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  1. Blimey! Time flies.... heres an update to what happened... best wishes to anybody else currently challenging their PDLs! Pounds to Pocket - loan cleared in full £996 written off Lending Stream - reduced £150 and removed default QuickQuid - £150 refund Peachy -FOS did not uphold. Agreed repayment plan with Peachy with a £6 discount (yes - £6!) 4Finance / Vivus.co.uk - £50 refund. Given they are not even a UK company any more I was happy with that DifferentMoney (My Mate) - FOS did not uphold. Wonga - loan cleared in full £880 written off Mr Lender - FO
  2. Yep - they've used up their grace period now. FOS forms being sent off. I agree - and that is exactly the point I made about QuickQuid (15 loans in 12 months), and will be making about Wonga if adjudicator decides to side with them too...
  3. Mr Lender was one of the last lenders to loan to me before I went into a DMP. The reasons in the adjudictor's email were: They evidenced a credit search. The adjudicator thinks that the other PDL's I also had open with Wonga were not visible on my CRAs at time of the credit check. All previous PDLs had been paid off, and the earlier ones from 2 years before were considered to be irrelevant due to length of time that had passed. No defaults at time of Mr Lender lending the money (the defaults came later) Mr Lender froze interest and charges when I informed them of the DMP They
  4. ok.. quick update on progress.... The FOS complaints are not going as well as I hoped so far... The main push back points seem to be that i didnt have any adverse data on CRAs at the time when I was taking out loans (i.e. no late payments etc), I wasnt re-loaning on same day but later in the same month, and bizarrely the adjudicators do not believe that the payday lenders would have been aware of the other PDL's lending to me due to how short-term loans info is shared with the CRAs (I didnt get that one tbh). Current Status... Pounds to Pocket - cleared my outstanding loan in
  5. Hi all, I would like some advice please on my partner's Next Directory account which was opened around start of 2007. Payments have been made in full and on time etc over the 10 years, and the account is fully up to date. My partner's CRA records are spotless and we do not want Defaults or any AP markers etc to be recorded. Before Christmas, the account was suspended out of the blue and now the credit limit is tracking down to keep in sync with the current outstanding balance. My partner emailed a complaint of being unable to use the account, and in response received a good
  6. thanks citizenB That wasn't quite the reply I was hoping for, but at least I know where I am at now! PS - contact details for Vivus / V7 are: V7 Limited City Tower 40 Basinghall Street London EC2V 5DE
  7. Hi all, Not too much action since my last post, things are slowly moving along... Complaint forms were posted off to FOS a couple of weeks back against those firms who had already provided Final Responses. I am now waiting to hear next steps from FOS (how long should I expect to wait after posting?) Wonga - They have replied to say they disagree that the 20 loans they lent to me over the 24 month period were unaffordable. Complaint has gone in to FOS. Vivus / 4Finance - Turns out they were bought by a company called V7 so is not owned by 4Finance any more. Since finding t
  8. ok... quick update Lending Stream - despite offering to reduce my outstanding balance a few weeks ago - have not responded to my acceptance email, nor reduced the balance. I have now withdrawn my acceptance, and so this complaint is also with the FOS. I went over the final response email again and the £105 offer was actually a write-off of interest they had charged after I had started the DMP plan. It will be interesting to see how the FOS views their offer now I have shared it with them... pjb
  9. thanks DX. I see that my thread title has been pimped up too! Part of the reason for posting is to help others. So much good info on here if people take the time to learn! cheers pjb
  10. Hi all, Having read through many threads on this excellent site, I decided to raise formal complaints with a number of payday loan lenders. Between around 2012 and 2014 I took out around 60 payday loans. After the first few loans, I quickly found myself short of money after paying off the loans, and having to take out new ones again. Eventually I threw the towel in and started a DMP around the start of this year. My complaints were based on the loans being un-affordable, and that they should have been for short-term lending only. Complaints were raised in early October to the le
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