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  1. Hi all, I'm sure it's nothing but I just wanted to check - My employer runs a salary sacrifice scheme for childcare vouchers and they have given me a form to complete which explains that 'This change will result in a change to your contract of employment'. This is normal, I take it?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently a single mum of 2 and claim working tax credit and child tax credit. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving in together (him moving into my home). I said I will inform Tax Credits accordingly and make a joint claim once he moves in. The problem is, he has made it very clear that he will not provide proof of his wages etc (it's his privacy). He said that he wants to provide and we won't be eligible for anything so I should just call them and close my claim. My question is: Can I just call to say I wish to end my tax credit claim as my boyfriend will be living with me?. Will they not ask for his employer, salary details etc? I don't want to end up with an overpayment. Also, is there a best time to close tax credit claims because my friend said that I should wait till end of tax year April or July? Really confused so any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I'm contacting you on behalf of my daughter - she is currently owed £1400 which has been duly paid by her ex via his wages....company deducted at source on court order. However. They have failed to send it to CSA so they can send to her. Where does she stand with this? Surely, there should be some recompense, as he has paid, she is bringing the kids up alone and only the company he works for are in profit? Any advice appreciated Teresa
  4. How to fight / complain about a council Norwich city council / Norfolk county council (both names on letters) that you believe are idiots and or committing fraud Actually in credit (£35) with rent account and council tax as we pay shortfall ourselves... but I'm a carer for 1 of 2 of my autistic daughters and my missus works for fixed salary with no chance of overtime ever.. so you'd think h/b and c/t benefit would be fixed. Not a chance when missus worked 5 days a week we got around £10 per week h/b, now same job but 3 days only, as original job holder has come back from maternity. we got just £1.10 a week ... no sense or reason. Asked for written explanation from council, both verbal over counter and via telephone, 6-8 weeks later no response. we have done and have receipt for change of circumstances from November ( 5 to 3 days work ) from council. now April time and suddenly we got a letter from housing officer with projected housing benefit from council (not the council ) saying they would be paying £55 1 month, £97 the next month and then £45 the month after that.... problem is we have a paper debt of £538 rent arrears. This I sorted myself and it's purely a computer error from projected h/b to actual h/b received (i.e council say gonna pay £100 but only pay £40 so a -£60 debt occurs on paper but not in account as we pay short fall) I've done the letter requesting a detailed written breakdown of all housing benefit since claim beginning - ignored ( 6- 8 weeks now) asked for a review of it - nothing but recalculates showing different amounts every week! ( just the standard letter -no explanation ) I've phoned and read from council letter saying please ask for a detailed breakdown made very clear this was what I was asking for - the response was I can only print off letters you have already received !! how do I fight someone who basically knows its wrong but wont admit it? who is the person to complain to in charge of h/b or higher? would SAR's and / or L.B.A ? be next step?
  5. Hi there, I have recently left my previous full time job and got my final pay slip. I was employed full time since November 2014. My contract states that my "core hours of work are 41 hours a week, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm." However, one term which I failed to read properly states: "Where you have taken more or less than your accrued holiday entitlement in the final year of your employment, a proportionate adjustment will be made by way of additional or reduction from (as appropriate) your final gross pay calculated at 1/365th of Full Time Equivalent salary for each day's pay up to a maximum of 20 days. I have already contacted them to dispute this and ACAS. ACAS said they could not help and told me to go to a solicitor. I realise that I have signed the contract and thereby agree to the terms but wondered if there was anything I could do? I am not contractually bound to work weekends and never have. Can they do this? I have never worked anywhere where they have done this. I have received the following email from my previous employer's payroll department: "I refer to our telephone conversation of this morning regarding the calculation of your July salary. To confirm your salary was calculated as follows :- Annual Salary £25,000.00/12 = £2,083.33 as was normally paid each month. As your last day was 1 July 2016 you were entitled to one day’s pay (£2083.33/31)=£67.20. To confirm your annual leave was calculated as follows:- Your annual leave entitlement for the period 1 February 2016 to 31 January 2017 was 27.5 days. You carried forward 10 days leave less any holiday taken. The maximum annual leave payable on leaving is twenty days . The calculation was 5/12x27.5=11.50days Plus 10 days carried forward = 21.50days less any leave taken. Twenty days were therefore paid.(£25,000.00/365= £68.49x20)=£1,369.86. Please find attachments for terms & conditions (see highlighted paragraph) and your original contract." I have attached a copy of my employment contract with relevant sections blanked out and the terms my employer has referred to with this post. I would really appreciate any advice on this matter. Calculation of Salary.pdf Copy of Employment Contract.pdf
  6. After a conversation with my ex husband he informed me that the CSA told him how much I get paid annually, and proceeded to tell me , and then told me he also had it in writing. Can the CSA divulge my earnings to him, I thought it was confidential between myself and them have they breached Data Protection Act Any advice would be helpful Thank you
  7. Hi all, I'd appreciate if someone could advise me on what to do?! My husband was headhunted by an agency for a job in a school in X. He had a permanent 5 year job near where we lived and his salary was 17k pa. He was offered 21k to work in this school, both the manager in the school and the woman in the agency sent him emails after his interview confirming the job offer of 21k fixed term contract for 1 year with the possibility of extension. He accepted the job and started working there first week of November 2015. Two weeks later he was called in his manager's office and was told that if he left quietly he will be paid till the end of the month and will be provided with references. Obviously he was very distraught and sent his resignation letter the following week. A week after resigning he received his payslip and contract from X council to sign. The payslip and contract showed his annual salary at 17k! It is then we realized that he was pushed out because the school realized they could not pay him the salary he was offered. In March we received a letter from debt collectors for salary overpayment. It was annoying because the X council did not even call or write to us beforehand. My husband contacted the HR office and told them what had happened between him and the school. After 'investigating' for 2 weeks the HR wrote back saying surprise surprise that the manager of the school never said he would pay him till the end of the month and since the contract offered was 21k fixed term it meant 21k pro rata which equates 17k pa. First of all, if my husband was offered 21k pro rata he would have never taken it. Secondly, in any of the correspondences was 'pro rata' mentioned. I have called numerous solicitors just to ask for an advice and none want to give me advice because they don't want to take the case. We just want to know whether we should send a letter back to HR quoting different legal sources. If I am not mistaken this can come under estoppel? Or we should just pay them since we cant afford being taken to court. But we don't want to pay because of the principle and because of what had happened. Any advice is appreciated.
  8. Hello, Nearly two years after I left my last employer I received a demand for over £1000 because of an alleged overpayment. From the very first letter I have been threatened with debt collectors and phrases like "you must pay" have been used in emails. I was unaware that I had been overpaid, having chased my former line manager on numerous occasions for both my final payslip and my P45 and eventually contacted the HR director. I was happy that they had finally arrived and I was able to hand in my P45 to my new employer. I have asked for a breakdown of the calculations but have been sent a spreadsheet with a number of worksheets and complex formulae, and some screen prints of their computer system. I have no experience in payroll so can't verify that their calculations are correct. I have repeatedly asked for a comprehensive explanation (in simple terms) of their calculations. I have also asked for an explanation on how their error - although they won't admit they they made one and assuming that they have - came about. I haven't had a satisfactory explanation about that either. I also suffer from a chronic physical illness and was diagnosed with it during my employment there. The stress of this is making me ill. At hospital appointments over the last year, various medical staff have told me in no uncertain terms that I have to keep stress levels down. I have made it clear to the organisation that I would like a prompt resolution and that they are affecting my health. Their reply was another email with no explanation and further threats to pass to a debt collection agency if I don't reply within a week. Previous emails have given me a fortnight. Is there somewhere I can take this to for further advice? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. Hi everyone, Can someone help me on compensatory awards which arise from unfair dismissal? I was a member of a final salary pension scheme. Would the loss of my pension rights be included in the 12 month cap? I understand that it could limit my claim to just 12 months salary. My claim as it stands would be for 12 months loss of earnings on its own. There is also the matter of an ACAS uplift applicable because of the actions of my ex employer. Would such an uplift be included in the 12 month cap or is it additional to? Thank you in advance for any advice
  10. Hi Please help, I worked for a company for 4 years. We parted company as they wanted to downgrade my position without any reason or reviews taken place. After i left, in February 2015; I then received my regular salary on following month March. They are now (May) demanding I pay back all the sum within 5 days or face court action. I have been home all this time and not found a job, nor on benefit. I have used the money to pay for my living. I don't dispute the over-payment... What options do I have? Id like to pay back when I get a job on a monthly basis, I don't want a CCJ. please advise. Thanks.
  11. Hi guys Bit of a dilemma.....I would appreciate any help/support or reference to case law/employment law. I have been employed in a role for the last year at £50k per annum I have found out through management accounts my predassessor was on £65k before he left Job role and associated responsibilities are the same (if not more now!) Organisational procedure insists that the org will pay median rate as a starting point for all benchmarked role Challenged HR to explain why the £15k anomaly. Requested to see evidence of re-benchmarked salary and also requested confirmation as to whether I am on the media anchor point. HR response was that' they could not find benchmarking data (albeit I said could this be because you never did one?) HR also unable to confirm whether i am I the media rate. My suspicions are that the salary reduced for nk good reason and the revised salary was plucked out air. Where can I go with this? What can I do if I have been underpaid for so long? Thanks in anticipation Abs
  12. I am hoping I can pick some peoples brains here about contracts and employment law etc.I have worked for a company for 4years now and have a contract that I signed when I started I work 12 hour shifts on a pattern of 2 days and then 2 nights followed by 4 days off. This is one block of 7, then after block 7, I have 18days off. This is also a job that is at sea, but within coastal waters no more than 12miles offshore.New staff have been taken on over the last 2 years on a new type of contract deeming the same job to be a Multi Skilled role, meaning they company will train these people for other roles within the company. (Roles that I am not allowed to do, because I am not being trained. Jobs I would like to be able to train for. However also as part of this new contract, they have to do 16 shifts in a year extra at flate rate, not at an overtime rate. These hours can also be used for training purposes. So say for instance I have to do a first aid course, for me, that is a days overtime, they get the hours taken off of the prepaid shifts they have to do. So in effect they are being paid upfront to do the overtime, but on a flat rate. I realise this is swings and roundabouts, but the difference is, I cannot do the training except anything that I require to keep my certification in date. Also I am being denied a financial difference and the reason being, many people on this contract aren't actually doing the extra shifts. But by them not doing them, I am. But they are being paid the same at the end of the year as me, but I am having to actually do the work to earn the extra money.Also some of my colleagues on contracts before I started, when the company was owned by some other bank or business is on almost 10k pa more than me. Also it is recognised that he is lazy etc. HR and my manager will not look at my salary or discuss my contract although it is completely immoral that in effect you have 3 different contracts and rates of pay for the same job. Suggestions? Laws? All suggestions and advice welcome.
  13. Hey, I recently applied for a job which was way above my pay scale but very similar in responsibilities. Stupidly, I inflated my current salary slightly so it looked more in line with the new position. Now I've been offered the job and background checks have started. I'm concerned that my 'white lie' will be discovered. I have found the following thread info on the subject.. Is this correct? http ://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110820063708AA7O9OH References normally NEVER include salary details because that would be against the Data Protection Act. Your last employer cannot reveal your financial information to anyone else unless you authorise them to. Thanks!
  14. Could someone please tell me where I stand, I resigned from my previous employment in February and they have continued to pay me. They are now demanding it back but, their figure differs from what was deposited into my account. I am assuming that they are trying to claw back employers tax and NI...........do I have to pay this too?
  15. Hi On behalf of my son. My son is salary paid and has been offered another job, better pay etc etc. He works as a chef and has been doing around 25 hours a week over the slow winter period, but he has been paid his full (35 hour) salary. His firm has told him that if he leaves he will have to repay part of his salary amounting to about £2500 because they have been paying him for 35 hours over the winter period but he has only been working 25 hours. Can they do this? Surely it's up to his employer to give him work for 35 hours a week? if they don't then surely my son can't be held accountable can he? Many thanks Neil
  16. Evening All - I'm just after a someone who is in the know about company finance issues and placing default notices on company credit file if possible? To give you a very brief background into my case I was employed by a government organisation and in October 2003 it was revealed that they had made errors with many employees salaries and subsequent pension contributions dating back to 2003, to summarise they are now applying The Limitation Act 1980 to make reduced payments to all the affected 250 staff members identified. As the organisation is refusing to pay me in full I now view all the outstanding monies owed as a debt and will be treating its as such, hence my intention on placing a default notice against the organisation in question. I have established that I have a reasonable argument under S.32 The Limitation Act 1980 subsection ©. to bring a civil claim against my former employers, as a mistake is a major part of the problem AND a reasonable level of due diligence was carried out each month when receiving my monthly salary, also the fact 250 members of staff did not realise that their monthly pay had a shortfall further emphasises the gravity of the problem. For more details see my other post the link can be found in my profile - I can't post the direct link as I only have 5 posts and require 10 posts or more to put links on here I would like to know if possible: 1. Can I place a default notice on the organisations credit file? With Experian / Equifax etc? My former employers have admitted that mistakes with my pay amounted to £10k dating back to 2003 however they have paid me just £1,001 using The Limitation Act 1980 to make this reduced payment 2. This case will be going to court shortly so could I write to the credit reference agencies and ask that a default notice is placed before a court judgement is made based on the correspondence that I have and limited payments made by the organisation? Again any input or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Again, muzzy17
  17. Hi, This is my first post so thanks for taking the time to read this. To give you a brief overview of my circumstances I was employed by a government organisation who will remain anonymous for fear of reprisals at this time. I resigned from the organisation in 2009 so that I could facilitate a move to New Zealand on a permanent basis. To give you a brief outline I was employed by the organisation initially as a Support member of staff back in September 2003 leaving to take up a new position within the same organisation in August 2008 again with the same organisation. The dispute with surrounds my salary whilst employed as a Support member of staff with the organisation between the above aforementioned dates. In October 2013 I was made aware by an ex colleague that the organisation had made some mis-calculations with their pay formulas and that some members of staff had been underpaid as well as overpaid. I wrote a letter to the payroll department and was asked to wait until payroll had looked into my pay to decipher if I had been underpaid. In December 2013 management informed me that I was to be paid just £1001.40 (for 1 year's erroneous back pay) without any further consultation of the matter, I duly responded stating that I did not accept this amount and if the organisation did pay this into my bank account It was by no means an acceptance of the matter, I also asked not to be taxed on this amount as I was a foreign resident for tax purposes but they went ahead and taxed the payment again without any further consultation. The organisation along with all other similar government departments across the country have to adhere to the Pay And Conditions Handbook which is a government document, and is also written into employee's contracts. On this occasion along with many other people who were employed by the organisation as support staff, this was not adhered to since 2003 due to an 'administration error' on the organisations behalf. The head of the organisation I used to work for has since replied to me stating that this could be considered as a breach of contract. The reason the organisation are making it difficult for me to recover all outstanding monies owed is because they are applying The Limitations Act 1980 to make reduced payments to all staff affected which I feel is appalling and immoral. This issue has made the local news and the head of the organisation has gone on record stating the organisation "had both moral and legal duties to correct the pay errors" what the head doesn't go on record to say is that the organisation would be applying The Limitations Act 1980 to make reduced payments to staff. The key part I feel, is if I would have knowingly known at the time I was being underpaid I would have acted to recover the money owed its only natural. The organisation have clearly put myself and others at a disadvantage by only realising this error as a mistake in August 2013 and then applying The Limitations Act 1980 to make reduced payments. I believe that section 32 subsection © The Limitation Act 1980 provides a valid argument to postpone the 6 year time limit in recovering the monies owed as I did not knowingly know that a mistake had occurred and I would have quite naturally sought to remedy the problem straight away had I known my pay and pension had a monthly shortfall dating back to 2003. Does anyone know if this would be a good legal argument in court? Here's the S.32 definition (see subsection c): 32.-- • (1) .... where in the case of any action for which a period of limitation is prescribed by this Act, either- (a) the action is based upon the fraud of the defendant; or (b) any fact relevant to the plaintiff's right of action has been deliberately concealed from him by the defendant; or © the action is for relief from the consequences of a mistake; The period of limitation shall not begin to run until the plaintiff has discovered the fraud, concealment or mistake (as the case may be) or could with reasonable diligence have discovered it.... The report that I have obtained puts the errors down to "Inconsistent practice and poor communication between the operational teams, the Resources Management Unit, Human Resources and Payroll. These issues stemmed from the lack of end to end process, control and written procedures governing shift pattern changes. The risk of reoccurrence although much reduced following the discovery of this error, will remain until procedures are formally documented and communicated" In closing there are around 250 members of staff affected I believe. I along with 7 other former employees (That number is likely to increase) are looking to take collective legal action as we are all in the same situation with regards to our pay arrears the only difference is our lengths of service differ. I am the nominated spokesperson for our group. My only questions are: 1. Do this organisation have a case to answer with regards to a breach of contract? 2. Would S.32 subsection © The Limitations Act (See above definition) be a good argument in a court as a mistake has been made? 3. Can an application be lodged to instigate employment Tribunal proceedings regardless of the 3-month timeframe, as I did not knowingly know our pay was erroneous? 4. Would a civil case be more likely to succeed for a breach of contract? 5. Could we also charge the organisation interest on any monies owed in my own case I believe that i'm owed around £10,000 and above? 6. Lastly if there was any future action taken could an application be put to the courts requesting that all our associated costs and legal fees be met by the organisation in the event they lost the case? I hope this all makes sense, I apologise if there was any ramblings. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has experienced similar problems or anyone who specialises in this area of employment law. Thank You Muzzy17
  18. Hi There, I used to work for a reputed UK company few years ago and I was made redundant some time ago. I did not know of my employment rights back then so I simply believed I could not do anything even though I suspected that it was an unfair dismissal because I was the youngest one and I was on the verge of completing 2 years in the company. Anyways, because of this I had to leave UK and come to Canada because I found it extremely hard to find work there. Now that I am in Canada, I had to apply for Permanent Residence and needed a letter from my previous UK employer stating my salary and otehr details. However, they refused to provide me with the letter for few weeks and upon constant emails and me stating that if I did not receive a letter from them, I will not be able to apply for Permanent Residence because deadline was approaching soon. After 'pressurizing' them with emails, they sent a letter which I received after the deadline. I am so stressed now because of all this. Can I formally make a complaint against them because literally they have ruined my life! Thanks guys!
  19. Ok ill explain what happened and hopefully someone can help with some advice urgently if possible. We lived at an address and then moved three streets up. Now......wrongly i assumed that the council would carry on taking the money from the same account for the new property and calculate the difference (if any....this is the only time ive had to pay council tax as i have always been in the services) i generally do not check my accounts as there is never anything uintoward and the same bills always leave etc etc. Now i received a letter from the council saying that 2 payments of £140 were due.....at that time i could only pay one so paid that immediately on the phone. They were to send a letter out so that i could work out a repayment plan for the remainder. I work a lot of hours and my partner does not work and we have two small children. Yes i should have kept track of the letter that never came from the council, due to our wedding in November (which we have scrimped and scraped for) and other daily problems. Now, last month i noticed online on my pay statement that £400 had gone out of my salary at source. I contacted my pay dept (for a major communications company) and they could not tell me what it was for but raised an issue and gave me a ref number. Total deuctions for that month took me to £1200 with myself fiance and two children to ffed for the month and £525 rent. ....... Two weekd later nothing had materialised from my pay dep so i rang them back.....they had lost the inital complaint raised by myself and issued another. So......to make up for last month i hammered as much overtime as possible........i checked my pay statement online again for the up coming salary.......nearly £500 this time which also wiped out ALL the overtime i did. Pay dept still had no answers, so i contacted the council tax on the off chance, they confirmed that they had requested the money from source via the courts. Now i promise this is the truth completely, i never never recieved anything from the council stating this would happen OR from my pay department asking ingoings/outgoings. Now i have also found that there is a protected earnings law?? where the salary must not go below £1500 p/m. This has happened to me on two consecutive months now and is really putting us in financial hardship, and yet i never owed that much so can not understand why they are taking so much off me. Please can someone help me here, is there anything i can do (apart from contact the council recovery which was advised to me byy someone at the council, i have done this and they have not replied to me)
  20. Hi I am trying to deal with my credit history and found a CCJ. This relates to an apparent overpayment of salary in January 2008. I was employed for a short while, but went sick with depression and resigned. I believe they may have paid me sick leave and then gone 'ooooops' shouldn't have done that. To cut a long story, I was diagnosed with depression in 2001, the PTSD and later something more serious, I would have certainly fallen into the Mental Capacity Act because of the medication I was on. They have said they will need proof about my capacity, this is where mental health gets a bad deal. Geting the paperwork back from the local authority, they say i still owe them the overpayment, but nobody has explained why. I believe as far as i can remember it was an error on their part, I really don't know. They have included a long letter saying that the letter enclosed shows I admitted the debt. The letter reads 'I write in relation to the account. I thought this matter had been resolved as I still maintain this is a clerical error' _ Am I right in thinking this is an admission of guilt !!! They are also state that should I wish to take the matter further, then I will not be successful and incur more costs. I wanted to set aside the CCJ. I was diagnosed in Nov 2009 with a condition call Borderline Personality Disorder, which kicked the wind out my sails. I also meant I could no longer work as a counsellor. I offered them £10 a month in July as at the time I was so confused by everything, I even stupidly entered into an IVA because in August 2009 they slapped a CCJ on me for this salary overpayment. I have very little on credit but this CCJ..... I would love peoples views, I am well on my way to recovery training and helping people with mental health and debt, just need to sort mine first. Am I right in asking for proof of the debt, sending my diagnosis letters..
  21. Hi I have posted before and not sure if this is the right place. In 2007 I started a job and unfortunately went sick. I then got an e-mail to tell me it might be better to resign as it was depression. However the issue is a pay one. I recieved a CCJ for overpayment of salary by £662, I disputed this. However in 2009 i was very ill and not fully recover until 2011/2012 where i started to look at my debts. Having looked at this i felt it was not right and after requesting a SAR i recieved documentation. The first thing was that when I started my job the salary was £17169, when i checked the payroll it was shown as £16339. My pay had been worked out on the lower amount. I got copies of my payslips and the net amounts are £662.23 and £916.07 with nothing listed showing an overpayment. I have been writing to the legal department of the Local Authority who have been giving me the runaround. When I found the payslips it shows that a) it is based on the lower non contracted salary b) It shows what I am owed on the payslips. It was nearly six years ago and i can only remember the pay I got. Also I went sick and was entitled to a months pay, I found that in an e-mail. I am not happy with the e-mail telling me to resign......because of mental health, but they are brushing it aside. How do I stand in relation to the CCJ etc.......and the damage caused to my credit rating. Am i right in thinking if i resigned, it may be constructive and a breach of DDA. Very confusing but if no record of overpayment produced what can I do. They did say my SAR did not cover the payslips, then the solicitor told me where i could find them online.... Any help please
  22. I am on sick leave and only entitled at this time to SSP. In February my employer paid me a full salary and clawed it all back in March leaving me with absolutely nothing and in hardship. I sent in a Fit Note on 18 March for 4 weeks and indicated that I would not be returning in April so I should not get paid. i was advised that I am getting paid my full salary despite being on sick leave and they will recover it all in May. This is causing me financial problems and requested that they just pay me my SSP which I am entitled to. I emailed them in plenty of time for the cut off date for salaries but they ignored my email and reminder and have again paid me a full salary. I know that employers can claw back overpayments if they have made a genuine mistake but this is not a mistake. They are ignoring Fit Notes and advice from me that I am still off sick. Can anyone advise me on this matter.
  23. Hey I was due to receive my wages today to my new bank account but my efficient and organised employer has went and and paid it into my old account that has now been closed. My employer will not pay as anything until the money has been received back. Anyways, does anyone know how long BACS payment takes to bounce back? My old and new account is with NatWest and my employer also uses them, so hoping this will speed things up. Obviously, Easter time now so can't do nowt until Tuesday. Employer said NatWest will have a suspense account where it gets held but NatWest said it will bounce back straight off. Thanks.
  24. Hello all, I'm hoping somebody can help. I'm having a lot of trouble with housing benefit claims. I work part time and my hours can change abut the amount of benefit they allow me never seems to reflect a drop in earnings only when my earnings go up do my benefits seem to drop. I'm trying to sort that and have been for a number of years. I give up sometimes then a situation arises that starts me on the campaign again. Anyway, the point I'm looking into now, alongside all the rest, is SALARY SACRIFICE. I have a bike through cycle sheme. I didn't look at the small print when I joined, all I knew was that you get a bike of your choice on hire from your employer for a year to travel to and from work. You sacrifice part of your salary to pay for it, which reduces your gross income . After the year you have the choice to extend the hire for a year or so for a % cost of the bike, then it's yours! That is a simplification. The question I have is this. If it reduces your gross pay, shouldn't this reduced amount be the figure benefits are calculated on after tax and NI? Pension is also taken from gross pay before tax, thus reducing gross pay again but housing benefit only allows 50% of your pension deduction to be allowed off your gross earnings. Is this the same with salary sacrifice such as cycle scheme or childcare vouchers? Part of the reason I'm asking is nobody at my local authority seems to know! I also read that more well off families are using salary sacrifice to reduce their gross income so they can still get child benefit. Any help very gratefully received. Thank you.
  25. good afternoon i have a question; i am currently on a 90 consultation for redundancy and have been informed i have to look productive otherwide my salary will be reduced? Is this legal?
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