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  1. Hi all, I'm sure it's nothing but I just wanted to check - My employer runs a salary sacrifice scheme for childcare vouchers and they have given me a form to complete which explains that 'This change will result in a change to your contract of employment'. This is normal, I take it?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently a single mum of 2 and claim working tax credit and child tax credit. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving in together (him moving into my home). I said I will inform Tax Credits accordingly and make a joint claim once he moves in. The problem is, he has made it very clear that he will not provide proof of his wages etc (it's his privacy). He said that he wants to provide and we won't be eligible for anything so I should just call them and close my claim. My question is: Can I just call to say I wish to end my tax credit claim as
  3. I'm contacting you on behalf of my daughter - she is currently owed £1400 which has been duly paid by her ex via his wages....company deducted at source on court order. However. They have failed to send it to CSA so they can send to her. Where does she stand with this? Surely, there should be some recompense, as he has paid, she is bringing the kids up alone and only the company he works for are in profit? Any advice appreciated Teresa
  4. How to fight / complain about a council Norwich city council / Norfolk county council (both names on letters) that you believe are idiots and or committing fraud Actually in credit (£35) with rent account and council tax as we pay shortfall ourselves... but I'm a carer for 1 of 2 of my autistic daughters and my missus works for fixed salary with no chance of overtime ever.. so you'd think h/b and c/t benefit would be fixed. Not a chance when missus worked 5 days a week we got around £10 per week h/b, now same job but 3 days only, as original job holder has come back from maternity.
  5. Hi there, I have recently left my previous full time job and got my final pay slip. I was employed full time since November 2014. My contract states that my "core hours of work are 41 hours a week, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm." However, one term which I failed to read properly states: "Where you have taken more or less than your accrued holiday entitlement in the final year of your employment, a proportionate adjustment will be made by way of additional or reduction from (as appropriate) your final gross pay calculated at 1/365th of Full Time Equivalent salary for
  6. After a conversation with my ex husband he informed me that the CSA told him how much I get paid annually, and proceeded to tell me , and then told me he also had it in writing. Can the CSA divulge my earnings to him, I thought it was confidential between myself and them have they breached Data Protection Act Any advice would be helpful Thank you
  7. Hi all, I'd appreciate if someone could advise me on what to do?! My husband was headhunted by an agency for a job in a school in X. He had a permanent 5 year job near where we lived and his salary was 17k pa. He was offered 21k to work in this school, both the manager in the school and the woman in the agency sent him emails after his interview confirming the job offer of 21k fixed term contract for 1 year with the possibility of extension. He accepted the job and started working there first week of November 2015. Two weeks later he was called in his manager's office and was
  8. Hello, Nearly two years after I left my last employer I received a demand for over £1000 because of an alleged overpayment. From the very first letter I have been threatened with debt collectors and phrases like "you must pay" have been used in emails. I was unaware that I had been overpaid, having chased my former line manager on numerous occasions for both my final payslip and my P45 and eventually contacted the HR director. I was happy that they had finally arrived and I was able to hand in my P45 to my new employer. I have asked for a breakdown of the calculations but have
  9. Hi everyone, Can someone help me on compensatory awards which arise from unfair dismissal? I was a member of a final salary pension scheme. Would the loss of my pension rights be included in the 12 month cap? I understand that it could limit my claim to just 12 months salary. My claim as it stands would be for 12 months loss of earnings on its own. There is also the matter of an ACAS uplift applicable because of the actions of my ex employer. Would such an uplift be included in the 12 month cap or is it additional to? Thank you in advance for any advice
  10. Hi Please help, I worked for a company for 4 years. We parted company as they wanted to downgrade my position without any reason or reviews taken place. After i left, in February 2015; I then received my regular salary on following month March. They are now (May) demanding I pay back all the sum within 5 days or face court action. I have been home all this time and not found a job, nor on benefit. I have used the money to pay for my living. I don't dispute the over-payment... What options do I have? Id like to pay back when I get a job on a monthly basis, I don't want
  11. Hi guys Bit of a dilemma.....I would appreciate any help/support or reference to case law/employment law. I have been employed in a role for the last year at £50k per annum I have found out through management accounts my predassessor was on £65k before he left Job role and associated responsibilities are the same (if not more now!) Organisational procedure insists that the org will pay median rate as a starting point for all benchmarked role Challenged HR to explain why the £15k anomaly. Requested to see evidence of re-benchmarked salary and also requested confirm
  12. I am hoping I can pick some peoples brains here about contracts and employment law etc.I have worked for a company for 4years now and have a contract that I signed when I started I work 12 hour shifts on a pattern of 2 days and then 2 nights followed by 4 days off. This is one block of 7, then after block 7, I have 18days off. This is also a job that is at sea, but within coastal waters no more than 12miles offshore.New staff have been taken on over the last 2 years on a new type of contract deeming the same job to be a Multi Skilled role, meaning they company will train these people for
  13. Hey, I recently applied for a job which was way above my pay scale but very similar in responsibilities. Stupidly, I inflated my current salary slightly so it looked more in line with the new position. Now I've been offered the job and background checks have started. I'm concerned that my 'white lie' will be discovered. I have found the following thread info on the subject.. Is this correct? http ://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110820063708AA7O9OH References normally NEVER include salary details because that would be against the Data Protection Act.
  14. Could someone please tell me where I stand, I resigned from my previous employment in February and they have continued to pay me. They are now demanding it back but, their figure differs from what was deposited into my account. I am assuming that they are trying to claw back employers tax and NI...........do I have to pay this too?
  15. Hi On behalf of my son. My son is salary paid and has been offered another job, better pay etc etc. He works as a chef and has been doing around 25 hours a week over the slow winter period, but he has been paid his full (35 hour) salary. His firm has told him that if he leaves he will have to repay part of his salary amounting to about £2500 because they have been paying him for 35 hours over the winter period but he has only been working 25 hours. Can they do this? Surely it's up to his employer to give him work for 35 hours a week? if they don't then surely
  16. Evening All - I'm just after a someone who is in the know about company finance issues and placing default notices on company credit file if possible? To give you a very brief background into my case I was employed by a government organisation and in October 2003 it was revealed that they had made errors with many employees salaries and subsequent pension contributions dating back to 2003, to summarise they are now applying The Limitation Act 1980 to make reduced payments to all the affected 250 staff members identified. As the organisation is refusing to pay me in full I now view all
  17. Hi, This is my first post so thanks for taking the time to read this. To give you a brief overview of my circumstances I was employed by a government organisation who will remain anonymous for fear of reprisals at this time. I resigned from the organisation in 2009 so that I could facilitate a move to New Zealand on a permanent basis. To give you a brief outline I was employed by the organisation initially as a Support member of staff back in September 2003 leaving to take up a new position within the same organisation in August 2008 again with the same organisation. The dispute with
  18. Hi There, I used to work for a reputed UK company few years ago and I was made redundant some time ago. I did not know of my employment rights back then so I simply believed I could not do anything even though I suspected that it was an unfair dismissal because I was the youngest one and I was on the verge of completing 2 years in the company. Anyways, because of this I had to leave UK and come to Canada because I found it extremely hard to find work there. Now that I am in Canada, I had to apply for Permanent Residence and needed a letter from my previous UK employer stating my sal
  19. Ok ill explain what happened and hopefully someone can help with some advice urgently if possible. We lived at an address and then moved three streets up. Now......wrongly i assumed that the council would carry on taking the money from the same account for the new property and calculate the difference (if any....this is the only time ive had to pay council tax as i have always been in the services) i generally do not check my accounts as there is never anything uintoward and the same bills always leave etc etc. Now i received a letter from the council saying that 2 payments of £140 were
  20. Hi I am trying to deal with my credit history and found a CCJ. This relates to an apparent overpayment of salary in January 2008. I was employed for a short while, but went sick with depression and resigned. I believe they may have paid me sick leave and then gone 'ooooops' shouldn't have done that. To cut a long story, I was diagnosed with depression in 2001, the PTSD and later something more serious, I would have certainly fallen into the Mental Capacity Act because of the medication I was on. They have said they will need proof about my capacity, this is where mental
  21. Hi I have posted before and not sure if this is the right place. In 2007 I started a job and unfortunately went sick. I then got an e-mail to tell me it might be better to resign as it was depression. However the issue is a pay one. I recieved a CCJ for overpayment of salary by £662, I disputed this. However in 2009 i was very ill and not fully recover until 2011/2012 where i started to look at my debts. Having looked at this i felt it was not right and after requesting a SAR i recieved documentation. The first thing was that when I started my job the salary was £17169, when i ch
  22. I am on sick leave and only entitled at this time to SSP. In February my employer paid me a full salary and clawed it all back in March leaving me with absolutely nothing and in hardship. I sent in a Fit Note on 18 March for 4 weeks and indicated that I would not be returning in April so I should not get paid. i was advised that I am getting paid my full salary despite being on sick leave and they will recover it all in May. This is causing me financial problems and requested that they just pay me my SSP which I am entitled to. I emailed them in plenty of time for the cut off date for
  23. Hey I was due to receive my wages today to my new bank account but my efficient and organised employer has went and and paid it into my old account that has now been closed. My employer will not pay as anything until the money has been received back. Anyways, does anyone know how long BACS payment takes to bounce back? My old and new account is with NatWest and my employer also uses them, so hoping this will speed things up. Obviously, Easter time now so can't do nowt until Tuesday. Employer said NatWest will have a suspense account where it gets held but NatWest said
  24. Hello all, I'm hoping somebody can help. I'm having a lot of trouble with housing benefit claims. I work part time and my hours can change abut the amount of benefit they allow me never seems to reflect a drop in earnings only when my earnings go up do my benefits seem to drop. I'm trying to sort that and have been for a number of years. I give up sometimes then a situation arises that starts me on the campaign again. Anyway, the point I'm looking into now, alongside all the rest, is SALARY SACRIFICE. I have a bike through cycle sheme. I didn't look at the small print when I jo
  25. good afternoon i have a question; i am currently on a 90 consultation for redundancy and have been informed i have to look productive otherwide my salary will be reduced? Is this legal?
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