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Found 17 results

  1. I had a Next Directory account opened in 1991 in which was paid off in full in 2004 and closed. On checking my old statements it has come to my notice that their are various monthly PPI amounts deducted (£1,244 in total) in which I cannot locate any agreement to or ever signing anything. I sent the standard template letter with payment requesting Credit Agreement details etc. I received a response from Next advising that when the account was opened a pack was sent to me explaining that PPI was automatically added and would appear on the 2nd statement. I was also invi
  2. Hi has anyone had any success with claiming money back for the mis-sale of PPI through the Next Directory Store card. I have been told by NEXT that I have paid £1, 130 PPI since 1991. I have made a claim via the PA(GI) ltd , outcome expected next week, but have not seen any successful claims on any forums. Any success stories would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Good afternoon CAG, I have today received a claim form from Lowell issued from Northampton for an old Next Directory account. I dont know when I opened this account as they do not state. Could someone please give me a little guidance on how to deal with this please? Thank you guys
  4. Hi all, I would like some advice please on my partner's Next Directory account which was opened around start of 2007. Payments have been made in full and on time etc over the 10 years, and the account is fully up to date. My partner's CRA records are spotless and we do not want Defaults or any AP markers etc to be recorded. Before Christmas, the account was suspended out of the blue and now the credit limit is tracking down to keep in sync with the current outstanding balance. My partner emailed a complaint of being unable to use the account, and in response received a good
  5. Hi! If anyone could assist me with this I'd be ever so grateful! I have an enormous number of cds & dvds of archived stuff as well as (unfortunately!) an untidy filing system on many old HDDs, so what I'm looking for is a *Freeware* (i.e, not trial or one with 'pro' features you've to pay for etc.) Directory Printer Utility that prints in a neat format (*not a plain text only one!*):- 1) Folder Size & Name, Date Created/Modified; 2) File size & Name, Date Created/Modified; 3) A colour icon for each type of list entry - having the icon assists me in sorting
  6. If you’re a BT customer with a disability, and find it hard to use Directory Enquiries, then here’s some good news for you – they have a special service for you, which you can use for free. So what do you do? Or what do you need to do if it is a member of your family or a friend who wants in on this service? What To Do First, dial 195 and ask for the registration department. If you prefer, you can just dial 0800 587 0195. Then, a form will be sent out to you, to fill in. This is likely to need confirmation from your doctor, nurse or consultant, just so you can confirm that
  7. Hi All I checked my bank account today and found that my Sky bill was extraordinarily HI on checking my bill online I find I have been charged the following:- 10/10/13 15:26:25P43 Rate09059156500Premium Rate00:19:23£33.710 On putting the telephone number in to Google it returned the following search:- http://www.fastphonenumbers.co.uk/tax-office-customer-services/ Call the number below to obtain the phone number for: HMRC Tax Office Tel: 0905 915 6500 The information provided is also available free of charge from other sources on the internet such as this url
  8. I emailed Next and Isme with a list of my income and outgoings and asked them to accept a reduced payment of £36 a month. I explained that I only have Carer's Allowance and Income Support totalling £72 a week. I have £18 a week left so I offered both catalogues half of this. Isme not replied yet but Next have refused my offer but said they will accept £54 a month with no interest or charges. Can anyone please advise me on how to respond as I cannot afford more than £36 a month?
  9. Hi there, I have an online account with Next Directory and a monthly standing order set up. I realised last week that my standng order for the past 2 months had not quite covered the minimum payment required. Once I realised I contacted Next and brought the account back up to date. Whilst I realise this was my error, and I accept the £7 charge (per month) for not making the minimum payment, I disagree with the 2 'missed' payments that are now reflected on my credit file. I have contacted Next to discuss this and explain that this isnt a case of 'missed' payment, it was an error on my p
  10. Has anyone had recent dealings with a company called Big Green Book? I paid for a directory listing last year on the basis that the fee would be repaid if I had no appropriate enquiries - the only 'enquiry' I received was a really strange phone call from someone at BGB saying he was phoning on behalf of a company who wanted to bring me their business. When I asked for the name of the company or a contact there, he became rather vague. I asked for an email to clarify the situation but, of course, it never materialised. And when I tried to contact BGB to find out what was going on no-one replied
  11. Hi I've made a complaint to Next regarding PPI on my Next Directory account. I do not remember taking it out and would not have knowingly done so. They have come back with a very vague letter stating it would have been taken out either by ticking a box or during a phone call but they have not stated which and have not provided any supporting evidence.They seem to just be making a general statement rather than specific to my account. I have made a subject access request but am just wondering what to do after that if they don't have the application or can't prove where I select
  12. hi there everyone, i recieved a letter from capquest approx 2 weeks ago instructing me of ccj action i wrote back asking for a copy of my credit agreement for this debt. i opened the account in approx 2003/2004 and the last payment on the account was approx 2009/2010. they sent me a copy of the agreement. .. but unsigned. ...it has my name printed at top with address and account number, they sent me 2 copies of these... both unsigned and no date i have checked my credit reference agency file and it doesnt appear on there either just wondered if someone could ad
  13. Hi Guys, Carter has litigated for Lowell who claim to have bought an outstanding debt from Next Directory for just under £700. As it will be allocated to SCT what options have I got for disclosure of documents? I know I've never signed any agreement, I've had no default Notice, Termination Notice or Letter of Assignment. Carter has added interest and fees to take it up to nearly £900. I've acknowledged the claim but a bit stuck for a defence, any advice please? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello all CAG members. I have opened this new thread to hopefully address the issue of directory enquiry costs. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2011/may/16/warning-118-directory-enquiries-charges http://www.bt118500.com/ http://www.lovemoney.com/news/household-bills/landline-phones/17577/true-cost-calling-118-directory-enquiries http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2213838/How-guys-118-118-cashed-deregulation-directory-enquiries.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1195274/118-inquiries-cost-times-callers-think.html http://www.telegraph.co.
  15. Mrs Sam wrote to Next Directory earlier this year and enquired about the possibility that she had been charged PPI on her account. The account is now closed. She received a letter back from them in May which stated that no PPI had been charged to the account. Mrs Sam was going to let it go at that. I advised her to send a SAR and we would review what came back. What did come back was pretty thin.A copy of a standard credit agreement, undated, unsigned and no mention of Mrs Sam anywhere to be seen and some basic statements from 2005 and 2006,without any evidence of what the charges related
  16. Hi Have had a Next account for about 6 years now, always paid on time but recently found the minimum payments a struggle. Wrote to Next and they have agreed to stop interest and lower the minimum payment. However in the letter it states we do not have a credit agreement on file so will send you a new one for you to sign and send back. Please could I have some advice on what to do in that situation? Thanks
  17. I've just found some statements relating to a Next Directory account which was held by my wife. First statement (Number 160 dated October 2004 - Last statement number 183 dated November 2006) All appear to show Payment Protection charges. Account closed in November 2006 when my wife's ill health forced her to close down her business. Prior to that date account had been run correctly by my wife from statement number 1, as far as I am aware. Account placed in hands of debt agency by Next in November 2006 so I guess there had been payments missed in period leading up to closure.. No mention
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