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  1. Hiya I took out a couple of log book loans via Cash Converters between 2010 and 2013. The first was paid in full, the second I have no idea what the status is. I was in financial difficulty at the times of taking out the loan, due to several reason, one being a gambling addiction and an endless cycle of payday loans. When I took out the second loan against my car, the man who agreed it even commented on how much money i was gambling and said that he really shouldn't approve the loan but that he would for me. The car was repossessed by them and my sister lent me the money to get it back which was around £800, they then said I still owed them another £800 or so. I'm not sure whether I paid anything towards that, but I moved house, and they were aware of my address change. A few months after I moved up here my car was clamped as I let my tax run out and the car was taken by the DSA and I never got it back. Log book loans had the V5 and I have no idea what happened with the car after that, whether they took it or it got crushed. I haven't heard anything from them since 2013. I have since had help for my gambling addiction and have been getting my finances back on track and have seen online that it is possible to make clams back against some of these lenders for unaffordable borrowing. I know it's not their fault I had an addiction but there were no real checks in place when they were lending me money and I think that had they checked properly I wouldn't have been allowed a good 3/4 of the loans I got. I just wondered whether I could arguably make a claim against log books loans given that they may consider I still owe them money? Realistically they should not have given me the second loan at all, at the time I just needed the money so the fact that he said he give it to me even though he shouldn't was a bonus. I know that him saying that would come to he said she said but he had copies of my bank statements and they must have been file with his office so they could verify it as unaffordable from that surely? Any advice appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. My ex partner is self employed, he earns around £2k every 2 weeks. I contacted the CSA in 2013 just before the scheme changed to the CMS, and he lied about his salary to pay less support for our son, something he quite openly bragged about. At the time I didn't do anything about him lying, despite having access to his pay details, as I just wanted him to contribute something towards our son as opposed to the nothing he had been giving me. He didn't want to pay anything to them so we agreed to do it privately and he's been paying me directly since. He'd increased the amount he was giving me, and it was more than the CSA set it at originally and for a few years He'd not been too bad about it. When he got together with his ex he was really great, always on time and never short, but since they split it's reverted and he'll decide that he can't give me anything, or can't give me all of it, but brags about how much money he's on all the time. How he's been here there and everywhere on weekends abroad and he's always in the pub and bookies.... I went back to the CSA, because I'm struggling and he is able to provide much more support for our son than he has been, and they said they would make him send in proof of earnings etc...but they haven't. They class him as self employed although he told me that his employer pays his NI and Tax, but has told them he does it himself. But apparently unless I can prove otherwise they will just take his word for it. Now the calculation has come out as less than the first time they assessed it and he's laughing because he lied and in his words 'There's nothing they or I can do about it' What can I do?
  3. Great result. Looks like the council complaint helped because I got a letter today saying that the arrangement is being reinstated and that their office does not apply for commits proceedings and they are sorry if I felt mislead in that way....they would have posted that before the payment went through so I think the council told them to let me pay that way.
  4. I still haven't heard anything from either of my complaints to Equita. Bexley council have acknowledged receipt of my complaint but not yet responded. I have now transferred a payment directly to Equita's bank account, so far it hasn't been returned...
  5. So if I called the council's automated payment line they can't refuse the payment? Yes some-one said that Capita are involved in the background of the council.
  6. No I got the names of the CEO from their website it was: Gill Steward but I didn't have her direct email just the managementboardsupportteam@bexley.gov.uk But I've just re-sent inc will and have used the same format for Gill Steward and Alison Griffin who's apparently their Head of Finance/Revenues
  7. Have emailed Complaint in to Bexley council, copied in the email I had for CEO and Director of Finance - goes to a support team so I can't be sure they'll see it but here's hoping. Letter that DX suggested posted this afternoon. Bailiff hasn't turned up yet this afternoon as he threatened that he would. But if he does he's not coming in.
  8. I've called the council who have said they have no authority to take the account back and they cannot accept the payments and forward these to Equita. They advised me to complain to Equita, which I have already done twice and advised them this, the lady said that my next step was to complain to the ombudsmen. I called the ombudsmen straight after and they said I have to complain to the council..... ....frustrating.
  9. Thanks I've just done the letter ready for posting this afternoon. I'll send recorded /special delivery so they can't say they never received it. I've pulled the CEO and Head of Finance (This came up when I searched for Head of Revenues, would these be the same person?) names from the local authority website and will write to them as well. I'll be calling the council and asking if I can pay them and they forward to Equita when I finish work this afternoon, will update once I've spoken to them.
  10. Hi Dodgeball Yes because Equita won't allow me to pay the money directly to them, it has to be paid to the bailiff, who wouldn't answer the phone. The 3rd Bailiff won't accept anything other than full payment. Will shortly be due an installment for July.
  11. Hi Dodgeball, The payment arrangement was back in place. I called the second Bailiff to make my monthly payment in May and he didn't answer my calls, or return them (left voicemail's asking him to) so they class that as me breaking the agreement, which I disagree with.
  12. Okay thank you both. I'll call the council tomorrow and ask if I can pay directly to them, even if they pass that on to Equita.
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