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Found 10 results

  1. Morning all I have a HP 1510 Deskjet printer that has normally worked fine till today! It is just printing blank pages, I replaced the ink not long ago so unless it has dried up in the heat I am at a loss, I have tried the usual routes, I;E Troubleshooting and it did say something about the USB cable so did what it suggested but it not even print a test paper as it comes out blank! I was trying to locate how to see if the ink is alright but not able to find out?, the printer worked fine last time I used it Thanks in advance for any help/info xx Sandy
  2. I bought a Brother printer in June 2014 which has been used to print fewer than 200 documents, most of which were little more than single sheet text files. I last printed a text document about four days ago. The printer runs a self test and cleaning procedure once per week and it did this yesterday. Today, it won't switch on. I checked the fuse and used a meter to make sure that there is power being delivered by the cable. I found a procedure to supposedly fix this by unplugging it and reconnecting power with the power button pressed but after three attempts, this has not worked. It is outside its one year warranty but I have often read about how consumer goods are covered by EU law for longer than the stated warranty period under certain circumstances and I am wondering if that might apply to this situation; i.e. that a printer which has had light use ought to at least switch on.
  3. Hi I have a HP 3 IN 1 printer , model 1510, it has been working with no problem but now for some reason when I want to print something it just comes up say generating preview and nothing! it just sits there, I have do all the tests and it is printing them off with no problem so am at a loss now. Any advice pleae, have tried all the things HP tell you to and have no changed anything TIA Sandy xx
  4. Hi! If anyone could assist me with this I'd be ever so grateful! I have an enormous number of cds & dvds of archived stuff as well as (unfortunately!) an untidy filing system on many old HDDs, so what I'm looking for is a *Freeware* (i.e, not trial or one with 'pro' features you've to pay for etc.) Directory Printer Utility that prints in a neat format (*not a plain text only one!*):- 1) Folder Size & Name, Date Created/Modified; 2) File size & Name, Date Created/Modified; 3) A colour icon for each type of list entry - having the icon assists me in sorting directories out! Many thanks.
  5. help with legal issue of a company asking for further payment after initial contract date has expired .there is in small print on back of "non exclusive minimum 24 month agreement" about serving notice by recorded delivery six month before contract expires . i can post copy of contract if required any help will be gladly gladly appreciated mike
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice regarding a 'used' printer I bought recently from a major online retailer. There were a number of printers of the same model advertised with separate 'add to basket' buttons. Icons next to each printer indicated which were fully functional and came with all accessories, software, manuals etc. Text description for some of the printers stated that no ink cartridges were supplied, others stated 'Customer return - item has been opened but is in excellent condition'. I purchased one of the printers whose icons indicated it was fully functional with all accessories etc, the text didn't state that no ink cartridges were included (printers 'new' come with ink cartridges and I inferred that as some printers were advertised as without cartridges that the one I selected would come with cartridges). Imagine my dismay when the printer arrived without ink!! I emailed them on the same day I received the printer to arrange for an RMA stating there were no ink cartridges and the printer was no longer wanted. They have issued an RMA but now want to charge me return postage costs under DSR (they state it is as goods were unwanted) however I have disputed this as I believe they should accept the printer back under DSR (not as described) an SOGA (not functional). I called them and they have stated that nowhere in the description or specifications do they advertise the printer as coming with ink (the manufacturer's website states ink is included in new product). Any suggestions as to my next step(s) or am I being unreasonable?
  7. Hi I am thinking of buying one of these to use as mainly a disc printer. Has anyone had any experience of these and if so how did they find them? thankyou
  8. I bought a Kodak Hero 5.1 Printer from Currys in January 2012. Recently I have noticed the print quality is terrible. The colour prints perfect but the black is faded and missing despite putting a brand new ink cartridge in less than a month ago. I went through Kodak's support service on their website and after following all the instructions with regards to the missing print it says my printer needs a new printhead. Now a new printhead is going to cost me as the printer is out of warranty but surely a printer should last a few years. My last printer was an Epson and I had that for 4 years before giving it to a friend who still uses it on a daily basis!! Do I have a claim against Currys under SOGA as the printer has developed this fault within 2 years or would I be better off buying a new printer?
  9. Hi all, I bought a XEROX COLORQUBE 8570 solid-ink printer in January 2012, from a large online store. I phoned the order in, as I was originally going to buy an Epson inkjet, & was "pitched" this printer as the next big thing - the supposed cost-saving on solid ink swung it. I registered it with XEROX immediately. In April it went faulty, XEROX sent an engineer round, who stripped the thing down & reset some gears on the side of it. I wasn't happy that it had fallen over so soon, & the engineer mentioned "these models are quite "temperamental", & he had plenty of calls to them. A few days ago it developed another fault, I called XEROX & surprise surprise - Because the warranty is out, it would be another callout at £305 INITIALLY, plus the repair bill. The Printer cost £400- new, & has done VERY LITTLE work, maybe 300 pages. I can prove this from the page count. ( it is STILL on the initial inks that came with it new). I refused this, & contacted the retailer. They initially tried to fob me off, I stayed calm & informed them I would be taking this to the small claims court if necessary, as this printer isn't fit for purpose, in my opinion. I said I'd write an email to the manager, stating all of this. Pls let me know where I stand on this, I want rid of this thing now & all/some of my money back. I wonder if the engineers' comments would constitute an "inherent fault", I would settle for the cost of the unit in a credit note to get the Epson I originally was after, I am willing to fight this one in the court if necessary. Also, I understood from another thread, that under EU Law (hooray) I am entitled to 2 years on this electrical item, & that this law supercedes the contract of sale? Any help much appreciated
  10. Hi, have tried to search to see if anyone else has had same issue but haven't managed to find anything. After reviewing many printers, I bought a Kodak ESP 3250 from PC World 8th Jan 2011. Beginning of June 2011 after changing ink cartridges the printer developed an error message that would not clear, so I contacted Kodak support team for help. After following all instructions and nothing working they sent me a replacement printer 17th June 2011. October 2011 the printer developed the same fault so I contacted Kodak again, this time Kodak offered a replacement printhead stating 'I would also like to inform you that we have implemented several changes to our product and manufacturing processes. T he latest printhead include these changes, and we are confident about it because we are getting positive feedback. With this solution, the printers typically begin to function normally, producing the high-quality images you expected when purchasing the product.' The printhead lasted 6 months, May 2012 and any black printing is illegible. I have since read several further reviews of this printer and a lot of people appear to have had the same issues. I complained to Kodak stating I did not want any further replacements just my money back as the printer is clearly not fit for purpose, naturally they are not the ones to refund me and they rightfully pointed me in the direction of PC World. PC World have told me that while the printer is in warranty I have to go back to the Manufaturer. Can anyone please advise me as to how I can get my money refunded. Thanks.
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