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Found 8 results

  1. Good Morning all, I am wondering if you can help. My partners ex has only been paying CSA for the last 2 yrs after 14yrs of none payment. (He abandonded her after finding out she was pregnant.) He got away with not supporting her mainly due to threats of violence and intimidation. I then came along 2yrs ago, reassured her and advised accordingly that many of these type of bullies never actually follow up on these threats. It is purely intimitation.As predicted, her ex, stuck his tails between his legs and started paying as soon as CSA made a claim against him. However, recently he quit h
  2. Good day all, I was in court on th 16/4/12 and given an order to pay CT at 20 a week. I've been unable to pay since before christmas and have been asked to appear again. I owe 600 pound and could pay about 250 today. Last time I missed payments i was given stern words by magistrates but allowed to continue with payments as I was ahead of where I should of been. I need to know likely outcome of next appearance? Prison? I'm due in this afternoon and thinking if I don't turn up would I get sent a later hearing? this would give me time to settle up! Thanks
  3. I ampursuing my ex for maintenance payments and the last payment received was backin June 2012 for £5, his benefit had stopped so since then i have contacted theCSA on numerous occasions to obtain a new payment plan, they kept saying timeand time again that they are running checks to see if he is obtaining benefitsor working but nothing ever came back from benefits or HMRC so once again icontacted them this week to find out what was going on as he must have a sourceof income whether it be benefit or from wages, they advised me that they hadexplored all avenues and there was no records for them
  4. Hi, we have received a letter from Northern Rail asking for an explanation for the following reason - my son turned 16 in March and travelled by train in May from Roby to Liverpool and had purchased a childs savaway by mistake (he had not used the train for about 6 months and just asked for a savaway at Roby and unwittingly accepted an under 16 ticket. At Liverpool upon showing his ticket the guard asked his age and my son told him the truth. The guard seemed to accept this and was going to issue him with an adults savaway but then decided to keep his ticket and take his name and address
  5. Hi everyone, I have just spent a good few hours reading all the threads but find nothing that suits my situation. So I have loans from 98,99,00 and 01. I live abroad, Europe but non-EU. I have been deferring all my loans since they were taken out. Then it all went wrong, I informed the guys of my change of address and they never noted it. After it all went crazy and to cut a long story short i have ended up paying the arrears on a loan in small installments. They have also slapped a load of charges on for good measure. So, I guess that asking for the original loan agreement will on
  6. Hi there. I have become interested in the debate surrounding the RLP company since seeing an item on it on the BBC a few weeks back. Since then I have read a lot on this forum and others, as well as the CAB advice on uncivil recovery. My main question is, I see in many of the threads on this site that those who have been contacted by the RLP are advised to not pay and simply ignore the letters and I just wonder how sound this advice is? Surely such a large company wouldn't just give up on a case and just forget about the money owed? I can not see how a company can just cut its losses and
  7. I worked for a tech company as a software developer for 2 and a half years. On the 16th February I (along with 9 others) were placed on redundancy consultation. On the 23rd February we were made redundant, and paid 70% of our wages for January. I was told on that same day my redundancy and the outstanding wages owed to me would be paid to me on the 28th Feburary. On the 28th February some staff members (who are still with the company) were paid in full for January and February. When I contacted the company to ask why I hadn't been paid the money owed to me, I was told that the company was
  8. Hi everyone, Just some advice please. Some of you will know of my Employment Tribunal Case, but i have a question which needs an answer. If the claim is settled and agreed between the Claimant and Respondent at the Tribunal which then goes in front of the Employment Judge who oversee's what has been agreed and a date of 28 days is given by the Responent in which to pay the compensation or award. In my case the Judge directed that payment must be made no later than 28 days but if the claimant does not receive the payment i am to go straight back to court and report that no payment has been
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