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  1. Hi I have recently received a letter from CSA stating that I owe a significant amount of maintenance for my daughter (now 36 years old) and that my ex had been in contact with the CSA in the last month to claim this. (we had an out of court settlement which I paid directly and can prove this) I have been I contact with my ex who is saying she never contacted the CSA to raise the claim, yet the CSA say she did. Question is - would the CSA have opened this case without my ex contacting them to instruct them to do so? Thanks
  2. Thank you for taking the time to provide such a detailed response, I appreciate it. I agree with you, it is a lesson learned, I actually feel very silly on reflection. My main aim is of course to remove the CCJ, which I believe I have a good chance of doing on the basis that I have documented on email of the incorrect address they used for the first invoice and my correction of that to the CEO. i spoke with the court today and they were very understanding. The fact that I paid the total cost the day I was informed of the summons, according to the courts, is in my
  3. Hi Long story but will keep as concise as can be. I am leasing a vehicle which required some work (impossible to remove wheel nuts to replace tyres - vauxhall dealership said previous owner had used the wrong instruments previously) I contacted the company for advice (first time leasing a vehicle, wasnt sure on liability) they admitted that after just 6000 miles I should not need to replace the tyres, and as a courtesy would take the vehicle and replace them. At no time was I told they would charge for this (or I would have done it locally) It was due MO
  4. Hi I have a lease hire vehicle with Hippo Lease which recently had some work done on it by Hippo. When the car was returned there was damage to the rear driver side, a dint/line approx 5 inches long. Hippo have denied it and are saying that damage was noticed on the vehicle when it was brought into their workshop - utter rubbish, unless the driver did it on-route. Additionally, I was told verbally that the work the car went in for initially would be covered by Hippo, yet 3 weeks later a bill for almost £300 landed on my doorstep. Actually next door's doorstep, they got my address wron
  5. Hi there, I have an online account with Next Directory and a monthly standing order set up. I realised last week that my standng order for the past 2 months had not quite covered the minimum payment required. Once I realised I contacted Next and brought the account back up to date. Whilst I realise this was my error, and I accept the £7 charge (per month) for not making the minimum payment, I disagree with the 2 'missed' payments that are now reflected on my credit file. I have contacted Next to discuss this and explain that this isnt a case of 'missed' payment, it was an error on my p
  6. I will check equifax today. I just received an email from Littlewoods asking me to call them in response to my email. I have just called them to be met with the same answer... I can't find your account... never heard of Bargain crazy, or Discount2Door...!!!! They are going to look into it and call me back! Seriously, it's so rediculous i'm beginning to think it's a wind up.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I think I will have to start threat tactics soon, I seem to be getting nowhere with them at all. I have emailed the Information Commissioner this morning so fingers crossed I can get this sorted out very soon. I have asked Experian to add some comments to my credit file regarding the dispute, yet I still can't re mortgage my property. It's costing me a bomb as I have just finished my fixed rate period, my monthly mortgage payments have rocketed!... arrrrgh... Im sooo angry!!!
  8. Hi everyone, I hope somebody can point me in the right direction regarding an old mail order account. On my Experian credit report, I have lots of missed payments that I am disputing, I just don't know where to turn next. Just a bit of background... Discount2Door is the company I held the account with, this was taken over by another company called Bargain Crazy - they are subsidiaries of Littlewoods. Below is a letter that has been sent to both Shop Direct financial services, and the Information Commissioner. It outlines the entire saga... I am writing with reference
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