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  1. Received several letters from intrum regarding a debt for jd Williams I know its mine however I have realised they have misspelt my surname and put me as a Mrs not a miss, could be a mistake I never noticed when I set up the account. Am I still liable?? What are my next steps?
  2. i have downloaded a form and i am going to try, worse they can say is no
  3. hi andy, filled the form out and going to write the letter and get it sent monday. Do i send the form to the courts or the claimant ( cabot ) or mortimer clarke solicitors (payment address ) Thanks
  4. thankyou i will give it a whirl, i rang them yesterday they explained since the form being sent the council have slapped an over payment of housing benefit and council tax benefiti i have gotta try and pay 300 in the next 2 months to pay c.t off and they want me to pay double my rent to clear arrears i voiced my concerns of trying to keep up with it all, they were not helpful in fact he was rude and tried to tell me a budget of 200 a month for clothes is too excessive , i agreed and explained when you got two children going through puberty especially my son at the min who has had 3 growth spurts in last 6 months, told him i have had to replace alot of clothing because of the growth spurts....apparently he dont care about that. he has put my account on hold for 28 days to send another /revised income expenditure form to include ct and hb over payment i did ask if he could cut the payment to £40 a month and he said no, he was a right arragant git to be honest. i I can afford the 80 but i am worried at the same time, i am going to ring the council monday and see if they will lower the payments maybe by half. i am still going to put the form in. Do i send a postal order or cheque for the 50?
  5. UPDATE I am fuming all, i had the letter back from the courts they have refused my offer of payment of £10 per month and have issued me an order to pay £80 a month which is going to kill me financially i am in two minds: pay it and struggle for 14 months or do something to bring the payment down but dont know how to do that any help/advice will be appreciated thanks
  6. ok thanks for all your help, will see how it goes, will let you know if i get any other letters
  7. ok I think its a cataloque, not 100% sure as i have a few i am going through at the moment, it says mail order on my credit reference report. Its for £788.24 Apparently i received a letter recently which i probs did but i cant find it Saying that further action will be taken by another debt collection agency or continued contact want me to contact to make a proposed agreement
  8. hi all, recieved a letter from moorcroft regarding a debt but when i checked my credit report and printed for free a month ago, the debt in question is under lowel??? confused.com i have no letter of it being passed on What are my next steps? I know i need to request a copy of credit agreement but is there anything else? Thankyou sorry just realised on the RE part of the letter received today it says its from ARROW GLOBAL ACCOUNTS MANAGEMENT
  9. loub


    i have emailed the housing people and they are going to get back to m, i know it could be a while, such a frustrating system and i know people are in a worse situation then me, i love my flat aswell but just cant let them share anymore x
  10. loub


    my childrens bedroom, just wanted to post to show i am not lieing about the lack of space in there to split the room
  11. loub


    (4) For the purposes of the bedroom standard a separate bedroom shall be allocated to the following persons— (a) a person living together with another as husband and wife (whether that other person is of the same sex or the opposite sex) 5 (b) a person aged 21 years or more © two persons of the same sex aged 10 years to 20 years (d) two persons (whether of the same sex or not) aged less than 10 years (e) two persons of the same sex where one person is aged between 10 10 years and 20 years and the other is aged less than 10 years (f) any person aged under 21 years in any case where he or she cannot be paired with another occupier of the dwelling so as to fall within ©, (d) or (e) above.”. Housing (overcrowding) bill (no date) Available at: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200203/cmbills/046/03046.i-5.html#j002 (Accessed: 15 November 2015).
  12. loub


    i am sure my council have set age, children above 10 of opposite sex shouldnt be sharing, i would put a devide but there is no room, the room is narrow and not enough room to put a bed the other end, i already have my daughters wardrobe and chest of drawers in my room because of lack of space, my flat isnt very big
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