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Found 16 results

  1. Hi I think my employer is trying to force a redundancy. After several promotions and promises of additional resources which were never forthcoming, a few months back they announced a part of my job had changed. More recently they announced in a meeting where there were others present that someone else was coming in to take over another part of my job and report to someone else and that I should hand over to them. I also know that further changes are afoot. I didn't agree to these changes so have to do something. A redundancy situation couldn't be fair as the work has not dimi
  2. I opened a Club Lloyds account prior to Xmas, primarily for the benefits it advertised. Under doctor’s orders, I am currently abroad to reduce my stress levels. I have a large sum of money in my account, and have been trying to use the time to move this to other accounts I have that it will earn interest on. Each time I try to make a transaction, either using online banking or via debit card, to other accounts in my name which are already set up with my online banking, Lloyds block them and make me call their Fraud Team. I am making the calls from abroad,
  3. This is f....g rediculous. They mess up my calculation...let it run for years and then give me a 2 year backdated attachment of earnings. for over 800 pcm. (for one child). I had to leave my job....I got a much lower paid job and they were taking 350 for maintenance and arrears. I get another low paid job...they then accepted 250 for arrears only as the regular payments had stopped. I get another job and try to contact via email and web enquiry. No reply. Suddenly...without warning. £425 per month out of my bank account. I cant even afford my rent or electricity. And t
  4. Basically, I am self-employed and have been for the last 2 years, When I first started I had to take my books in every three month and a new calculation was done. that was fine I had no problems with that at all. Towards the last three months of 2014 and the first 2-3 months of 2015 my income went up considerably and so my housing benefit entitlement dropped to the point I was only getting maybe £10.00 per week and virtually nothing on Council Tax. No problems with that as the money I was earning covered the increase and I was happy with it. The problem started at the end of
  5. Well now you know why your Local Library or Swimming pool is closing down ! No money for social care - because staff are being paid to prevent whistleblowing or criticism of bosses. Local Authorities are apparently requiring staff who are taking early retirement/redundancy or leaving after a dispute, to sign a gagging order (compromise agreement). It would appear that the person leaving receives more money if they do this.
  6. Hello I am new here and desperate for some advice. It's complicated but will try and keep it brief but below is a summary. In August 2006 myself and my now ex husband needed to refinance an existing loan with GE Money a broker referred us to Blackhorse and we were offered a secured loan of £40k. We were categorically told that we could only take the loan if we had the PPI as well even though we said the repayments were way to high to afford. We were convinced by the Blackhorse rep that this was our only option like idiots we signed. The loan agreement stat
  7. Introduction I'd like to document the correspondence of my dealings with Erudio, aka Arrow Global / CarVal Investors in the hope it will help others; my student loans are from 92-95. Mission Objective To get written confirmation of deferment, as has been the case since loans were originated via SLC. Salvo #1 First contact was a big wad of paperwork as documented in other threads, asking for bank details, eye colour, inside leg measurement et al....and a signature! I ignored this first contact. They phoned and I requested a
  8. I stopped in a loading bay at Hammersmith to load items in my car, their traffic management Order states clearly that "if you are disabled or are injured you can stop for as long as it takes to set down or pick up with your bags/luggage, no time limit. The council lied at the tribunal and refused to give a copy of this traffic management Order. The tribunal Judge referred the decision to the council who still wanted the money from me. The tribunal is aware that they lied but will not do anything about it, I tried judicial review but they said the
  9. Hi guys, I would like to ask You about such thing, I'm working for some company , now I'm on probation period for 2 months more (6 at all) my contract contains "it is a condition of your contract of emplotment for overtime to be worked in order to meet customer requirements" , I'm working 4 on 4 off shift 12 hours each, but usually I don't have my 4 days off cause my employer always wants me to do overtimes saying like "you have to" not asking if I can, when I said I'm busy on last days off and can't do this 5 minutes later he came and said like "You are on probation period, if You would not d
  10. Hullo all I was a member of an organisation called myphoneclub which provided connections via Orange(EE) on a 30 day contract basis. I ported my two numbers in from Carphone Warehouse over a year ago. On 7th February I received an email from myphoneclub to say they had ceased trading and called them. They advised that someone from orange would be in contact to sort out the phones. On or around 20th February I was contacted by Avenir Telecom a reseller of EE(Orange) who offered to put me on expensive 2 year 4G EE contracts. I refused. No other service from EE was offered to m
  11. When we moved into our new home earlier this year we decided to use BT as our internet service provider, picking the Unlimited Broadband package at just £16 per month. After many cancelled appointments (by BT) an engineer finally came around to get us online on 9th May. He fitted a new telephone line due to the previous one being “too old for internet” and we ran an extension phone line from the main socket downstairs to my office upstairs so the hub could be connected to the PC via an Ethernet lead. For two weeks everything was fantastic, download speeds were terr
  12. Hi, hope I am not breaking any rules here but I am a total novice at doing this kind of thing! Where can I post asking for advice on obtaining a court order to force a sale of property please? Thanks lots sewsew
  13. Well over ten years ago I had a credit card with Littlewoods, it later became The Associates, and then Citi Financial. During this time I was seriously ill and my income ceased. It was then put on an instalment plan, and sold to Hillesden Securities Ltd (HSL). In 2008 they obtained a CCJ. Due to poor health I did not challenge this, but agreed to continue paying it off monthly, exactly as before. HSL failed to supply, on written request, any statement or explanation of how the alleged balance was calculated. Even though interest and charges were supposedly "frozen", the balance had clear
  14. Hello, I am posting her on behalf of my mother she along with all other employee's have recently received a letter outlining details of a new Employment contract with reduced Sickness and Maternity benefits after the current benefit system has been abused by many of the employee's. They have sent a proposed contract out for all staff to review, on the Proposal it says if you don't agree with the proposal you may be dismissed from the old terms and given a new offer of employment under the new terms(in which case she would also loose all the extra holidays she has accrued working there for
  15. Ok I know they cant cut me off in winter if I have children. Can they however forcefully install a meter (via the courts and a lock smith) that I cant afford to use? (effectively cutting me off) Because they wont just instal a normal meter I will have to pay off part of my 4000 pound debt and pay for what I normally use and im on benefits at the moment and in serious financial difficulty/debt and I cant afford to eat let alone pay my bills! The electricity company is E-On they are on the verge of taking the case to court to apply for the rights to force me to install the meter/
  16. I moved into this private property, a single room on 21st March 2012 where I paid one months rent of £240 and £80 for a deposit on a three month agreed tenancy. All bills were included and with the following two payments for rent after that I paid £80 each time to pay a full deposit of £240. My contract having ended three months later I explained to the landlord I will stay another two months which has now turned unto three months until 21st August 2012. I have signed no new paperwork and was simply told to change the date on my original contract which I assume he has done so, however, I
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