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  1. Good result CB. I still try and keep up with events. You are doing a sterling job. Regards to all on the team
  2. alanalana

    EGG Loan

    I have a similar issue with a family member. Debt issue was sold on to a DCA. They chased and sold the debt on again. I eventually paid off the debt (Mackenzie Hall) but did not receive any receipt or acknowledgement of the debt. Yes they then sold on the debt again to another DCA. (and several more since - too many to name them all) we have been hounded ever since but now just ignore any calls or letters. I believe the debt is with the original debtor if they sell on the debt then you have no obligation to settle. The original agreement was not with a DCA but with whoever. If they decide to sell on the debt then IMO you have no obligation to pay as they will not be able to provide a loan agreement between you and the DCA trying to recover any money sold on by the original loan agreement provider. We have had 8 years of hassle, letters, phone calls, threats of debt collectors, bailiffs, court action and more. If an outstanding loan is sold on to a DCA then IMO the DCA has no legal right to claim any money as they will not be in possession of any signed agreement between you and them. You should not acknowledge any debt to a DCA you do not have any agreement with them and they will hound you and make life miserable for you. Fight them and use the info above to make your case. Good luck with your fight
  3. Pounds to Pocket Representative 278% APR. Representative example: Borrow £500 and pay £79.09 per month for 12 months at a fixed interest rate of 140% per year.1 The total charge for credit is £449.01 (all interest). The Total Repayable is £949.01. Welcome loans Monthly Loan Repayments: £46.33 Application Date: 3/3/2013 processing Fee: £79.99 Requested Amount: £500 Loan Term: 12 months Total cost of this £500 loan over 12 months is £635.95 Just stumbled upon this in my search of loan companies>>>>>quite shocking http://www.standard.co.uk/news/education/payday-loan-companies-banned-from-campus-as-students-turn-to-sex-trade-to-pay-off-debts-8512524.html DOSH loans Best payday loans As a responsible payday loans lender, we offer the best online payday loans and rates if you want to have money in your bank account fast. Unlike other lenders, we have a dedicated UK customer service team, always available to answer emails, take your calls and help you with your loan application. We do our best to make your loan application process as fast and hassle free as possible so you can have the money in your account on the same day. Usually, this means an instant online decision and a fast bank transfer, straight into your bank account. Whatever you need your loan for, we can provide the best payday loans to fit your individual requirements. When you borrow from us, you choose how much you want to borrow (from £50-£1500) and how long before you pay it back (up to 30 days in the future). You fill out a simple application form telling us about your circumstances, but we there is no credit check. All we want to know is that you are in employment and getting paid and that the money you make is enough to cover the loan you wish to take out. In most cases, filling out the online form is all it takes and you can get bad credit payday loans instant decision! Occasionally we may need a bit more information from you, which may include some documents that you can fax to us and still get your money on the same day. Our customer service agents are always at hand to make sure we receive your documents and can approve your loan quickly. As one of the best payday loans providers in the UK with great rates, we try our hardest to get you money when you need it most. Start your application now and the money could be in your account today. If you’re looking for the best payday loan companies in the UK then apply today! Note: If you provide incorrect information we reserve the right to charge £2.50 to cover our processing cost Back to My Account New Loan Title* First Name* Last Name* Date of Birth* Email Address* National Insurance Number Mobile Phone* Home Phone* Work Phone* Postcode* Homeowner?* Address House #:* Street:* Apt #: How long have you been at your current address?* City* Region* What is the equity in your house?* What other assets do you own?* Upload proof of ID Current File: [Remove] Reupload: Upload Payslip Current File: [Remove] Reupload: Upload Bank Staments Current File: [Remove] Reupload: How much money you need? How much money you need?(max £1500) How many days you need?Days Repayment date: Tuesday April 2 2013 Borrowing £100.00 + Interest £24.20 + Fixed fee £15.00 = Total to repay £139.20 How do you like to receive your payment? Faster Payment £15 to £50 This service incurs a £15 for amount lower than £100, £20 above £100, £25 above £150, £35 above £200, £45 above £250 and £50 for amounts above £500 Bacs £free (3 -4 working days) Your income & payday loan details Primary Income* Company Name* Time with Employer* Head office tel no* What industry do you currently work in?* How long have you have had an UK Bank account?* What is the average balance of this account?* EmailPassword Help home how it works about us my account Welcome to Wonga. We can deposit up to £400 in your bank account by 04:51 today. Existing customers may be able to borrow up to £1,000, depending on your current trust rating. how much cash do you want?Max £400how long do you want it for?Days (Repayment date: Mon Apr 01 2013)Borrowing £400 + Interest & fees* £121.48 = Total to repay £521.48 Representative APR 4214% *See representative example APR is not the same as actual interest charged find out more Wonga customers populus survey of 2012 with over 25,000 respondents Responsible lending Wonga is committed to responsible lending and the Good Practice Customer Charter Wonga loan £400 for one day = (Repayment date: Mon Mar 04 2013)Borrowing £400 + Interest & fees* £9.50 = Total to repay £409.50 and 7 days = Borrowing £400 + Interest & fees* £33.50 = Total to repay £433.50 and at 14 days = (Repayment date: Sun Mar 17 2013)Borrowing £400 + Interest & fees* £61.49 = Total to repay £461.49 and to borrow for one month = Borrowing £400 + Interest & fees* £129.48 = Total to repay £529.48 Do not go to this company there are better options if you are in need. aa
  4. Hey renegadeimp, keep on posting and spread the word about these companies. Steer clear or suffer. There are better ways to survive. aa
  5. Hey CB we need a ban more than a cap. I see the legalised loan sharks are taking advantage if the current financial mess and targeting those less well off even more. Quite a despicable attitude IMO but they are not in the game for welfare JUST A MASSIVE PROFIT. These loan companies have no heart, no compassion, no understanding (oh yes profit) and most definately no conscience. (wikipedia "Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong". These organisations are the only ones that will have a survival rate in the current recession. Sad thing is they have no effect on the more affluent in our society only the less well off. another rant over aa
  6. Hi candyapple1, Yes they would!! The banks will claim anything to prevent paying out PPI refunds. If you have the information in black and white from barclaycard then IMO you should pass the black and white info to the Financial Services Authority as well as the FOS. Time to tell everyone about everything on the PPI issue. It is now in the open. It is agreed it was mis-sold on a huge scale by most banks, loan companies, credit card companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, in fact nearly every financial institution was on the PPI bandwagon. So tell Barclaycard it is now time to pay up and not delay things any further or you will broadcast their delay to all the relevant authorities. FSA, FOS, OFT and the media. Get in touch with your local news paper radio station etc. Time to put the pressure back on if they are playing hardball. If you need links to the authorities let me know and I will post the links to you. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?135060-Mis-sold-PPI-Want-your-money-back-use-these-links-to-help some links may now not work as they were posted up some time ago before I left the site team. Some though may be of use aa
  7. Here is the response from Advertising Standards Agency "YOUR COMPLAINT ABOUT WONGA.COM LTD Thank you for contacting the ASA. Our role as an organisation is to help ensure that advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful. We can intervene if an ad that has been broadcast appears likely to be in breach of the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising by, for example, being likely to cause serious or widespread offence, being materially misleading or risking causing significant harm. How many suicides are required because of spiralling debt that there is no way out of?? We note that you object to the advertiser not displaying the APR applied to their loans during the ads. We recently published an adjudication following an investigation into similar complaints relating to this aspect of Wonga’s advertising. These complaints were ultimately not upheld and it was determined that although we considered it desirable for ads for short-term high cost credit products to alert viewers clearly to what was on offer, we concluded that the ad was unlikely to mislead viewers by omission of material information concerning the rate of interest. If you would like to read the decision in full, the adjudication is published on our website here. The link came up error 404 not found...http://www.asa.org.uk/ASA-a_ction/Adjudications/2012/7/Wonga,-d-,com-Ltd/SHP_ADJ_165605.aspx On the basis of this decision, we consider that the ads are unlikely to breach the Code for the reasons you suggest and we will not be taking any further a_ction on this occasion I realise this may not be the outcome you were expecting, but thank you nonetheless for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. If you would like more information about our work, please visit our website, http://www.asa.org.uk." Up against a brick wall it would seem. Until Laws are changed it seems we are stuck with legal reprehensible loan companies and Legal gambling ads. This will do a lot to pull the economy back from the brink!! Rant over
  8. Re my last post. If you took out a WONGA loan after seeing their TV ad and committed to borrow without being aware of the APR of x% then you should fight this as it is not allowed to advertise without informing people of the Interest they will be expected to pay back. Firstly complain to the Advertising Standards Agency as per my link in the last post. Then confront WONGA with the issue of their failure to notify the APR in their TV ads and tell them you will be writing to the ASA, and the Office of Fair Trading. Website link is here>>>http://www.oft.gov.uk/ WONGA will try and delay you for as long as possible in the hope they wll get you to carry on with a default and therefore increase the amount you owe them. They provide a repayment plan to keep the debt ongoing and therefore make it more difficult for you to pay it off. Then they will add more interest at an extortionate rate and so the wheel of debt is set in motion. WONGA loans are muppets just like the ads on TV. Let the people who run this scabby organisation show themselves and give an explanation. I wish you well with your fight. aa
  9. Have a look at this and see if it helps. Wonga have stopped advertising the APR on their tv ads. I have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority and so should you just to make a point>>>>> http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?382558-Wonga-advertising-issue-is-it-legal the ASA link is here>>>http://www.asa.org.uk/ hope this helps you out. aa
  10. Job done see this link.....http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?382558-Wonga-advertising-issue-is-it-legal-(6-Viewing)-nbsp aa
  11. My complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency is as follows: The most recent WONGA loans advertisements do not show any detail of the APR which will be applied to any loan. This is misleading to any potential client requiring a loan service. There must be a clear indication of any APR attached to any loan as is required on any credit agreement for bank loans etc. The WONGA loan ads used to show the APR but for some reason this has now been removed and I believe this is in contravention of the ASA rules. Any unsolicited approach to individuals for credit agreements or loans should show the APR which will be attached to the product. WONGA seem to be failing in their legal responsibility to advise prospective borrowers of the APR they can expect to be applied to any loan they sign up to. The ADS should be removed from the media, amended to show the APR so consumers are aware of the MASSIVE interest rates that will be applied to any loan or better still banned from advertising such a derisory product during the current financial situation which is driving many to the point of desperation. I wonder if that is the reason the APR has been removed from the WONGA add? They may see this as an opportunity to gain more clients without supplying the mandatory information to prospective clients. This surely is against the regulations of the ASA and should be stamped on immediately. Loan companies should not flout the law. If a bank or building society etc attempted to get custom without advertising all the relevant facts on loan APR, Mortgage APR there would be a huge outcry and this should be the case with loan companies such as WONGA and many others. Please check out the WONGA ads on TV and if they do not advise on the APR to be attached to their loans, tell them to change the ads or remove them. Thank you for allowing me to voice my complaint. I hope you will consider my complaint seriously and take the appropriate action against this loan company who seem to be flouting the law whilst advertising in what I consider to be an oppressive and illegal manner during the current climate of austerity. This loan company along with others should in my opinion not be allowed airtime when people are struggling to make ends meet due to the current fiscal climate. These companies are basically legal loan shark companies being allowed to prey on those who are struggling to make ends meet and will have even more of a struggle if they sign up to loans with the likes of WONGA and Co.
  12. Is this an issue for the advertising standards agency? the link is here>>>>>http://www.asa.org.uk/Consumers/What-we-cover.aspx time to complain? aa
  13. I have recently noted that the Wonga ads on TV no longer show the MASSIVE APR that is attached to their loans! Should they show the expected APR on their ads? Is it legal to omit the APR? and if they are in default what can be done? Legal folks please look in and advise!! aa
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