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  1. yes, all been done and an "investigation" under way, however, just wondering who is responsible for taking them to court for the money they have stolen?
  2. I'm contacting you on behalf of my daughter - she is currently owed £1400 which has been duly paid by her ex via his wages....company deducted at source on court order. However. They have failed to send it to CSA so they can send to her. Where does she stand with this? Surely, there should be some recompense, as he has paid, she is bringing the kids up alone and only the company he works for are in profit? Any advice appreciated Teresa
  3. Hi both - I paid the amount being requested by card over the phone. As I said, my daughter ended up in hospital having treatment for cancer (fingers crossed it's been successful), so I figured a grand and a half was nothing compared to her life.
  4. I assure you I am angry with them both and they know it - I will never guarantor her again, nor anyone for that matter. Unfortunately, my daughter is under treatment for cancer, so in the bigger picture, this is the least of our worries.
  5. thank you both for your responses. I have written back to him to arrange payment - I don't have a cheque book, so need to either go into his office with my card, or get his bank details for a transfer. As for Lea_HTH - there is no need to be so rude and aggressive, I was simply doing as asked and posted for some advice before replying. I thought this was what the site was all about. I have previously donated to the site following some very good support and would do again despite this barrage. Again, thank you to all of you who have offered sensible and supportive advice.
  6. you clearly don't know all the story - yes he was a bully - the first I knew about it all was a threatening letter telling me I would be a soft touch because I'm old, vulnerable and a house owner. I realise that I signed the guarantee, I know I will have to pay if they don't. I can't understand why he has come back to me, but not approached them to prove the costs - that was what I was waiting for - would you pay a bill that was just plucked out of the air? No, I didn't think so. It's gone down considerably since I questioned the total. So at least now it is reasonable, but until I received this email I had no idea what the full and final invoice was. I was just asking for help in responding - as was the advice on this thread.
  7. thank you, much appreciated. It all seemed to go quiet after I asked for evidence of the amount he was asking for- so assumed he was backing off. My daughter doesn't believe that he got the rent arrears right either, but she is going through health issues at the moment (the big C) and I really want this big bully to go away.
  8. I'm back, but so is he. I wrote to the Landlord himself about a year ago and never heard a word until yesterday when an email drops into my inbox. Nothing was sent to my daughter, although he claimed to have known where she lived. It goes like this: I regret that I am only able to return to this matter a year later – I have had some serious health issues and had hoped that we might see some voluntary payments from either you or xxxx in the interim (xxxxx had indicated that she would pay £100 PCM). Sadly no payments have been made but happily I am now back to full strength and so it is time to bring this matter to a speedy conclusion. As I recall, you wanted copies of the final invoices for removal of the rubbish from the property and the lock changes – these are both attached for your information. So far as the rent arrears are concerned, I don’t believe that you doubted the accuracy of the calculation but if you want a copy of the rent statement then I shall have to post it to you as I cannot email it from our system – please confirm your address if you want one posting to you (you might want to confirm xxxx and xxxx addresses at the same time to “spread the load” if this goes to Court). There was a £350 deposit paid at the beginning of the tenancy and that has been forfeited and used in connection with cleaning and decorating costs – I trust that the need for that is not in dispute. So we come to the claim: £440 for rubbish removal £60 to change the locks £1,094 rent arrears. £1,594 in total If you are able to pay a lump sum within the next 14 days then I am authorised to agree to accept a lower figure of £1,350 in full and final settlement. If not, I await your proposals for payment within the next 14 days – if I have not heard from you by then it is my intention to apply for a money claim on-line against all three of you but jointly and severally in accordance with the original contract, such application will be made without further notice being given. He sent a scanned copy of invoices for lock change and clearing the house. What do I do now? I thought with the lack of contact that he had been told by the landlord to back off, but it appears he was only incapacitated for a while.
  9. just to update... ...since I stopped engaging with him (thanks for that advice transient) I have had no further contact to date. I realise it may just be sleeping whilst he mulls over his next move, but it's been several months now so I'm hoping the letter to the owner of the property has raised awareness of this guys tactics and they've decided to give up chasing me for made up sums. Will let you know if things escalate once again. Thank you to everyone who advised
  10. Checked those three websites and there is no record of the deposit with any of them.
  11. Sound advice, thank you. I have not sent another letter. Will check the schemes you mentioned. Thank you
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