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  1. Thanks CitizenB, I'm going to ring National Debtline for advice and hopefully they can help me move forward.
  2. Many thanks for your helpful reply citizenB. I am in private rented property in Scotland. My total unsecured debt is £6000. I know that my income will not improve in the future as my son requires full time care for life which I provide so their is no prospect of working in the future. I mention this re knowing I won't be able to offer more in 6 months or a year. I will look into the info you have kindly provided,thank you.
  3. Isme response today - they want me to agree to £169.73 every 28 days for 12 months with no mention of freezing interest and charges. If not, they advise to contact Stepwise. They want £42 a week of my £72 a week income despite knowing that is all I have. I am worried about informing them I can't pay that much and would appreciate any advice.
  4. Thank you. I paid them £100 on the 3rd mainly using money I was given for xmas so will be a couple of weeks till I can pay them anyhing else. Will they keep adding charges and interest if I pay £36 and not the £54 they want?
  5. I emailed Next and Isme with a list of my income and outgoings and asked them to accept a reduced payment of £36 a month. I explained that I only have Carer's Allowance and Income Support totalling £72 a week. I have £18 a week left so I offered both catalogues half of this. Isme not replied yet but Next have refused my offer but said they will accept £54 a month with no interest or charges. Can anyone please advise me on how to respond as I cannot afford more than £36 a month?
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