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Found 5 results

  1. I am currently a full time mature student (37 yo) and had spent around 90% of my overdraft from my spare account however had not paid into for sometime. I was then called by a representative at a HSBC call centre who requested payment in full. At this time I stated that it was not possible as I was not in full tme employment as I was currently a student and stated that I could pay x amount and the account would be cleared by the end of July. This was carried out before the end of July and is now even in credit. The account is still open and gives me access to take cash out. I asked on several occasions during various calls would this arrangement have any adverse effect on my credit file. I was told NO on every occasion unless I did not pay it and it was passed on to debt collectors. You can imagine my horror when I have logged onto my credit file to see that I have an "AR" on my credit file since May 2015 which has now adversely affected my credit file and will do for the next 6 years. I spent 6 years repairing my credit file after an ex partner ruined it for me and had a near perfect credit file until one of there representative misadvised me on the phone. I am very unhappy at this situation as I have been misadvised and if there was any risk to my credit file I would of paid the overdraft off immediately. I have sent a complaint email into HSBC - what are my chances of having the AR removed ? I was about to get a joint account with my wife but am now holding off because of this.
  2. My son has just gone to buy a washing maching on credit however he was turned down even though he earns a good wage and only has outgoings of his car and a phone. The payments were only £30 per month. He now feels that this refusal will ruin his credit as he has never been refused before and can afford to pay. What should he do???
  3. Being a pensioner[to prevent £6 charge I usually leave enough money in account to cover the interest charges. This time I knew my pension was due on 19th which unfortunately clashed with an outgoing leaving not enough to cover the interest charges. Fool me thought [what cat did] that the incoming pension would cover it - no such luck. Seems the computer processes all outgoings, apply charges then processes incomings on same day. I think this is criminal.
  4. Ex husband had a baby with his girlfriend in September. Despite them informing the CSA when she was born and again when they had got the child benefit claim set up for her, the CSA calculated the new amount but have continued to pay me at the same rate. No paperwork has been sent to either of us, we've just been told the new payment rate over the phone. Neither of us were told how much I would have to pay back and when either When I rang up to check last month they said it was because they pay me a month in arrears so e.g. the money I get in Novemer is taken out of my ex husbands October pay. Had a text message off them to say my payment is on its way and guess what? Its still the amount he was paying before his new daughter arrived. Checked with my ex husband yesterday and he had his December payslip on him so we had a look and they have taken my over payment in one go leaving me with well under £100 due to be paid to me in January. Great timing! I understand I will have an overpayment to pay back but seriously to take it off me in one go without discussing it with me first is a bit harsh in my opinon. The adviser I spoke to was very apologetic (aren't they always tho) and shes going to look into why someone has made the decision to take the over payment in one go rather then spread it over a few months. Beginning to think that seeing as me and my ex husband are pretty civil these days that we should just swap to a private agreement. Be so much less hassle then dealing with the CSA!
  5. theyve decided to make my direct debit £166 a month, it was £125 asked for the reason as my ussage has dropped not risen, They decided to RANDOMLY refund the amount the account was in credit, if they had left it in credit the direct debit would have been able to stay the same however they now wont put it back down.... ive told them i want details to put the credit back and then the debit putting down if not then i have to go through the entire swapping process AGAIN
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