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  1. Thanks, BazzaS, your suggestion does make sense. I am a sole director but have given no guarantees in that capacity; I do have an outstanding director's account though which I ready to be listed under the personal bankruptcy. The IP suggested I should get on with personal bankruptcy because the company's creditors (HMRC & a bank) will wind it up anyway.
  2. I'd like to start this thread with a big, fat 'mea culpa' and declaring my limited company insolvent AND declaring personal bankruptcy are the only routes left to me & I'm at peace with that. I have confirmed this having spoken with my accountant, an insolvency practitioner the accountant recommended, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Business Debt Line. My question, however, is in which order do I execute these? Business first then personal? I've had conflicting advice from the IP and BDL. I only want to do this once (obviously) and do it right so am nervous of starting in case my decision leads to adverse recourse. Please all you smart, helpful people, please advise?
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