in 2004, my last payment i made to it was in 2007 so not quite the 6 years ago to claims statute of limitations. The debt was sold from capital one to Arrow Global in 2011. They took me to court without me knowing and the CCJ was filed in August 2012. I only found out about the CCJ on my file in March 2013 when I was rejected for a flat rental. I then applied to my local court for them to set aside judgement as I was not aware of the proceedings. Today the Judge agreed to set aside judgement. I probably do owe the
  10. hi all, I bought an Indesit washing machine through Argos on 3rd April 2013. I did this over the phone and paid via credit card. The washing machine was delivered direct from the manufacturer about a week later. At no point did I receive a receipt although it shows on my credit card statement. The washing machine stopped working on Saturday. It is about 3 weeks old and smelt of burning and the drum was not going round. I called the Indesit warranty line and they said they will come out to have a look but if it needs new parts or a repair it will need to be sent off or parts ordered wh
  11. ok thanks, yeah i dont want them to file court proceedings again before giving me an oppertunity to pay.
  12. it was a capital one credit card back in 2004 but the last time i paid something to it was 2007 but just under the 6 years so gotta pay it.
  13. hi all, I found out about a CCJ on my credit file when I was rejected to rent a flat. I traced it and worked out they had written to a previous address and this is why I had no knowledge of it. The debt was from 2007 and for £200. I went to my local court and today was told it would be set aside as I had no knowledge of it. What happens now though? I didnt want to ask the judge as she looked a bit mean! lol. She said they would serve notice again to my new address, what does this mean? Will I get an oppertunity to pay it without it going back to court?
  14. hi, i have been and got the N244 form you said about but i have no clue how to fill it out. I read the guidance notes but it says its an application for a court order. i dont really understand what im supposed to put on it. firstly do i put Northampton County Court in the top right box or do I put my local Court? And where do I send it? Question 3 says what order are you asking the court to make and why, i have no idea! Any help apreciated as im not confident in what im doing at all.
  15. thanks for that info. Do i need to apply to the court where it was issued though, Northampton? Thats 300 miles away from where I live. Ive never lived near Northampton. Can i go to my local County Court?
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