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  1. In 1996 my husband was declared bankrupt following a business failure. At that time I took over paying all the mortgage payments including all the insurance endowment premiums. At that point there was no equity in the property. In 2006 the Protracted Assets unit of the Official receivers "took" my husbands share of the property and the endowment policy although, by that point, I had been paying all the mortgage/insurance premium payments for ten years I made no effort to prevent them from doing so, I realise that was probably a serious mistake but it's spilt-milk now. The property was ev
  2. Some points here, we're really in this trouble because the price comparison websites have put all the insurance brokers out of business (I know, I was one of them). I used to check 140 odd prices and then tell the client which were the cheapest and, more importantly, which cheap insurers to avoid. Brokers took a commission but were there to advise and assist the client. Now comparison sites take an even bigger commission and do nothing at all for the customer. A brief warning: some of this following advice might be a bit out of date because I left the industry a while back, if you want cl
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