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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Received a call from unknown number just before Christmas asking me to ring a number to discuss a matter - I didn't. Today have received a letter from Redwood Collections whose number it turns out was the one I was requested to ring. Letter is below, and is all they have sent to me, but my request for assistance from CAG (legends!)is what should be my first step with dealing with them, who I have never heard of or dealt with, as yes I dispute the whole debt for myriad reasons, but I want to be seen to be doing the right thing by replying to them - without listing all the reasons for disputing it at this point. I am not ringing them it will be a letter but what should I actually say in it - preferably to kill it stone dead asap! thanks for assistance According to the public record you are registered at this address. As we are unaware of any dispute in this matter, it is our intention to instruct a process server to attend your address for the purpose of serving you with a Statutory Demand issued under the Insolvency Act 1986 (Bankruptcy). Should you consider you have valid grounds for non-payment, we invite you to contact us immediately to discuss the same within seven days from the date of this letter. Should you fail to contact us and subsequently raise a dispute following the service of a Statutory Demand, acopy of this letter will be produced to demonstrate to the court that every effort has been made to resolve this matter amicably. Please be aware that should you become bankrupt any assets that you may have will be at risk. This may include the sale of your house by the Trustee in bankruptcy to settle this matter where appropriate. Yours sincerely, Enforcement Department Our company has the sole control of your account. Payment must be sent to this office. DO NOT PAY A DOORSTEP COLLECTOR, without first gaining our authority.
  2. Hi, I was hoping to possibly get some advice. My kids where at a private school (fees paid till the end of the school year). Then this happens.. . http://www.shernoldschool.co.uk/118972__1.pdf and http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/shernold-school-inadequate-staff-checks-97172/ at which point we withdrew the kids from the school and moved them elsewhere. We have told the school that we where not happy (so have others) and we would not be paying the notice period (although the bill they have sent us appears to only be for half of the term Fast forward a few months of email exchanges to yesterday, we receive a letter from Redwood Collections looking to collect the outstanding amount. Its there typical "We are instructed to take all necessary steps to recover the sum shown, including legal action if required". Some (hopefully) useful points: 1. The school fees where paid in full till the end of the school year 2. My eldest son has moderate aspergers syndrome and ADHD (we have letters proving it and the school where aware of this) he also had major heart surgery in March of this year 3. My sons care team had tried to work with the school with regards to what is the best outcome for my eldest sons education. They weren't interested (can prove this as well). 4. All things said done we where going to move them regardless due to having (documented) concerns for a while. Whats the best way forward with this? Thanks in advance! P.S. Sorry to work around the "To be able to post links or images your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts." message, but I think the links are important to what is going on here.
  3. Hi guys! I received a letter today from Redwood with demand for an outstanding invoice. The problem is that the invoice was in respect of copy writing and web design, which I did not use due to unsatisfactory quality. The coding was wrong, the wording was wrong, everything. After numerous emails, I've decided to cut my loses and instructed another professional to do the job. This time everything was okay, I have a new website now and settled the bill with service provider. I have all correspondence and proof that I did pay for the web development to another person. The website is up and running and the one was "designed" is nowhere to be seen. What is a correct way to go about it? Should I write to Redwoods with explanations? Or ignore them? I never even received a reminder or any other email, after I told the person that I am not accepting his work and going to hire someone else. In his last email to me, he agreed that he did not do a good job, especially as far as a web design is concerned, but said he wants to be paid for copy writing. Here is from his email: I had another look at your site yesterday, and I now agree that it is clearly not up to standard. As you’ve surmised, I’m not a web designer. I specialise in content and programming. I when you said you wanted more than my free site, I thought I could manage it. I deliberated over advising you to contact a professional designer for this. I’ve now decided to work in conjunction with a designer for future projects. Hence, I’ve removed the design costs from my invoice. The copy is a different story. I did everything you asked for. As a writing tutor, published author of literary fiction a nd first class degree holder in creative writing, you won’t find anyone with higher standards of English anywhere. Sure, you could find a better copywriter, but you’d have to pay at least four times as much. I’m therefore asking you one more time to either pay the attached invoice for the copy or work with me on modifications at no additional cost. But I did not use his texts, as his writing was nothing I instructed him to do.
  4. Hello I wonder if anyone can help me - I have a CCJ for Hewittsons solicitors relating to school fees for United Church Schools Trust. I have made the monthly payments agreed under the CCJ for the last 4 years. Two weeks ago I received a letter from Redwood Collections informing me they had now been instructed to recover the debt. There was no statement, letter of transfer or any paperwork to support their claim. This letter informed me that I was to cease payments to Hewittsons immediately and send payments to Redwood. I didn't respond as I expected to receive some sort of notification letter from Hewittsons that this was the case. Nothing has been received from Hewittsons. This weekend I received another letter from Redwood which was very threatening informing me that I am incurring costs which they will seek to recover and will institute bankruptcy proceedings plus all costs etc. Strangely, at the bottom of the letter they print a statement - "Our company has the sole control of your account. Payment must be sent to this office. DO NOT PAY A DOORSTEP COLLECTOR, without first gaining our authority." Redwood still did not provide any supporting paperwork, just these threatening letters. I have continued to pay Hewittsons under my CCJ agreement. I wondered if anyone could give me any advice before I make contact with anyone. Many thanks Simples
  5. Hi Does anyone know who these guys predominantly collect for? My husband just had a call on his mobile phone from these very aggressive guys who were trying to get hold of me using my maiden name (been married 4 years). Not aware of any issues with forgotten debt or where/how they would have obtained that number(ie my husbands) for me so looking for any ideas on who they could possibly be collecting for to see if any bells are rung. I refused to speak to them and my husband told them to put anything in writing - my address has not changed in 6 years.
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